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Industry News(HKTDC Electronics, Vol 02,2002)

Vol 2, 2002

Industry News

Hong Kong Remains A Leading Conduit
For Vital Flows Of Trade And Investment

Two-Way Deal Expands Services Portfolio
Of E-Business Specialist i-Security Solutions

UNiSOFT Builds A Solid Online Platform
To Lift IT Skills For Use In The Long Term

Hong Kong Remains A Leading Conduit
For Vital Flows Of Trade And Investment

Hong Kong maintains its business edge, says financial secretary Anthony Leung (left), who recently delivered his trade-building message straight to New York.

HONG Kong will continue to function as an effective conduit for trade, investment and communications between the Chinese mainland and a wide range of business partners around the world, according to Hong Kong financial secretary Anthony Leung.

"Hong Kong is the best place in the world for the Chinese mainland to enter the world market, as well as the best place for the world to enter the mainland market," said the financial secretary during a recent business-breakfast speech in New York hosted by the Hong Kong Assn of New York.

Leung listed numerous positive results for Hong Kong arising from the Chinese mainland's entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO). These included:

  • more companies engaging in foreign trade and using Hong Kong as an intermediary;
  • stronger roles for Hong Kong banks and securities markets in raising funds for Chinese enterprises; and
  • potential large-scale investment in Hong Kong's services sector as the mainland market becomes more mature and sophisticated.

Hong Kong's economic position as the Greater China region's leading financial, business and logistics hub can only be strengthened through seamless interaction with the mainland, Leung said.

"That is why we are determined to facilitate the flows of people, cargo, capital, information and services between Hong Kong and the mainland," said Leung.

"We are taking initiatives to expedite travel across the Chinese mainland boundary and pushing ahead with plans to smooth the flow of talented people into Hong Kong to maintain a top-quality workforce."

Leung did concede that Hong Kong and its regional neighbours have been hard hit by the global economic slowdown.

"At the moment, Hong Kong people are drawing on every ounce of that renowned 'can-do' spirit as we work our way through the global economic downturn. But all challenges bring opportunities, so it would be extremely unwise to be writing off Hong Kong and the region," Leung told the New York audience.

The financial secretary said it was natural for Hong Kong to be "riding the wave of opportunities stemming from the mainland's WTO membership", but this would not be done at the exclusion of its international role. Hong Kong is always outward looking and must trade with the world to survive.

"We will continue to nurture and promote our role as a regional player, a location where international corporations naturally look for the expertise, infrastructure, facilities and policies required for the efficient transaction of global trade and investment," said Leung.

The financial secretary was in New York as the head of a delegation of Hong Kong business leaders attending the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting.


Two-Way Deal Expands Services Portfolio
Of E-Business Specialist i-Security Solutions

TWO leading technology firms have joined forces to promote and deliver online security solutions for the Greater China market. Hong Kong-based i-Security Solutions Ltd (i-SSL) recently announced its partnership with TruSecure Corp, a specialist in managed security services for Internet-connected organizations.

The announcement allows i-SSL, which offers total security solutions for e-businesses, to incorporate services from US-based TruSecure into its security portfolio. This enhances i-SSL's ability to satisfy the expanding security needs of customers.

Additional solutions include TruSecure's Security Assurance Services, Remote Intrusion Test (RIT), System Assessment and Mitigation (SAM), Risk Assessment and Policy Design and Review.

"Our understanding of the market is that there is an increasing demand for total security solutions, composed of security products, services and overall system validation and certification," says i-SSL director Professor Victor Li.

The TruSecure agreement allows i-SSL to improve the overall security standing of its customers. In the fast-changing e-business environment, TruSecure Security Assurance Services address the need for standards in security solutions and management while facilitating secure e-business.

"TruSecure understands the importance of having partners to effectively attend to market security needs. We recognize the expertise and success of i-SSL in Hong Kong's government or quasi-government sectors and - increasingly - in the finance industry," says TruSecure Asia Pacific chief executive officer Pierre Noel.

"Our partnership will ensure timely and effective delivery of security services at prices affordable to enterprises in the region. It also reaffirms our strong commitment towards Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland."

UNiSOFT Builds A Solid Online Platform
To Lift IT Skills For Use In The Long Term

IN a move aimed at enhancing the long-term IT skills development of Hong Kong's workforce and diversifying its growing business, IT training services provider UNiSOFT has chosen IBM Mindspan Solutions to provide an online platform to complement its traditional training courses.

"The Hong Kong training market has become very challenging since the economic situation reversed so dramatically," says UNiSOFT marketing director Dick Tam.

"People recognize that the best way to ensure their own job security is through self-enhancement and life-long education. This is especially true in the IT field, where people need to continually refresh their skills to stay competitive."

The choice of IBM Mindspan Solutions was attributed to award-winning learning methodology and cutting-edge technology. UNiSOFT aims to provide integrated online and offline courses to help Hong Kong people upgrade their skills and enhance their competitive edge in the job market.

Initially, the new online training capability will complement UNiSOFT's existing classroom-based courses. Students will have flexibility to learn at their own pace and attend classes from their office desktop PCs or from home.

To spur acceptance of e-learning, UNiSOFT offers students in classroom courses an opportunity to take corresponding online courses free.

"This way customers can enjoy an integrated training programme with three components - classroom training, online courses for self study and classroom tutorials - at no additional cost," says Tam.

"We believe this integrated approach offers tremendous benefits to customers who can acquire IT skills effectively."

In the long term, UNiSOFT will introduce more self-learning modules and collaborative classroom/online sessions to give students interactive and efficient learning experiences.

UNiSOFT training is most popular among people aged 15-34. The company has five training centres in Hong Kong and one on the Chinese mainland.

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