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Product Features(HKTDC Electronics, Vol 05,2001)

Vol 5, 2001

Product Features

Multiple-Task Masters
All In One Players

Music In Motion
Car Audio

Ultimate Gadget Gifts
Premium Electronics


Multiple-Task Masters

All In One Players

This VCD/CD/MP3 player supporting CDDA and CD-R/CD-RW formats, from Yanion Co Ltd, can sit upright or hang on a wall.

PRODUCING electronics for every conceivable task is routine for Hong Kong manufacturers. Frequently, a single product can do almost everything. Modern entertainment systems are supremely multi-media friendly.

Yanion Co Ltd, an enterprise created in 1976, makes audiovisual, home, office and medical electronics at a 43,000-square-metre factory on the Chinese mainland. The 2,000-worker facility is ISO 9001 certified.

Model CDM1000V is a vertical VCD/CD/MP3 player supporting CDDA and CD-R/CD-RW formats. It has an AM/FM stereo tuner, digital clock, remote controller and generous power output of 3W (RMS) per channel. The cabinet is ABS, the speakers have metal grilles and the dimensions, complete with stand, are 440x425x125mm. The 3kg product is tabletop or wall mounted.

Sales and marketing director K.F. Cheng says the MP3 function has ID3 Tag technology while the AM/FM tuner is RDS ready. "There is a 40-station preset function, as well as sleep and on/off timer modes. A line-out socket allows connection to an external amplifier or TV."

Unit price is about US$68 FOB Hong Kong for minimum orders of 3,000 items. Shipments are 60 days after order confirmation.

Oxygen Ltd is a leading OEM designer now making its own audiovisual products and home appliances.

"Our first own-designed audiovisual items went into production in 1998. Now we have a 43-product collection, with 17 new items in 2000-01 alone. For the next five years, we will introduce more than 20 new products a year," says general manager Olivier Pierson.

Oxygen has joint ventures with leading factories on the Chinese mainland. "Our approach is to provide ODM customers with a full range of quality, competitively priced designs while our marketing strategy is oriented towards well-known brands and original equipment manufacturers who are interested in comprehensive product lines," Pierson says.

Model CRD-226 Pack is an AC-operated CD player/clock-radio with two separate 5W wooden speakers. The CD player is programmable to set a favourite track as the wake-up alarm while the clock has 12- and 24-hour modes. Actually, the wake-up sound can be from a CD, the radio or a buzzer. There are programmable sleep and snooze functions, and the AM/FM dial is illuminated. Unit price is US$30 FOB Hong Kong, with shipment after 35-60 days.

Gynco Electronics (HK) Ltd offers desktop DVD players, VCD players, SVCD players, amplifiers and speakers using new US and Japanese technology. Monthly production is about 10,000 units at a factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland.

"We are a top-10 mainland brand. To boost our international reputation, we have applied for recognized standard certificates like Dolby Pro-Logic and Dolby Digital," says sales manager S.K. Chan.

Popular products include the all-in-one DVD player AV-8001A and SVCD players AV-220A and AV-220MA.

Model AV-8001A is a new-generation desktop player with DVD, VCD, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW, SVCD, CVD, DVCD, OKO, AVCD and CD capabilities. It has Dolby digital output from a built-in decoder. Resolution exceeds 500 lines and a special lens allows error correction.

The unit cost is US$98 FOB Hong Kong, based on one TEU. Shipment is 45 days after order confirmation.

BBK (Hong Kong) Corp Ltd offers audiovisual, communications and educational products. Its three ISO 9001-accredited factories employ 5,000 workers making 300,000 units monthly.

"Our audiovisual line has DVD, VCD and Super VCD players, power amplifiers and home-theatre units. They all exceed quality requirements when tested by the National Electronics Industry Department," says marketing manager Alan Chiu.

Model DVD-AB919 is a market-leading DVD player with repeat singing and reading, voice activation, visual readout, dynamic audio spectrum display and sound effects. Other key features include nine surround-sound fields, seven-band digital equalization, progressive-scan output, two laser pick-ups, pop-up menu and auto screensaver. It is compatible with DVD, Super VCD, VCD, CD, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW and more.

