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Bank Focuses On Hi-tech Approach(HKTDC Electronics, Vol 03,2002)

Vol 3, 2002

Industry News

Bank Focuses On Hi-tech Approach

Binatone Gains Measure Of European Acclaim

Series For Rapid Network Links Enhanced

Bank Focuses On Hi-tech Approach

NCR Teradata's Asia-Pacific president Peter Hand (left) extends a hand of co-operation to Bank of East Asia chairman and chief executive David Li.

THE Bank of East Asia Ltd (BEA), one of Hong Kong's largest independent banks, has embarked on a customer relationship management (CRM) journey with support from analytic-solution provider NCR Teradata Division.

A strategic and wide-reaching project aims to enhance BEA's capability to understand customer needs, deliver personalized services, increase revenue through cross-sales to targeted segments and boost the bottom line.

The two companies have completed a first stage in CRM implementation, providing BEA with a "single view" of customers. With comprehensive pictures from its customer profiles, BEA can supply tailor-made services for varied needs. While boosting customer-service levels, these also use bank resources more cost-effectively.

The companies have inked a contract for a second stage, allowing the bank to better understand each customer's relative value in regard to detailed interactions. In-depth understanding of customers' value is an important competitive asset, lifting ability to please and retain clients.

"BEA is pioneering the enterprise-wide implementation of CRM in Hong Kong's banking sector," says NCR Teradata's Asia-Pacific region president Peter Hand.

"The first step was developing a centralized data warehouse giving senior management a 'Single Version of the Truth' regarding the entire banking customer base across all business units. This is the foundation for BEA's CRM journey."

In the first phase, Teradata's CRM solutions included Behaviour Explorer/Product View and Relationship Optimizer. These applications enable BEA to analyze product portfolios while channelling usage and customer demographics. The bank can then design appropriate cross-selling strategies and efficiently automate and manage campaign activities.

"This will greatly assist us to realize our service commitment to customers. With the aid of CRM tools to analyze customer preferences, we can provide better services and products tailored to individual needs," says BEA chairman and chief executive David Li.

The project's first stage resulted in such major improvements as rapid access to information, fast reaction time to market opportunities, speedy generation of campaign lists for marketing, ability to analyse and track campaign results and increased cross-selling opportunities.

With faster access to customer information, BEA can react more swiftly to market opportunities and make critical business decisions. Generating massive lists for campaigns takes only a few days and results can be tracked in an instant. Cross-selling becomes more customer-driven, a situation that builds client satisfaction and improves results.

Established in 1918, BEA operates 124 branches in Hong Kong. The BEA Group has 15 outlets on the Chinese mainland and maintains a strong presence in the US, Canada, the UK, the British Virgin Islands and Southeast Asia.

Teradata, a division of NCR Corp, offers analytical solutions to help businesses grow. These include database and analytical applications for customer relationship management, operations and financial management, business performance management and e-business. The company provides relationship-technology solutions to customers in retail, finance, communications, manufacturing, travel/transport and insurance sectors.

Binatone Gains Measure Of European Acclaim

Adigital cordless telephone from Hong Kong-based Binatone Electronics Ltd has been named a market and performance leader by Germany's influential Connect magazine.

The publication arranged for testing of digital cordless telephone (DECT) products launched in early 2002.

"They chose our Binatone DECT model MD 1500 as a clear winner over such competition as new European products from Philips and Loewe," says Binatone's senior sales and marketing manager Sat Murthi.

"This winning result is a great boost to Hong Kong as testimony to its design and manufacturing expertise in the development of the latest technology for DECT telephone products," Murthi adds.

A magazine article proclaiming victory for Binatone's MD 1500 cited the telephone's performance as evidence that the best products need not be the most expensive.

"Sensible get-up, simple operation and even very good standby and talk times are available at bargain prices," the magazine said.

"For only 66 euro, the Binatone MD 1500 left test rivals behind by laps. Testers were full of praise above all for the integrated hands-free talking device, standard headset connection and extended hours of standby or continuous-talk time."

The silver-coloured MD 1500 has caller display and speakerphone functions. It also offers:

  • call clarity to rival corded phones;
  • potential expansion, with up to five handsets per base unit;
  • caller display to store information regarding 30 previous calls;
  • 40-name-and-number phonebook;
  • range of up to 300m (outdoors in good conditions).

Binatone strives to invest for the future - "bringing the future to all our lives", Murthi says. The company maintains a strong focus on ADSL high-speed data communications, short-message systems and Bluetooth technologies.

"Such revolutionary technology provides freedom from wired connections, delivering low-cost radio solutions for all types of telephones and other portable handheld devices," Murthi adds.

"Truly, Binatone keeps up to its promise and mission: offering innovation you can afford."

Series For Rapid Network Links Enhanced

Improved connectors from the Krone Group are created to achieve a strong performance match among jacks, plugs and patch cords.

IN an advance for high-speed networking, telecoms connectivity specialist the KRONE Group has launched its Category 6 KM8 series of solutions suitable for use in banking, finance, manufacturing and government sectors.

A complete Category 6 cabling system, the KM8 Series fits into KRONE's existing PremisNET Gold C6 solutions, including KM8 patch panels, wall outlets or patch cords and Category 6 horizontal cable. The PremisNET Platinum C6T solution consists of KM8 patch panels, KM8 wall outlets, TrueNet patch cords and TrueNet Category 6 horizontal cable.

The TrueNet horizontal cabling system comes in UTP (unshielded twisted pair) and STP (shielded twisted pair) with transmission bandwidth speeds guaranteed at class E standard compliance for up to 250MHz.

"Our KRONE technology-enhanced products will offer mission-critical businesses needing swift networks an end-to-end solution they can leverage to design and implement robust future-proof networks," said KRONE Communications Ltd general manager Terry Lee.

"A new KM8 punchdown jack, cable-managed jack and patchcord provide full Cat 6-channel performance with no signal or transmission degradation," Lee said.

Such components are available through KRONE's regional distributors and comply with international standards.

Actually, the KM8 system is based on cable management that defines and fixes arrangement of the cable pairs. Colour coding eliminates the risk of installation failure. Cable preparation becomes easier, reducing installation time and associated costs.

Established in 1984 as a subsidiary of KRONE GmbH in Berlin, KRONE Communications Ltd is based in Hong Kong to serve northern Asia markets.

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