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Hong Kong Enterprise

Vol 5, 2004

Winners of The 2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry: Export Marketing

Hong Kong Awards for Industry:
Export Marketing Certificate Of Merit
CK Life Sciences Int'l (Holdings) Inc
Neil Pryde Limited

Back To Nature

CK Life Sciences Int'l (Holdings) Inc

A member of the Cheung Kong Group, CK Life Sciences Int'l (Holdings) Inc is the largest listed company on the Growth Enterprise Market of the stock exchange of Hong Kong by market capitalisation (as at September 2003).

CK Life Sciences is engaged in identifying needs and developing revolutionary biotechnology solutions for the improvement of human health and environmental sustainability.

The company focuses on developing patent-protected products that provide new and improved solutions in five market areas:

  • eco-agriculture
  • bioremediation
  • nutraceuticals
  • pharmaceuticals
  • dermatologicals

CK Life Sciences' work primarily involves the application of scientifically advanced methods and processes by which selected microbes with undiscovered potential, particularly yeasts, are activated and acclimatised to perform specific functions in either the human body or the natural environment.

More than 100 product applications have been developed to date, several of which have been launched:

  • Eco-fertiliser - NutriSmart

    NutriSmart is a range of fertilisers which matches and in many instances outperforms chemical fertilisers in terms of yield, crop quality and cost-efficiency, but has none of the harmful environmental effects of chemical fertilisers.

    Unlike traditional chemical fertilisers, NutriSmart contains no soluble nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) or potassium (K). NutriSmart manufactures N, P or K in the soil, and can provide a "smart" phased interaction with the root system to give the appropriate quantity of nutrients to the crops when nutrients are needed.

  • Bioremediation Products - WonderTreat

    The WonderTreat range of bioremediation products provides effective, economical and environmentally friendly solutions for organic waste management and water pollution.

    WonderTreat contains microbes with specific functions, custom-balanced to meet desired needs and act on different pollutants:
    - the removal of bio-available nitrogen and phosphorus
    - removal of odours
    - reduction of environmental toxins
    - reduction of polymeric compounds
    - suppression of algal growth
    - suppression of pathogen growth

  • Nutraceutical Product - VitaGain

    VitaGain, a series of immuno-enhancing products, is designed to strengthen and regulate the human immune system, helping the body defend itself against the different challenges of everyday life while also maintaining optimal health.

    CK Life Sciences is providing solutions to problems that have either not yet been addressed, or where existing products are unsatisfactory in terms of effectiveness and economics.

    Within the product development pipeline are a series of human health-related products such as those dealing with life-threatening diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancers. Research and development of these products has been accelerated and more product launches are expected in the near future.

Contact Details

CK Life Sciences Int'l (Holdings) Inc
2 Dai Fu St, Tai Po Industrial Estate,
Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2126-1212
Fax: 852-2126-1211
Email: info@ck-lifesciences.com
Web: www.ck-lifesciences.com

Prime Performance

Neil Pryde Ltd

Neil Pryde Ltd's key business objective for the past five years has been one of revenue growth through diversification. The company's core business for the past 20 years has centred on the sport of windsurfing, where the Neil Pryde brand has established a formidable performance record and enjoys a dominant market share.

Unfortunately, the sport of windsurfing has been in decline over the past five to six years and the company has begun a strategy of diversification involving both the acquisition and creation of several new brands and product lines.

All these new brands and product lines share certain common traits:

  • they are all sold through board sport/adventure sports retailers
  • they are all high performance, leadership brands in their market segments
  • they all occupy premium price points
  • each brand requires an "authentic" and compelling brand image and identity

Much of the market research required for the successful implementation of these initiatives came from the market intelligence provided by the distribution partners Neil Pryde established during the successful development of the windsurfing business.

In addition, the Neil Pryde brand name is well known and well respected in windsurfing dealerships around the world; most of which now sell year-round action-sport products and therefore provided a suitable focus for the company's diversification efforts.

As a result of these efforts, Neil Pryde has successfully diversified into the following brands during the past seven years:

  • Flow - high performance snowboard bindings, boots and boards
  • JPA - custom performance windsurfing boards
  • Cabrinha - high performance kiteboarding equipment (kites, boards, bindings and accessories)

Having established Neil Pryde as the number one brand in the sport of windsurfing, the company was determined to match this positioning with all the new brands it introduced over the past few years.

Flow is now the leading independent brand of bindings in snowboarding and JPA boards have established a keen following among windsurfers.

The latter is generally regarded as the one of the most desirable brands among freestyle and wave sailors, particularly in Germany, the world's leading windsurfing market, where JPA has been voted the Most Desired Board Brand in the influential Surf Magazine consumer survey.

The Cabrinha brand was a late entry into the fast-growing world of kiteboarding, yet after less than two seasons it has a top-three position in most leading kiteboarding markets.

This acknowledged leadership position in the branded products sector is matched by an equally determined pricing strategy that has seen Neil Pryde products occupy the higher end of the market scale.

Neil Pryde has also significantly expanded its export business over the years by establishing wholly-owned distribution subsidiaries in the US, France and Germany, its three most important markets.

These companies have provided a vehicle to develop the company's main markets and provide direct communication with consumers while also being responsible for promotional and advertising activities using marketing materials produced both in-house and by external agencies.

Contact Details

Neil Pryde Ltd
16/F, Tins Centre, Stage 3,
3 Hung Cheong Rd,
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2456-6566
Fax: 852-2456-3471
Email: info@np-marketing.com
Web: www.neilpryde.com