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Going Green(HKTDC Jewellery, Vol 01,2005)

Vol.1 2005

Company Profiles

Going Green
Golden Jade & Jewelry Co

A Winning Touch
Winning Jewellery (HK) Co Ltd

Going Green

Golden Jade & Jewelry Co

Jade pendants, bracelets and bangles are perennial best sellers for Golden Jade & Jewelry Co, which has been manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting fine jade since 1966
Turquoise may have been the "in" stone during the last two years but jade is set to make a sparkling return in 2005, says a man who should know.

Golden Jade & Jewelry Co sales and marketing supervisor Tony Ng points out that jewellery, like apparel, is cyclical. "Consumers, especially women, are opting for fashion accessories to express their sense of style," he believes.

He says Golden Jade enjoyed two "very prosperous" years in 2000 and 2001 but witnessed fickle change in jewellery trends in the following two years. "Jade yielded to turquoise in 2003 and 2004 and we went through the two most difficult years in our history," he recalls. "We successfully survived the adverse market by streamlining our company structure and production process to stay competitive."

Now, however, Golden Jade is painting a rosy picture for the next couple of years. "There is a resurging interest in jade jewellery that has driven more brands to focus on the green stone," Ng maintains.

While feminine, romantic pieces are expected to be sought-after in the luxury market, he believes wearability is gaining importance in the mass market. "This is reflected in the increasing trend towards wearing jewellery in a mix-and-match fashion," Ng claims.

Golden Jade is riding the reviving market trend by increasing its efforts in fashion jade jewellery design, as well as marketing and customer services.

"Jewellery is becoming more fashion-oriented, so we produce trendy jade-set jewellery from necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants to rings and bangles in 9K, 14K and 18K yellow gold," Ng continues.

He adds that Golden Jade offers acid hard gold plating and can provide two-tone colours and rhodium plating. "We also manufacture in 925 sterling silver for OEM customers, including brand name traders."

The company has been a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of mainly Burmese jade jewellery to the US, Europe and Southeast Asia since it was established in 1996.

"We supply a wide variety of jewellery sets, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings and bangles at extremely competitive prices," Ng claims.

He believes volume sales at competitive prices, coupled with superb product quality, has been Golden Jade's winning formula. "We try our best to enhance customer satisfaction by fulfilling all their requests," he says. "For example, customer designs are welcome and we can offer a variety of model samples, particularly for frequent buyers."

Golden Jade's most popular models include jade pendants, bracelets and bangles engraved with traditional Chinese embellishments or the Chinese characters for good fortune, longevity and love.

Ng says US customers are generally high-volume buyers who are searching for new design concepts for their merchandise mix. "European buyers are very fashion-conscious and place great stress on the design element," he observes.

Golden Jade is well placed to handle both demands, having begun operations as a jewellery trading company in 1983 with only two staff before transforming itself into a jade specialist in 1995.

"We have a factory in Guangdong Province on the Chinese mainland that employs 60 workers, who capitalise on a steady and reliable source of Burmese jade," Ng reveals. "They are capable of handling small orders with elaborate designs as well as volume sales, both at good quality and reasonable prices."

Building on Hong Kong's excellent reputation in the production of pure gold items and its prominent status as a major jade-jewellery manufacturing centre, Golden Jade is fully equipped to make its mark in the jade business in coming years.


Golden Jade & Jewelry Co

Flat A, 3/F, Ka Wing Bldg, 27 Granville Rd,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2721-6647
Fax: 852-2311-2798
Email: goldenjade@netvigator.com
Web: www.goldenjade.com

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