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Sealing success(HKTDC Electronic Components & Parts, Vol 01,2009)


Hong Kong Chemical Co Ltd


Selling arcane-sounding products can be a sticky task, but electronics adhesives supplier Hong Kong Chemical Co Ltd is pulling it off nicely.

"Our market share is high because we provide total solutions - not just products, but also efficient support services," says Business Development Manager Steven Ku.

As Canada Silicone Inc's sales agent and distributor for Greater China, Hong Kong Chemical Co Ltd supplies more than 100 types of adhesives for fixing electronic components in place and offering them with protection.

"Our adhesive compounds have many purposes, and they're useful in so many electronic products such as notebook computers, monitors, adaptors, power supplies, electronic home appliances, energy-saving devices, lighting, toys and many other gadgets."

"When bonding components, many electronic adhesives also shield against impact, moisture, sparks, temperature changes and other hazards," Mr Ku imparts.

The company also supplies other industries such as textiles. "Many garment factories apply hot-melt glue to bond decorations onto clothing," Mr Ku says.

Premium products

On offer are four main product types: cyanoacrylate, epoxy, hot-melt and silicone.

"Depending on requirements, the adhesives come in tiny bottles (of maybe 20g), huge drums (of 25kg) or intermediate sizes, often cartridges," Mr Ku says.

"We can also provide the proper adhesive-dispensing equipment to maximise efficiency on our customers' production lines," he says. "This reduces and controls the consumption of adhesives."

Adhesives available from the company address environmental concerns in the market. "Our products have been approved under the Underwriters Laboratories' Restriction of Hazardous Substances (UL-RoHS) programne," Mr Ku states. "That's a real strength. Most people want eco-friendly products, which is what we can provide."

Besides, the adhesives are flame-retardant in compliance with UL94V0 specifications. "That's the highest standard, which is critical for electronic items such as cell phones and toys," he says.

Flame-retardant, heat-transfer grease is also on offer at Hong Kong Chemical. "Computer CPUs can become very hot, and our grease can transfer the heat to a heat sink or electrical fan," Mr Ku adds.

Superb services

He stresses that the enterprise offers technical support and advice. "Sometimes, our customers have difficulty understanding why we have so many adhesives with different properties and model numbers," he says. "But we are always ready to advise and recommend. We can, for example, explain which adhesives best suit their specific factory situations."

The company operates a logistics centre in Hong Kong where popular products are kept. "If a customer suddenly calls asking for glue 'within days', we can meet the requirement right away without waiting 6-8 weeks for a shipment from overseas."

Combining quality adhesives with top-notch services, Hong Kong Chemical is clearly on track to seal further success.


Hong Kong Chemical Co Ltd

21/F, Blk M, Shield Industrial Centre
84-92 Chai Wan Kok St, Tsuen Wan,
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2492-7022
Fax: 852-2492-7122
Web: www.hongkongchemical.com