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All Dolled Up(HKTDC Toys & Games , Vol 01,2005)

Vol 1 2005

Vol 1 2005

Company Profiles

More Than Just Toys
Perfect Toys Int'l Ltd

All Dolled Up
Takmay Industrial Co Ltd

All Dolled Up

Takmay Industrial Co Ltd

Takmay Industrial Co Ltd offers international markets these tiny-tots dolls with realistic facial features
The flexible facial features of the bionic babes from Takmay Industrial Co Ltd make these tiny-tot favourites hot sellers across major international markets. This success, however, was no easy feat given increased competition from television, video games and especially the Internet, with web surfing starting to erode toy sales at about six years of age.

A dedicated manufacturer of toys established in 1971, Takmay focuses on battery-operated items. Major product lines include dolls, battery-operated toys, vinyl dolls, plastic toys, electronic multifunction toys, electronic novelties, dolls and accessories, dress-up kits, play sets, hair accessories, dolls' clothes, stuffed and plush toys, bath toys, musical toys, cosmetics and travel cases.

"In addition to a range of durable, electronic multifunction toys, we offer dolls with different body movements and features and our engineers have created highly technical, flexible designs including walking. We also have dolls that talk in various languages," says system administrator Jerry Yan.

Thanks to its hi-tech ability, a big part of production is devoted to OEM orders. "OEM is about 50% of business, while ODM is another strength," says Yan. "A customer may like a particular feature or function from one doll and another from a different model. We can custom-design a doll for them that then becomes their own product complete with its unique design, features and functions, clothing and even packaging."

Takmay also conducts extensive R&D into new products. "The important times for us are the beginning and the end of each year, the period when buyers come in to discuss new projects. We usually have a good selection for them," Yan says.

About six years ago, Takmay found other firms challenging its price points, and that profits from Southern hemisphere sales were shrinking. "Eventually, we started shipping to Europe," says Yan.

"Buyers from Europe demand quality products, and everything from packaging to clothing and functions is equally important. As a result, our skills evolved and we developed the ability to produce dolls with more complicated functions that others could not easily copy."

Yan says Takmay is now well into the European market, and actively seeking equal success in the US. "The US is easily the biggest market for toys, so that is our aim at the moment," he says. "That means designing a special range as the US has different requirements and demands to those of Europe."

Takmay, an industry leader when it comes to dolls with true-to-life facial expressions, has only one big distributor for Europe.

"While a distributor may take exclusive rights to a particular function, which means we cannot sell the same function elsewhere in Europe, we usually have more than one doll up our sleeve," Yan says.

In other news, Yan reveals that Takmay this year met with Toys 'R' Us. "They took a deep interest in one of our product features and a contract was signed for the US market."

Takmay moved its manufacturing operations from Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland in 1981. At present, the firm's three-building Shenzhen plant has a total floor area of more than 23,000 square metres and employs 1,500 workers. "We recently consolidated all production in two buildings and now use the third as a logistics warehouse."

Takmay offers buyers its own brand names, including Takmay Toys, Gymdolls, Anita Dolls, Rubydoll, Baby Fun and Mother Love. "All of these are available in a series and are currently enjoying success worldwide," says Yan.


Takmay Industrial Co Ltd

4/F, Tung Lee Ind Bldg,
9 Lai Yip St, Kwun Tong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2757-9706
Fax: 852-2795-2097
Email: info@takmay.com
Web: www.takmay.com

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