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Picture Perfect(HKTDC Electronics, Vol 03,2006)

RoyalKing Universal Ltd


The DigitFrame digital picture frame manufactured by RoyalKing Universal Ltd also plays MP3s or supported video files

The traditional photo frame is rapidly giving way to its digital counterpart as digital photography continues to grow in popularity worldwide.

Quick to spot the trend, RoyalKing Universal Ltd has launched a 7-inch, thin-film transistor, liquid-crystal display (TFT-LCD) true-colour DigitFrame digital picture frame that includes a number of value-added features such as the ability to play video files.

"We have combined innovation with technical know-how to produce a high-quality, user-friendly product that fulfils many useful functions," claims assistant product marketing manager Keith Lou. "No computer, camera or TV is needed, so it is a great device to sit on an office desktop or for use anywhere in the home."

He says setting up an automatic slide show and rotating and deleting images is very straightforward, thanks to a compact remote control and a simple menu system. "The photo frame plays music, too, which allows users to add their own sound effects," Lou notes.

Designed in-house and manufactured under the company's own Rumdes brand, the DigitFrame digital picture frame features 480x234 (RGB) resolution and 250cd/m2 CCFL brightness.

The device also boasts an MMC, SD, MS and XD 4-in-1 card player, built-in stereo speakers, an alarm clock, calendar and an MP3 player. "Users simply insert a compatible memory card into the digital frame to show photos or play MP3 music or supported video files," Lou explains.

RoyalKing has used its existing proprietary DVD platform, which allows JPEG files to be displayed in high-definition true colour. "We concentrate on developing new technology and applications that can be simultaneously integrated into new-generation digital audio and video hardware," Lou says.

For example, the company has the technology and skills to ensure the circuitry maximises panel performance. "Our in-house design team has played an important part in the digital frame development process by successfully integrating digital, audio and video capabilities with a lightweight modern design," he explains, adding that plug-and-play and easy-to-read icons have been incorporated.

Lou says RoyalKing's design and R&D capabilities are supported by strategic supplier relationships and specialised manufacturing processes. "We produce the most important technology components such as ICs ourselves or source from affiliated companies," he observes. "The TFT-LCD screen is light, thin and saves energy with no impact on the high-quality picture display."

The units are supplied with remote control and AV out/in sockets. "We have 8.4-inch and 10-inch DigitFrame digital picture frames in the pipeline, which we also plan to launch over the coming months," notes Lou.

Production takes place at a purpose-built facility staffed by 1,000 employees near Shanghai on the Chinese mainland. "Our factory is fitted with top-of-the range equipment that lets us carry out stringent testing," Lou claims. "Temperature- and humidity-controlled laboratories are used to ensure quality."

Founded in 2000, RoyalKing also produces portable DVD players, portable multimedia players and DMP game players. "We are happy to accept OEM orders, but also intend to build up our ODM capabilities and actively promote the Rumdes brand name," Lou remarks.

According to sales manager Morris Cheung, the company is actively working on building Rumdes' brand recognition in Asia and plans to expand into Europe and the US.

"We use the same philosophy as Nokia, and make sure that every product we produce is uniquely-designed and user-friendly," Cheung insists, adding that RoyalKing has formed partnerships with distributors and has plans to extend the network.

"Japan and Europe are our initial target markets as they are similar regarding quality requirements, whereas the US is usually more price-sensitive," Cheung says.

RoyalKing is planning to launch additional products under the Rumdes brand, using the combined audio, video and digital concept. "Our research shows that audio, video and digital products are well-received by consumers, which provides us with motivation for the future," says Cheung.

As the digital photo frame continues replacing the photo album as a convenient means to display images, it seems that RoyalKing has plenty of plans to keep consumers in the picture.


RoyalKing Universal Ltd

Units C-D, 16/F,
China Overseas Bldg,
139 Hennessy Rd,
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel 852-2375-2979
Fax: 852-2375-2939
Website: www.royalking.com.hk