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Wooden Clocks(HKTDC Watch & Clock, Vol 01,2003)

Vol 1, 2003

Product Features
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Product Features

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Wooden Clocks
Artistic Wood That Also Tells Time

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Wooden Clocks

Artistic Wood That Also Tells Time

Contemporary clocks from Suko Investment & Mfg Ltd feature an unusual anodised aluminium dial, which moves anti-clockwise while the time is read against a knob

Design excellence is a priority for Hong Kong wooden clock manufacturers, who produce an amazing variety of innovative timepieces designed to suit all tastes and budgets.

Take, for example, Suko Investment & Mfg Ltd, which owns numerous patents including an unusual anodised aluminium dial with grooves. Used in the Pisa clock made of beech in cherry finish (US$8.75 each FOB Hong Kong), it moves anti-clockwise and time is read against a knob. This mechanism and finish are repeated in the Arch clock (US$9.95 per piece) that has a recess partially hiding the gear mechanism. Both clocks, sold under the ARTempo brand, require a 600-piece minimum order with delivery after 45 days. "I see our clocks as art," says Suko owner Yaron Meir.

Suko's 120 workers process beech from Hong Kong importers and plastic parts from Taiwan and South Korea in a 30,000-square-foot-factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland. Monthly output is 50,000 pieces, including metal and plastic clocks, for customers in Europe, the US, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and South Africa. Suko's wooden clocks cost US$8.50-12.00 FOB Hong Kong for a minimum order of 1,000 units delivered after 30 days.

Equally striking is the Roman-style clock stand from Rock Lam Industrial Ltd (US$6 FOB Hong Kong). "It's different from other clocks," says sales manager Cecilia Wong. Two woods are combined within the same clock - pine columns and arch, and birch in the inner portion - to create different colour effects, and then varnished. This is not stocked but manufactured upon commission. Minimum order is 1,000 pieces with delivery after four weeks.

Rock Lam's wooden clocks use medium density fibreboard (MDF) from Australia, birch and burlwood from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, or rubberwood from Thailand. Prices range from US$3-8 FOB Hong Kong for a minimum order of 3,000 clocks delivered within 40-60 days. The clocks make popular premium gifts for which the minimum order is 150 pieces. Rock Lam will even silk-screen or laser burn the client's logo on wood for a small fee.

Rock Lam's 20,000-square-foot Shenzhen factory on the mainland employs 600 workers, who produce mainly for the US, UK, Germany and Japan. The company prides itself on superior quality and good service. "We go to production with the sample we show our client," says Wong.

ISO 9002-certified Qiantang River Arts & Furniture Ltd is targeting the high-end market with a wooden desk clock that resembles a clock tower and costs US$35 FOB Hong Kong. "Only our company has this design," says manager Simon Chan. The clock housing is made from polyresin, the face dial is plywood, and the clock is embellished with mouldings. A box for keeping keys is concealed in the back of the clock. All woods are sourced from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Clients must order a minimum eight pieces of a particular model and the total value of the order should reach US$5,000. A discount of 15% or more is offered after the order value reaches US$15,000, and delivery is within 75 days.

Silcon Electronics Co Ltd, meanwhile, uses a variety of materials to manufacture clocks - wood, metal and plastics. "That's why we are able to combine different materials in one clock," says managing director Kenneth Ng. Its table clock (US$28 FOB Hong Kong) has a rubberwood pediment and base in piano finish, silver tone aluminium pillars and brass pendulum, while the clock face is set in an acrylic panel.

Silcon produces 15 new designs every month, seven in wood. The wooden clocks use ash, cherry, birch, and rubberwood from the Chinese mainland. Prices range from US$8-40 FOB Hong Kong for 500-piece minimum orders delivered after 40-45 days. The ISO 9001-certified company's 80,000-square-foot Shenzhen factory employs 500 workers, who manufacture products for the US, Europe, and Japan.

Artfield Mfg Co Ltd's elegant birch clock in cherry finish, with gold-finished aluminium edges and decorative inlays at the base, costs US$13 FOB Hong Kong. "Few suppliers can do inlays," says deputy manager (marketing - Europe) Michelle Young. "We can do inlays in different woods, shapes, and colours." Minimum order for this model is 250 pieces with delivery after 45 days. Artfield has 700 wooden clock styles at prices ranging from US$4-50 FOB Hong Kong. Minimum order is 250 pieces with delivery after 30-60 days, and main markets are the US, UK and Japan.


Contact Details

Arrow Timepiece Ltd
Unit 1702
Kwong Sang Hong Centre
151-153 Hoi Bun Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2191-8718
Fax: 852-2191-8875
Email: arrowtp@netvigator.com

Artfield Mfg Co Ltd
13/F, Universal Ind Centre
19-21 Shan Mei St, Fo Tan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2698-5388
Fax: 852-2695-0075
Email: info@artfield.com.hk

Castlewood Int'l Ltd
20/F, Flat 3
Chung Fung Ind Bldg
23-39 Pak Tin Par St, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2402-8260
Fax: 852-2415-7861
Email: marketing@castlewood.com.hk

Qiantang River Arts & Furniture Ltd
20/F, Goodwill Ind Bldg
36-44 Pak Tin Par St, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2492-0165
Fax: 852-2411-1025
Email: qiantang@netvigator.com

Rock Lam Industrial Ltd
Unit 1610, Tower 1
Ever Gain Plaza
88 Container Port Rd, Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2407-4911
Fax: 852-2407-4907
Email: polly@rocklam.com.hk

Silcon Electronics Co Ltd
Rms C9-C10, 6/F
Hong Kong Ind Centre
489-491 Castle Peak Rd
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2744-0810
Fax: 852-2786-1902
Email: pandora@silcon.com.hk

Suko Investment & Mfg Ltd
23/F, Guangdong Finance Bldg
88 Connaught Rd West
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2366-8876
Fax: 852-2366-8089
Email: info@suko.com

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