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ONE FOR ALL(HKTDC Gifts, Premium & Stationery, Vol 03,2002)

Vol 3, 2002



Gift Appeal
Milflores Investment Co Ltd

One For All
OneWorld Enterprises Ltd


OneWorld Enterprises Ltd

OneWorld Enterprises Ltd specializes in developing custom-made premiums for the European and US markets.
"IT was pehaps one of the biggest radio orders ever produced on the Chinese mainland," says OneWorld Enterprises Ltd director of sales and business development Fred Newcomb. The biggest order undertaken to date by OneWorld - for five million radios - is even more impressive because the entire process from order receipt to shipping was completed in just 100 days.

Newcomb adds that the job involved 50 factories producing 250 million components, with 150,000 radios being assembled each day, all of which were delivered on time.

"That order enabled OneWorld to obtain good buying power and has made us more competitive on price." The company's lowest price per radio is US$0.99.

OneWorld is an offshoot of Fisher & Co, a 17-year-old company that supplied promotional items, particularly for magazine subscriptions. Fisher increasingly sourced items from East Asia, and OneWorld was established in Hong Kong in 1996 to design and manufacture custom products.

Fisher has since been re-branded as Spark, providing global marketing solutions, of which OneWorld is an integral part.

"Today, we occupy the middle ground between promotional items and retail. We work closely with brand management teams to develop custom-made premiums that enhance brand equity." OneWorld products are available in retail outlets and catalogues in the US and Europe.

"We create brand concepts and manufacture custom-made products. We don't just slap a logo on something." A highlight is OneWorld's work with a major international advertising agency on the re-branding of a premier American spirits brand.

Production takes place on the Chinese mainland, with all components sourced from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and the mainland. Materials include plastics, electronics, glass, ceramics, wood, metals and a range of sewn products.

"Through Fisher/Spark, we have been sourcing in Asia for 17 years. so we know who the best partners are. We work closely to develop skills in a variety of disciplines with mainland companies. We have equipped metal factories with the polishing machinery that is required for the finish demanded in the West."

About 60% of OneWorld's customers are US-based; 30% are European, with the UK being the largest market. Asia/Australia combined make up the rest.

OneWorld projects growth in 2002/2003, based on the introduction of its patented proprietary AM autoscan IC with FLL (Frequency Lock Loop). "Together with a South Korean foundry, we have developed an FLL AM autoscan chip that is much cheaper than PLL."

Innovation and quality must converge with price. "We cannot always compete down to the last penny and we will always be beaten by the mainland when it comes down to just numbers. To stay ahead, we have to be creative, invest in development and create new items and patent them."

A team of Hong Kong-based engineers is responsible for turning ideas into reality. ProEngineer software, which gives 3D renderings and photo-quality imagery and produces CAD/CAM drawings for actual manufacture, considerably shortens the product-development cycle. Original concept to actual product can take only one month.


OneWorld Enterprises Ltd

1601 Enterprise Square Two,
3 Sheung Yuet Rd, Kowloon Bay,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2757-0777
Fax: 852-2757-0776
E-mail: sales@oneworld.com.hk

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