S.E.M. Industries director Manoj Sabnani says portable CD/radio-cassette models remain popular. Two examples are models AW-8280 and AW-8290, respectively with four-way and six-way speaker systems. Among the other attractions are high output power, built-in 3D-virtual surround sound systems and digital-servo fully programmable CD players.

Unit prices are US$28-29 FOB Hong Kong. Monthly production is 50,000 sets, with shipment after 45 days.

Yorkma Co Ltd is an 11-year-old enterprise making hi-fi equipment for sale to customers in its major markets, such as the Chinese mainland, Russia, Thailand, South Korea and Vietnam.

The company's products are especially popular with young end-users. "At our mainland factory, we have about 400 workers producing many different models and styles," says marketing executive Peter Yee.

One example is three-in-one model VCD166 featuring CD, VCD and MP3 capabilities, a double-cassette deck, AM/FM radio, built-in karaoke, VFD display and remote control. The cost is US$68 FOB China with shipment after 30-45 days. Yorkma's usual price range is US$5.50-72.00.


Contact Details

BBK (Hong Kong) Corp Ltd
Units 2112-5
378 Kwun Tong Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2398-2886
Fax: 852-2151-9381
E-mail: bbkhk@hkstar.com

Gynco Electronics (HK) Ltd
Rm 25, 14/F, Blk A
Hoi Luen Ind Centre
55 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2341-5249
Fax: 852-2343-1937
E-mail: marketing@gynco.com.hk

Oxygen Ltd
21/F, Champion Bldg
287-291 Des Voeux Rd Central
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2561-4689
Fax: 852-2590-0992
E-mail: oxygen@if-group.com

S.E.M. Industries
Unit 3B, Cheung Lee Ind Bldg
9 Cheung Lee St, Chai Wan
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2558-7057
Fax: 852-2558-9305
E-mail: sales@sem.com.hk

Yanion Co Ltd
6/F, Wah Lik Ind Centre
459-469 Castle Peak Rd
Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2411-2269
Fax: 852-2415-5960
E-mail : yanion@yanion.com.hk

Yorkma Co Ltd
Rm 1003, Harvest Bldg
29-37 Wing Kut St
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2544-0278
Fax: 852-2541-5138
E-mail: yorkma@kitime.com

Music In Motion

Car Audio

A radio with CD player (top) and a DVD player (bottom) from Sounding Audio Industrial Ltd offer detachable panels.

USUALLY, the car-audio sector is evenly divided on whether functionality or design is more important. While Hong Kong manufacturers focus squarely on both priorities, they may give a slight edge to design.

Golden Powersource Industries Ltd, a maker of car cassette and CD players, pays special attention to product front panels. "We like to follow leading design trends," says sales manager Henry Yun.

Shown is model VCD-2000/MP3, a CD, VCD and MP3 player with a 30-station pre-set memory, clock function, electronic volume triple-base balance and alternative frequency. Output is 4x35 watts. The product costs US$88 FOB Hong Kong.

Cassette player ERX-2300, with similar features and functions, is priced at US$27 FOB Hong Kong.

To diversify its designs, Golden Powersource incorporates round panels into some new creations intended mostly for the US and Asian markets.

The company strives for reliability. "I never promise buyers we will have a new model ready unless the finished product is actually in my hands," says Yun.

Golden Powersource finds raw materials in South Korea and on the Chinese mainland. Its 6,000-square-metre mainland factory (in Shenzhen) employs 400 workers making 30,000-40,000 items monthly. Minimum order is 1,000-2,000 pieces for shipment within 60 days.

Intent on outpacing all competitors, 14-year-old Artwell Electronic Ltd chooses to outsource its designs. For cassette player AR9000, the design focus is on its dancing display, the leading function. Numbers bounce and dance inside an LCD compartment, says representative Joline Tam.

The black, standard-sized, pull-out product also features auto-reverse, seven-band equalizer, tone and balance control and a clock function. Control buttons feature yellow lettering on a blue background.

The company's 150-worker factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland can ship 2,000-piece minimum orders within 30 days. Monthly production amounts to 20,000 pieces.

"All our ICs are ordered directly from Japan or Malaysia," says Tam. Other materials, mostly ordered through suppliers, come from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

Design and functionality share the spotlight at 33-year-old Alco Int'l Ltd. This maker of audio, video, consumer electronic and telecoms products sells under the Venturer or OEM brands.

