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Innovation Rules the Roost at BioJapan Expo, If Only Fleetingly…

16 Jan 2020

With biotech developments famously only having a brief profitability window before comparable products saturate any given market, BioJapan highlighted the lengths many manufacturers need to go to in o...Read More


Smaller and Smarter Healthcare Tech Now Fits in the Palm of the Hand

18 Dec 2019

The world of healthcare is rapidly changing due to IoT, 5G and AI, with the latest innovations on display at the Medica show in Düsseldorf proving no exception to the new golden rule that size, or lac...Read More


China’s Elderly Market: Servicing Middle-Class Consumers podcast

5 Dec 2019

A consumer survey conducted by HKTDC Research discovered that mainland senior demand for leisure and entertainment services, while health improvement activities are also popular. The per-capita expend...Read More


China’s Elderly Market: Middle-Class Product Purchasers podcast

28 Nov 2019

A consumer survey commissioned recently by HKTDC Research found that mainland consumers are buying senior-specific products ranging in price between several hundred yuan and over RMB1,000. Older peopl...Read More


Hong Kong Companies in the GBA (12): Biotech Applications Inject Vigour into Anti-Aging Sector

31 Oct 2019

Research in Self-Growth Colony Optimisation Technology (SGC) started in 2009 under the Entrepreneurship Programme of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). Subsequently, SGC Cosmo...Read More


Prospect of Healthy Profits Sees Medical Brands Target Cambodia

15 Oct 2019

With its fast-rising disposable income levels and new openness to overseas suppliers, coupled with its low level of healthcare, Cambodia has become a priority market for medically minded businesses th...Read More


Hong Kong Companies in the GBA (8): The Hong Kong-Shenzhen Synergy in R&D and Application

25 Sept 2019

One of the main issues encountered in dealing with diabetes is how to measure sufferers’ blood sugar level safely, painlessly and efficiently. In order to overcome these problems, the glucose testing ...Read More


Halal Approval and Chinese Know-How Impress at KL Cosmetics Expo

23 Aug 2019

Exhibitors and attendees at the Kuala Lumpur-hosted Cosmobeauté Malaysia were quick to testify to the importance of securing halal certification for a range of products, while mainland culture and inv...Read More


China Senior Market Case Studies: Soaring Demand for Elderly Products

22 Aug 2019

As the health condition of most elders is generally good, senior consumption in China is gradually expanding from rehabilitation products to encompass all kinds of goods designed with a senior element...Read More


China Senior Market Case Studies: Opportunities for Innovative Rehabilitation Devices

15 Aug 2019

The health condition of China’s senior population has improved in general. Yet as they age, their physical capabilities inevitably deteriorate. Coupled with the rapidly ageing population, a pent-up de...Read More


Taiwan Bets Heavily on Biotech Sector as Driver of Economic Growth

9 Aug 2019

Following on from hosting Asia's biggest biotech expo last month, Taiwan is looking to confirm its position as one of the largest global players in the sector, while also hoping to be at the heart of ...Read More


Softly, Softly Tact Proves Best Way to Treat Japan's Medical Sector

30 July 2019

With many Japanese patients-to-be preferring their healthcare to be doled out as sensitively, non-intrusively and as non-digitally as possible, the sentiment at Tokyo-hosted Medtec was that a low-prof...Read More


China Senior Market Case Studies: Elderly Care Set for Strong Growth

25 July 2019

As China’s population aging accelerates, elderly care has become a focus of social attention. Elderly care homes combining medical care and wellness services have emerged in the market, providing the ...Read More


China Senior Market Case Studies: Internet-plus Home-based Healthcare

18 July 2019

Traditional senior healthcare solution providers are going to have to pursue innovation and integrate technologies if they are to satisfy the rising demand from the ageing population. Guangzhou Tangji...Read More


Elderly Care and Localisation Key to Entering Japan's Pharma Sector

27 June 2019

While this year's CPhi Japan, Tokyo's largest pharmaceutical expo, welcomed a sizable contingent of overseas exhibitors, foreign companies still have a lot to learn if they truly want to be sure of su...Read More


China’s New Authorisation Regime: A Boon to Medical Innovation in the Greater Bay Area

5 June 2019

The rapid development of biomedicine industry has attracted lots of attention. But developing innovative medicines is a time-consuming and costly process, exacerbated by intense competition for highes...Read More


Hong Kong Leading the Way in Greater Bay Area Biomedical Services Cooperation

17 May 2019

The Outline Development Plan for Greater Bay Area fosters close cooperation in medical and healthcare resources. The government departments are formulating policies, such as cross-border customs-clear...Read More


Greater Bay Area Cooperation in Combatting Epidemics: How Hong Kong’s Expertise Can Help

15 May 2019

The world has been on constant alert when it comes to pandemics and epidemics, particularly in cities where crowded living conditions can often accelerate the spread of any infection outbreak. Hong Ko...Read More


Biomedical Services: Linking the Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road Markets

6 May 2019

Hong Kong is a significant hub for cooperation in R&D and advanced biomedical services in the Greater Bay Area and beyond. The city can fill the gap between mainland China and overseas in the field of...Read More


Hong Kong a Greater Bay Area Test Bed for Clinical Technology

2 May 2019

The demand for advanced clinical diagnosis and medication has risen in mainland China. Many mainlanders also consider travelling to Hong Kong to look for advanced medical services like diagnoses and e...Read More

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