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Diamonds Are Forever(HKTDC Jewellery, Vol 02,2002)

Vol.2 2002

Company Profiles

Classy Gemstone Boutique
Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd

Diamonds Are Forever
Wing Cheong Jewellery & Jade (Mfy) Co Ltd

Diamonds Are Forever

Wing Cheong Jewellery & Jade (Mfy) Co Ltd

While stressing the competitive edge of its designs, Wing Cheong Jewellery & Jade (Mfy) Co Ltd provides proactive customer service.

MANUFACTURER Wing Cheong Jewellery & Jade (Mfy) Co Ltd anticipates a rosy future after concentrated efforts to build up the company's image and product designs.

"To step up our image-promotion campaign, we actively participated in the Hong Kong Int'l Jewellery Show last March. Our overwhelming success at the fair testified to the effectiveness of publicity," says managing director Benny Do.

"In the past, we did not believe much in the importance of publicity. Now we can fully comprehend its power."

Through a series of promotional campaigns, the company alerted buyers to the competitive edge of its jewellery designs. It strives to impress with a proactive attitude vital to winning more orders.

Early this year, Wing Cheong revamped its branding with a new logo featuring the letters WCJ, replacing Chinese characters for the company name.

"Created by our in-house marketing team, the logo promotes an energetic and enthusiastic image. We kept it clear-cut and simple to match the style of our jewellery designs. It will appeal to customers worldwide because it is so easy to remember," Do says.

Wing Cheong's factory in Shunde on the Chinese mainland opened in 1996. There, well-trained craftspeople focus on invisible and pavŽ settings for diamond jewellery. A factory showroom displays best-selling pieces and new designs.

"We see room to expand in Europe and the US, and we are taking great initiatives there," says Do.

US and European tastes do differ. "Our design team follows jewellery trends around the globe and can offer delicate and stylish designs to suit different markets," Do says.

Wing Cheong's most popular pieces include invisibly set diamond jewellery priced at US$500-800 wholesale. Demand is also strong for high-end pieces from US$1,200 wholesale.

Last year, the company opened a Los Angeles office to provide strong sales and marketing support in serving the US market.

"Europe is another important market. We participate in about seven major European exhibitions each year. We go there frequently to meet customers and help to replenish their stocks," Do says.

Apart from the diamond business, Wing Cheong has set up a subsidiary, Pearl Jewellery Ltd, to focus on direct sourcing of South Sea and Tahitian loose pearls.

"That way, we can guarantee a consistently high-volume and fine-quality supply of South Sea pearls sourced at competitive prices. With such efficient support, we are able to assure upgraded product quality while our prices remain competitive," Do says.


Wing Cheong Jewellery & Jade (Mfy) Co Ltd

7/F, Flat 9, Blk C, Hong Kong Ind Centre,
489-491 Castle Peak Rd, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2370-9268
Fax: 852-2370-9184
E-mail: wcheong@wcjhk.com

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