Shown is model CA716, a CD player featuring a PLL digital receiver with 30 pre-set stations, fluorescent display, optional RDS function and, most strikingly, a detachable remote control. Model CA713 has identical features, except for a downward-sliding front panel and no remote control. Prices are available on request.

Design "enhancements" like a detachable remote control and a sliding front panel feature prominently in Alco's latest models. "Next year we plan to introduce some models with MP3 playback," says sales and marketing manager Joey Tao.

The ISO 9002-certified company has three Dongguan factories employing 10,000 people. Its research and development department has 100 people.

Suppliers in Japan, the Chinese mainland, Southeast Asia and Europe provide the raw materials. Minimum order is 3,000 pieces for shipment in 60-90 days.

At Sonashi Electronics Ltd, managing director Gary Mahtani says: "We offer all the basic features." For CD player/radio ZCD-89, that means AM/FM bands, a detachable panel, digital tuning, electronic volume control and full night illumination, all for US$36 FOB Hong Kong.

"Chrome knobs are a new design element making the product more attractive," says Mahtani. The cost to produce chrome knobs is only marginally higher than for standard knobs.

Another new design element is foldable tweeters (small speakers attached to the front panel).

After in-house design work, production is outsourced to various factories in Guangdong on the Chinese mainland. Sonashi also creates clock radios and personal audio products.

Minimum order is 2,000 pieces per model with shipments leaving for Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe or the Americas within 90 days.


Contact Details

Alco Int'l Ltd
11/F, Zung Fu Ind Bldg
1067 King's Rd, Quarry Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2880-0698
Fax: 852-2880-0858
E-mail: marketing@alco.com.hk

Artwell Electronic Ltd
Rm 702, Leader Ind Centre
57-59 Au Pui Wan St, Fo Tan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2605-8782
Fax: 852-2606-4531
E-mail: artwelle@netvigator.com

Best Glory Industrial Ltd
Rms 907-909, Blk A
Tonic Ind Centre
26 Kai Cheung Rd, Kowloon Bay
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2798-7695
Fax: 852-2798-6926
E-mail: bigsound@glink.net.hk

Golden Powersource Industries Ltd
Unit 704A, Koon Fook Centre
9 Knutsford Terrace
Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2690-4849
Fax: 852-2690-9288
E-mail: gpsource@netvigator.com

Sonashi Electronics Ltd
Unit 1606, Peninsula Square
18 Sung On St, Hung Hom
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2365-6523
Fax: 852-2364-2966
E-mail: sonashi@netvigator.com

Sounding Audio Industrial Ltd
9/F, Blk N, Stage 2
Wah Fung Ind Centre
33-39 Kwai Fung Rd, Kwai Fung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2480-4800
Fax: 852-2480-3003
E-mail: eagle@eaglehk.com

Ultimate Gadget Gifts

Premium Electronics

This AM/FM radio-cassette player with built-in speakers and convenient handle, from Ruiyuan Holdings Ltd, facilitates indoor or outdoor enjoyment.

ELECTRONIC gadgets are always fun, and new technology adds the bonus of more variety in designs, features and sizes. Clock radios, voice recorders and calculators are available in nearly any shape, size or combination.

Harvest Way Ltd makes everything from stereo speakers to key-chain calculators with currency converters and multi-purpose storage-bin travel clocks. Founded in 1978, the company produces 50,000 pieces per model monthly. Minimum order is 2,000 pieces per model.

"We handle ODM and OEM, are very good at design or product development and even produce our own moulds," says marketing manager Cora Tse.

The company's 30,000-square-foot factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland employs 500 workers. Main markets are Europe, the US and Japan.

"Sports timers and radios are now our most popular products," says Tse. These items sell for less than US$3 FOB Hong Kong. Big clients include Philips and Eveready.

Ruiyuan Holdings Ltd is another maker of eye-catching gadgets. Its radio-cassette player is a sleek-looking item for about US$5.50 FOB Hong Kong.

"With our own designers, we focus on both good design and stable quality," says general manager Sally Cheng.

