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Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition(HKTDC Jewellery, Vol 01,2004)

Vol.1 2004

Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition

Sparkling Masterpieces

Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition

Sparkling Masterpieces

Blissful Jump

Outstanding talent has brought extraordinary recognition for two designers, Chu Wai On and Hung Ying Luk, at the 5th Hong Kong Jewellery Design Competition, which aims to enhance the creativity and design quality of the Hong Kong jewellery industry while showcasing its products to international buyers.

The competition was jointly organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Hong Kong Jewellers' & Goldsmiths Association, the Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association, the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association and the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China.

The stunning creations of Luk Fook Group designer Chu Wai On scored top marks in two sections, winning the votes of the judging panel in the HK$30,001-60,000 earring category and the category with no retail price limit.

Chu's winning earrings, entitled "Blissful Jump"and sponsored by Luk Fook Jewellery & Goldsmith (HK) Co Ltd, reflect the highest level of workmanship and attention to detail.


"The theme of the competition, 'Exuberance', inspired me to create this piece," says Chu, who used 36 yellow and pink sapphires totalling 2.86 carats, 22 white diamonds comprising some 1.06 carats, and 10 green garnets totalling 0.74 carats to illustrate life with its kaleidoscope of vibrant colours.

Each gemstone is carefully attached to a gold setting so that the stone will individually reflect the wearer's movement when walking or dancing, while 56 tiny 18K white gold chains form the drop for the pair.

It took the 23-year-old designer about two weeks to develop the "Blissful Jump" concept from scratch. The design was based on Chu's day-to-day observations of people and things around her.

Chu's second winning creation, an abstract necklace entitled "Re-birth", triumphed in the category with no retail price limit. "The necklace depicts an interesting species of dinosaur named stegosaurus. The beautiful hexagonal spikes along its back are distinctive," she explains. "It is impossible to bring this prehistoric creature back to life in our era, but through my creation this dinosaur was reborn."

The skeleton of the necklace was made from 18K yellow gold set with 583 yellow sapphires and green glass totalling approximately 24.74 carats. "The use of expensive gemstones together with some comparatively lower-priced materials, such as green glass, gives the entire piece an extraordinary effect," Chu says.

Colourful Waterfall

"I gave my production team complete freedom, with no restrictions on stone size, shape and dimension for this necklace. I wanted to make it the most natural and elegant piece of jewellery ever."

The talented designer says she spent a lot of time on research, borrowing books from libraries and searching the Internet for stegosaurus-related materials. Apart from meeting with her production team stationed in Luk Fook's factory on the Chinese mainland, Chu also made silver samples and rubber moulds herself before progressing to actual production.

The other winner in the category with no retail price limit was 38-year-old designer Hung Ying Luk; whose winning design entitled "Colourful Waterfall" was sponsored by HYL Creation.

Prompted by the beauty of nature and the magnificence of a waterfall, his design consists of an eye-catching pair of brightly coloured earrings with a different design for each piece and a cascading ring that together symbolise the grand momentum of a waterfall.

"My main objective in participating in this competition was to test-drive my artistic skills to see if they were still up to current market standards and requirements," says Hung.

The experienced designer started his jewellery career after graduating from a three-year full-time certificate course in art and design at the First Institute of Art and Design in 1988.

To create the set, Hung used triangular pink sapphires totalling about 30.30 carats, white diamonds weighing some 1.25 carats, and yellow diamonds totalling 2.5 carats set in 29 grams of 18K white gold.

The contemporary ring is made with a 0.74-carat triangular pink sapphire, seven coloured sapphires totalling 7.75 carats, 17 yellow diamonds weighing 0.48 carats, 27 white diamonds totalling 0.43 carats and 11 grams of 18K palladium white gold.

The earrings comprise three triangular pink sapphires totalling 2.03 carats, 12 coloured sapphires weighing 19.78 carats, 29 yellow diamonds totalling 0.72 carats, 58 white diamonds providing a total of 0.83 carats and 18 grams of 18K palladium white gold.

"Jewellery with sophisticated constructions can be very alluring but simplicity is an evergreen element that is always welcomed by aficionados of fine jewellery, who buy different styles from around the world," Hung concludes. "The trend towards clean-and-clear styles widely used in modern jewellery design is a very good example of simplicity."



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