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Jewellery Watches(HKTDC Watch & Clock, Vol 02,2003)

Vol 2, 2003

HK Enterprise Internet

Product Features

Jewellery Watches
A Flair For Time

Pocket Watches
A Pocket Full of Time

Novelty Clocks
A Fresh Look At Telling Time

Jewellery Watches

A Flair For Time

Time Rider Ltd uses zinc alloy to produce these attractive imitation jewellery watches

Fashion watches continue to be one of the more promising areas for the watch industry - especially among key consumer groups such as teenagers. The age group with the highest repurchase rate, teenagers are one of the biggest consumers of fashion watches, buying them more for style than functionality.

"Customers want something simple but different," Trust Time Co marketing manager Jamie Lau explains. "Pricing is becoming increasingly important but is not all-important."

Trust Time has sought to reduce costs while maintaining quality and style. "Currently, some of our most popular designs use a simple metal chain or a metal case with a leather strap," Lau says. "Recently, we put sea shells, turquoise beads, and even chicken feathers on the band to add a little extra touch."

Lau says Trust Time, which also markets its own Light-&-Salt brand, targets mid-range customers looking for quality at a reasonable price. "We do not make low-end products," Lau says.

Main product lines are fashion, children and modern classic watches. Minimum order size is 500 pieces per collection with a 45-day delivery time. FOB Hong Kong prices vary depending on the model, while both OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

Another company committed to style is King Fai (HK) Ltd, which has been making fashion watches since it began operations in 1992. "We place a high emphasis on quality," explains marketing spokeswoman Maggie Lai.

"We use 316L stainless steel, and Swarovski crystals in our designs, as well as 3 micron 16 and 23K gold plating with 1N14 colour." All King Fai watches carry a one-year warranty.

"We see the largest growth areas in promotional and lower cost watches," Lau says. Currently, the company offers three watch lines made of stainless steel, brass or alloy to serve each price range.

Besides OEM and ODM manufacturing King Fai has its own watch brands. Higher-end watches are marketed under the Neotime name with the lower priced models selling under the Cosette label. FOB Hong Kong prices are available on request.

More exotic materials are available from Marilux Jewelry Co Ltd, which offers watches made from pearls, gemstones, diamonds and cubic zirconia and provides matching jewellery items for many models.

The company is part of the Taiwoo Group, which has a large freshwater pearl cultivation operation, enabling Marilux to offer a wide range of watch styles using various types of pearls.

"We use many different kinds of pearls, including square, heart and tusk shaped pearls," Marilux marketing manager Macy Wong explains. "These pearls are called Biwa pearls and are expensive, helping to add prestige to our watches."

The pearls are used on the face, band or as accents hanging off the band and can be combined with gemstones to create unique and elegant designs.

Bands and bodies are made from brass or silver, while a new gold line will be introduced by the end of this year. "Hollow cast silver has been used recently to help lower costs and has proven very popular," adds Wong.

The Marilux factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland is ISO 9001- and ISO 9002-certified and offers its customers a wide variety of quality assurance test equipment.

Time Rider Ltd is also moving with the times, having seen its product line change "somewhat" since the company's inception in 1986. "We are now selling mainly promotional timepieces and premium products including low-budget key chains, pendant watches, and LCD clip watches," marketing executive Stephen Chan explains.

In addition, the company also offers imitation jewellery, classic, sports and children's watches. "We have a strategy of best price, best service and reliable quality, and aim to develop long-term customer relationships," Chan says.

Zinc alloy keeps costs down, but high quality IPG and IPS techniques are used for gold and silver plating. "Our electroplating supplier is reliable and the plating should not wear off, we guarantee it," Chan adds.

Minimum order size is 500 pieces per item with a 25-30 day delivery time. FOB Hong Kong prices start at US$1 for timepieces and at US$0.30 for premium products, helping buyers add a little sparkle to their order books while giving customers a little touch of affordable style.


Contact Details

Ariel Watch & Jewelry Ltd
Rm 1006
Peninsula Square
18 Sung On St
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2766-0878
Fax: 852-2766-0998
Email: arielwj@hkstar.com

Art Style Enterprises Ltd
Unit 305
Guardforce Centre
3 Hok Yuen St East
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2363-8110
Fax: 852-2774-2261
Email: michelle@artstyle.com.hk

King Fai (HK) Ltd
Flat C, 22/F
Go-Up Commercial Bldg
998 Canton Rd
Mong Kok, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2625-9191
Fax: 852-2625-9292
Email: kingfais@netvigator.com

Marilux Jewelry Co Ltd
Rms 1003-5
Chevalier House
45-51 Chatham Rd South
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2311-2820
Fax: 852-2311-2291
Email: macy@taiwoo.com

Time Rider Ltd
Rms 23-24, 3/F, Blk A
Hoi Luen Ind Centre
55 Hoi Yuen Rd
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2343-3861
Fax: 852-2343-9970
Email: marketing@timerider.com.hk

Trust Time Co
Rm 17, 2/F, Blk G, Phase 2
Kwai Shing Ind Bldg
42-46 Tai Lin Pai Rd
Kwai Chung
New Territories, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2391-9333
Fax: 852-2391-8918
Email: info@trusttime.com

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