Founded in 1997, Ruiyuan has a 200-worker factory in Shenzhen. "We also have an office and showroom there, making our overheads very low. That way, we maintain competitive prices and spend all profits on product development," says Cheng. "This year the clock-radio and cassette-recorder are picking up. Last year Walkman-like products were popular."

MP3/CD players also do well. "We produce DVD players, as well as MP3/DVD combinations. We design so the products have interesting mechanical gimmicks," adds Cheng.

Ruiyuan exports mainly to the US, South America and Europe. Minimum order is 3,000 pieces, and shipment is after 30 days.

Noend Industries Co Ltd specializes in autoscan radios and world-time calendars with calculators. "The company was founded in 1983 by my father, who is an engineer," says manager Philip Lau.

Its factories, in Shenzhen and Bao'an on the Chinese mainland, each employ about 300 workers. Monthly production is 200,000 pieces, and minimum order is 500-1,000 pieces.

"Our main market is the Chinese mainland. We have agencies in Beijing and Shanghai selling our brand, Luoda. We are also a major supplier of Palito products on the mainland," says Lau. Other markets include Thailand, India, the Middle East and Japan.

The company's products vary from key-chain autoscan radios to slim, hand-held, world-time calendars with radio, calculator and alarm features. Prices are HK$6.20-17 (US$0.79-2.18) FOB Hong Kong. Shipment is after 10-14 days.

"I like to say we have the fastest delivery and service available," says Lau.

Another autoscan-radio specialist is Huge China Industrial Ltd. "We make all kinds of AM/FM autoscan radios," says director Cinda Ma. The company offers clock-radios and pocket models.

"Our promotional product range is very successful," says Ma. Small autoscan radios with earphones cost US$0.80-1.70 FOB Hong Kong. The company's own brand is Husonic.

Main markets are the US and Japan. Minimum order is 3,000 pieces, and shipment is after 30 days. "We have a 700-worker factory in Shenzhen producing about 500,000 pieces a month," says Ma.

Huge China's quality-control department checks the raw materials, coming from Japan and the mainland. "We also do a quality check after production. We try to offer the best possible service, competitive prices and on-time delivery," adds Ma.

Archer Global Co Ltd also offers radio gifts and premiums. Founded in 1997, this enterprise makes about 100,000 pieces each month of its "strap" radio (model AG168) at a factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland. The raw materials are from Taiwan and the mainland.

"The strap radio is very popular. It has a scan and reset button, as well as earphones. We call it the stradio," says sales manager Tony Tang.

Archer's main markets are Japan, Europe, the US and Malaysia. Minimum order is 1,000 pieces, with shipment after 35-40 days.

"We produce OEM and ODM products, mostly high end. We offer our customers good design, good quality and competitive prices," says Tang.


Contact Details

Archer Global Co Ltd
Unit 1707, Ricky Centre
36 Chong Yip St, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2104-3031
Fax: 852-2104-3010
E-mail: tonytang@archer.com.hk

Chit Shun Enterprises Co Ltd
7/F, Blk H, On Ho Ind Bldg
17-19 Shing Wan Rd, Sha Tin
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2691-3218
Fax: 852-2605-2532
E-mail: pennyng@chitshun.com.hk

Harvest Way Ltd
Units C & D, 18/F
Spectrum Tower
53 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2341-0383
Fax: 852-2343-1897
E-mail: cora@harvestway.com

Huge China Industrial Ltd
Unit 1712, 17/F, Blk A
New Trade Plaza
6 On Ping St, Sha Tin
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2636-1608
Fax: 852-2636-1837
E-mail: tonylee@hugechina.com

Manwa Electronics Mfg Ltd
2/F, Blk B
284 Fuk Keung Ind Bldg
66-68 Tong Mei Rd, Mong Kok
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2392-8125
Fax: 852-2789-1585
E-mail: manwa@asiansources.com

Noend Industries Co Ltd
Rm 2303, Max Trade Centre
23 Luk Hop St, San Po Kong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2330-1169
Fax: 852-2320-8314
E-mail: noend@hknet.com

Ruiyuan Holdings Ltd
Rm 601, Cheung Tat Centre
18 Cheung Lee St, Chai Wan
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2544-1118
Fax: 852-2544-1320
E-mail: rycs@hknet.com

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