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EU Council Adopts Directive Imposing Tight Restrictions on Concentration of Lead in Toys

7 April 2017

On 27 March 2017, the EU Council adopted a new Council Directive reducing the permitted concentration of lead in toys. The text is identical to the Commission’s Proposal on the same matter tabled on 9...Read More


Merger between Suppliers of Toddler Electronic Learning Toys and Child Laptops/Tablets Approved

10 March 2017

In January 2017, the Competition and Markets Authority, which is the UK competition authority, announced that it has approved the merger between toy company VTech Holdings Limited and rival toy suppli...Read More


Nepal Sets Standard for Chemicals in Toys

6 March 2017

Nepal has enacted the Toys Standard to regulate certain chemicals in toys. This mandatory standard will become effective on 16 July 2017. In January 2017, a press release from the Nepal Center for Pub...Read More


Brazil Adopts New Technical Requirements for Toys, Lighters, Other Products

3 March 2017

Brazil’s National Institute of Technology, Normalisation and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) has taken the following actions over the past few months of potential interest to Hong Kong and mainland Chine...Read More


Switzerland Strengthens Toy Safety

16 Feb 2017

In December 2016, Switzerland amended its Regulation of the Federal Department of Home Affairs on the Safety of Toys (Toys Ordinance, VSS) [Verordnung des Eidgenössischen Departements des Innern (EDI)...Read More


CEN Publishes EN 71-12:2016 for Toy Safety

16 Feb 2017

The CEN has published toy safety standard EN 71-12:2016 for n-nitrosamines and n-nitrosatable substances. Conflicting national standards are to be withdrawn by June 2017 at the very latest. In Decembe...Read More


Member State Officials Vote in Favour of Stringent Limits for Phenol in Certain Toys

10 Feb 2017

On 10 January 2017, Member States formally approved a proposal to introduce a restriction on the use of phenol in toys intended for children less than three years and in other toys intended to be plac...Read More


Canada Updated Toys Regulations

26 Jan 2017

On November 25, 2016 Canada published SOR/2016-302 which amended the Toys Regulations (SOR/2011-17). The amendments are primarily updates and administrative changes that do not change the obligations ...Read More


New EU Law is Proposed to Practically Eliminate Bisphenol A in Certain Toys

9 Dec 2016

On 24 November 2016, the European Commission published a proposal for a new Directive so as to reduce the concentration of Bisphenol A (BPA) in toys which are intended to be placed in the mouth or to ...Read More


Expert Assessment on Phthalate Substitutes in Plastic Toys and Children’s Equipment Shows No Health Risk for Children Less Than Three Years of Age

25 Nov 2016

The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) recently published the results of its expert assessment on the health risks of oral exposure to chemicals found in ...Read More


Voluntary Toy Safety Standard Revised; CPSC to Review Changes

4 Nov 2016

ASTM International recently issued a significantly revised version of its voluntary toy safety standard F963 as part of on-going efforts to address emerging safety issues, new product features and pot...Read More


New EU Law is Proposed to Further Reduce Lead in Toys

30 Sept 2016

On 9 September 2016, the European Commission presented a proposal for a new Directive to reduce the concentration of lead in toys. This future law will impact on Hong Kong’s exporters of all toys – wi...Read More


Merger between Suppliers of Toddler Electronic Learning Toys and Child Laptops/Tablets Comes under In-depth UK Competition Law Review

15 Sept 2016

On 30 August 2016, the Competition and Markets Authority, which is the UK competition authority, announced that it has opened an in-depth review into toy company VTech Holdings Limited’s acquisition o...Read More


Toy Brand LEGO Investigated by German Competition Authority for Anti-competitive Rebate System

2 Sept 2016

By means of a press release of 18 July 2016, the German Competition Authority announced that it has terminated proceedings against toy manufacturer LEGO. The German Competition Authority had been inve...Read More


CPSC Proposes to Exempt Certain Plastics in Toys from Third-Party Testing for Phthalates

26 Aug 2016

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is proposing to adopt a determination that four types of plastics with specified additives do not contain certain phthalates whose use in children’s toys and chi...Read More


Q&As Revisited for Several Commonly Sold Consumer Goods Including Toys, and How the REACH Restrictions Apply to Them

8 July 2016

Hong Kong traders may recall past encounters with the REACH Regulation, the EU’s complex body of chemicals law. Annex XVII of REACH restricts the placing on the market of substances, either on their o...Read More


New Rules for Releasing Games Online

14 June 2016

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) issued on 2 June its Circular on the Administration of Mobile Game Publishing Service, which will take effect on 1 ...Read More


Swedish Chemicals Agency Identifies Outlawed Hazardous Chemicals in 15% of Evaluated Toys

27 May 2016

On 11 April 2016, the Swedish Chemicals Agency (“KEMI”) reported the identification of substances in toys that are banned under a number of laws. These are the RoHS Directive (restricting substances i...Read More


Toys are Most Notified Among Dangerous Consumer Products According to Latest RAPEX Report

13 May 2016

On 25 April 2016, the European Commission published the results of the Rapid Alert System (the RAPEX system) for dangerous consumer products in 2015. The results have shown that over 2000 dangerous co...Read More


Brazil Prohibits Certain Toy Imports

8 April 2016

Brazil’s National Institute of Technology, Normalisation and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) has issued a regulation (Directive 99/2016) prohibiting the certification and commercialisation in Brazil of t...Read More

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