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Aiming High(HKTDC Jewellery, Vol 02,2006)

Di-Amanda Ltd


Di-Amanda Ltd combines sterling silver with denim and small diamonds to create its own Di-Amanda brand of high-quality jewellery

Big ambitions are paying handsome dividends for Di-Amanda Ltd, which is creating an international brand name to carve out its own niche in the highly-competitive jewellery market.

The eight-year-old company is well on the way to achieving its goal, thanks to a new line of patented jewellery it recently added to its well-established traditional jewellery collections.

The latest offerings utilise a lively combination of silver, denim and diamonds to create distinctive items, which are marketed under the Di-Amanda brand name.

Di-Amanda contrasts 925 sterling silver imported from Germany with denim and adds small diamonds to make its creations even more attractive.

For example, one of the first designs, a silver bracelet incorporating denim and diamonds, can be worn as a casual or elegant accessory with either day or evening wear.

Marketing representative Iris Lam says the company also produces 10K, 14K and 18K yellow and white gold jewellery, with diamonds incorporated.

"We believe we are producing unique products," she claims, adding that the Di-Amanda range launched in March this year was an instant success.

"The feedback we received from our customers has been very encouraging and provided the inspiration for us to continue expanding the range of designs and styles to make Di-Amanda an internationally-recognised brand name."

Lam adds that the company invested heavily in design and testing before patenting its processes last year and says that this investment is imperative if Di-Amanda is to continue to produce innovative jewellery to meet the ever-changing demands of an international customer base.

"We devised a strategy designed to grow our own brand name and differentiate ourselves from our competitors," she explains. "We have an innovative team of designers who are not afraid to experiment."

Di-Amanda positions its brand-name products at the medium- to high-end of the market, where single pieces retail for about US$60-300 per item.

It also keeps a close eye on trends and the latest fashion developments, with Lam keenly aware that tastes and styles vary in different markets.

"There is a preference for chunky, bolder styles in the US, while in Asia the preference is for distinctive and trendy creations," she observes. "The Di-Amanda brand is growing in popularity in all areas, but particularly in Asia where Japan and Taiwan are the main markets."

Di-Amanda's creations are manufactured, using an anti-tarnish process and a technique that helps the denim retain its colour, by 4,000 employees at a purpose-built facility in Panyu on the Chinese mainland.

Lam says the company's original customer target group was women aged 20-40, but the company has redefined its strategies to tap a wider customer base. "Our latest collection includes unisex jewellery aimed at younger fashion-conscious consumers," she explains.

Di-Amanda also produces silver brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, mainly on an OEM basis, for clients who prefer more traditional jewellery.

A team of in-house designers produces about 40 new styles per month to add to the Di-Amanda range and more than 500 designs for the company's OEM lines.

Lam reveals that the US is the main market for the company's OEM products. "We have built strong relationships with many of our OEM clients, and strive to fully understand their needs," she says. "Our customers know they can depend on us for excellent quality and speedy delivery, usually within a couple of weeks."

Di-Amanda has no set minimum order policy, and prides itself on a "flexible" approach to doing business based on style variations and quick delivery.

"We participate in local and overseas trade fairs, so buyers can see the quality of our finished products and place orders on the spot," Lam says, adding that Di-Amanda has been invited by the organisers of the 18th International Jewellery Tokyo 2007 show to showcase its products in the Design World gallery.

"It is such an honour and we are very proud to have been invited to display our jewellery in the most prestigious area of the Japan jewellery show," Lam exclaims.


Di-Amanda Ltd

Unit 10, 5/F, Tower 1,
Harbour Centre,
1 Hok Cheung St,
Hung Hom,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2363-2000
Fax: 852-2334-9620