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Naming Rights(HKTDC Fashion - Leather Goods & Bags, Vol 03,2007)



Wang Fat Enterprise Co manufactures backpacks, sports bags, shoulder bags and waist bags for world-renowned brand names such as Reebok, Head, Jordan and NIKE

Names definitely count when it comes to business - just ask bag manufacturer Wang Fat Enterprise Co, whose names are Anglicised pronunciations of two Chinese words meaning "grand" and "prosperous" respectively. "That's the way we want our company to be," says manager Iris Law.

The firm is obviously faring well as an OEM of backpacks, sports bags, shoulder bags and waist bags for world-renowned brand names such as Reebok, Head, Jordan and NIKE.

"We are engaged mainly in OEM, but we also do ODM and are able to provide designs for customers' reference," Law adds. "Our main lines are backpacks and sports bags."

However, the supplier's extensive catalogue also features a wide variety of shoulder, waist, tote, computer, travel, infant and trolley travel bags, as well as trolley packs and trolley cases.

Wang Fat also produces self-designed items for its two own-brands targeting the Chinese mainland market - one of which is a line of sports bags entitled Dicon Aibi while the other is Oiwas, a collection of men's clutch bags.

"All our products are in the medium range of the market," Law explains, adding the firm produces a total of 3.6 million bags a year. "Our annual turnover is about US$120m, of which 80%-90% comprises exports to Europe, including the UK, the Netherlands and Germany."

She adds that Wang Fat's wide customer base consists mainly of importers and distributors. "But we plan to sell to chain stores as well, such as Wal-Mart and Target, and hope to start working on that later this year."

That will certainly be in keeping with the spirit of living up to the company's name, after considerable expansion in the 16 years since Wang Fat was founded in 1991. "Our production volume has been rising year-on-year," Law notes, adding that the company began operations in a rented factory with 50 employees.

Four years later, Wang Fat moved into a self-owned factory staffed with 300 employees before relocating in 2003 to its present self-owned facility in Huizhou in southern China. "This 22,000-square-metre factory can accommodate up to 1,000 staff," Law reveals, adding that it currently employs 950 workers.

The ISO 9001-certified facility utilises PVC, TPU, PU, nylon, polyester and brushed microfibre, mainly from Taiwan and Korea, to produce high-quality products that are delivered on time.

Law insists that Wang Fat is able to manufacture competitively-priced products to precise design specifications. "Even when certain fine details are missing in the drawings supplied, our supervisors know how to go about it in such a way as to save costs and ensure the product looks good."

Wang Fat also conducts quality control at every stage of the production process, so problems are identified at an early stage for immediate rectification.

"We make sure purchasing is on schedule, materials arrive punctually and production starts promptly in order to ensure on-time delivery," Law says.

"If we find the materials not up to standard, we will ask our suppliers to fly a new batch of materials over right away so that we can meet our delivery deadline."

Another key Wang Fat attribute is good service. "We reply to enquiries within 24 hours, make quotations within two days and keep in touch with our customers," Law stresses.

As befits a firm with some of the world's leading sports goods brands on its client list, Wang Fat realises that the team spirit essential in most sports is just as important in business.

Indeed, team spirit has seen the manufacturer through trying times. "We received a massive order for 200,000 bags of the same style to be delivered within just two weeks in the summer of 2003, so our workers had to work very hard," Law recalls. "We all had a one-track mind to meet the delivery deadline, so we made it in the end."

Ultimately, she says, Wang Fat's employees have a sense of belonging to the company. "That's why our staff turnover is quite low compared with other factories and why we continue to grow and develop year after year," Law concludes.


Wang Fat Enterprise Co

Rm 2001, Wu Sang House,
655 Nathan Rd, Mong Kok,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2380-2763
Fax: 852-2398-3468
Web: www.wang-fat.com