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Global Brands Battle to Carve Up Robust Vietnamese Cosmetics Market

1 June 2017

Home to increasingly affluent young consumers, who have yet to develop true brand loyalties or prejudices, it is perhaps unsurprising that Vietnam should have emerged as a keen battleground for the wo...Read More


Smart Rehabilitation Equipment Proves Ideal Therapy for Mainland

5 May 2017

Smart assistive devices, integrating both software and hardware components, are transforming the rehabilitative regimes of many mainland patients, according to exhibitors at this year's Rehacare and O...Read More


Overseas Businesses Seek Vietnam Distributors as Market Appeal Soars

17 March 2017

Buoyed by both a surge in the size and affluence of the country's high-spending middle class and a number of lucrative government incentives and concessions, Vietnam has become a key target for many e...Read More


Mainlanders Opt for High-tech, High Fashion Anti-Smogwear

27 Feb 2017

With the environmental problems plaguing cities across the mainland seen as unlikely to go away any time soon, many urban residents are now incorporating stylish and effective counter-pollution produc...Read More


ASEAN in Focus: The Thai Consumer Market

9 Feb 2017

Fuelled by the expanding middle-income class and influx of tourists, expatriates and retirees, the Thai consumer market holds great potential for Hong Kong suppliers. There will be stronger demand for...Read More


City-centric Mainlanders Beguiled by the Benefits of Bottle Gardening

25 Jan 2017

With space at a premium and access to outdoor green sites limited, a new generation of urban mainlanders is turning to miniature moss gardens as an affordable and sustainable means of bringing the nat...Read More


Asia-Pacific Surges Ahead as World's Leading Male Grooming Market

20 Dec 2016

Although consumer preferences vary from country to country, spend on male cosmetics is up across the whole region....Read More


Silver Industry Expo Expansion Marks New Emphasis on Elderly Care

5 Dec 2016

Over the last three years, the China International Silver Industry Exhibition has doubled in size, with its ever-growing number of visitors seen as a testament to the revolution in elderly care now ta...Read More


Financial Products and Smart Care Systems Dominate 2016 Elderly Expo

30 Nov 2016

Mainlanders are now starting to make financial plans for their old age far earlier than ever before, according to exhibitors at the Silver Industry Exhibition, while a new generation of digital elderl...Read More


Selfie Ubiquity Prompts Rethink of Cosmetics Marketing Across SE Asia

29 Nov 2016

Skincare companies look to enlist keen members of the selfie generation as peer-group friendly brand ambassadors....Read More


Palm Oil and Government Funds Boost Malaysian Pharma Sector

17 Nov 2016

Many attendees at this year's Pharma+Bio Asia 2016 event confessed themselves somewhat disappointed with the overall slowdown in the sector, a situation only alleviated slightly by government incentiv...Read More


Natural Ingredients and Multipurpose Items Dominate Thai Beauty Show

3 Oct 2016

The future is looking good for beauty products across Asia according to exhibitors at this year's Beyond Beauty ASEAN event, with market growth and an appetite for natural and multi-function products ...Read More


Amazon Extends its Lead as Number One US Online Shopping Site

30 Sept 2016

Walmart keeps the number two slot, while Kohl's overtakes BestBuy to become number three in NRF 2016 survey....Read More


Moves to Fuse TCM with Western Medicine Gaining Traction Across Asia

28 Sept 2016

With the active ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine now far better understood than ever before, a new range of hybrid TCM/Western treatments are wooing even the most cynical with their efficac...Read More


Mainland Prioritises Development of Elder-friendly Wearable Devices

19 Sept 2016

With China's demographic shifting towards an ever-higher ratio of citizens aged 60-plus, elder-friendly wearables are seen as a key means of monitoring the health and whereabouts of this affluent, yet...Read More


E-commerce: Effective Marketing is the Key (Interview with Senior Care Innovation)

10 Aug 2016

After years of trial and error, Senior Care Innovation, a local manufacturer of health and wellness products for the elderly, finds that listing on third-party platforms may not be the best way for SM...Read More


India's Cosmetic Sector Hits All-time High with More Growth Predicted

5 Aug 2016

Global brands now offering tailored local cosmetic variants as expanded middle class sees sales soar....Read More


E-commerce: Low Cost Entry for E-Retail Start-ups (Interview with Kimature)

1 Aug 2016

E-commerce has opened up a world of opportunities for young entrepreneurs, through a combination of reduced cost of entry and enormous potential of social media marketing. One such young businessperso...Read More


Xiangxue Invests in Hong Kong and Indonesia for Global Growth

30 May 2016

Guangzhou-based Xiangxue Pharmaceutical unveils ambitious international expansion plans, with its Hong Kong subsidiary playing a key role in R&D and marketing, while Indonesia is set to prove a vital ...Read More


Affluent Mainland Consumers Adopting Fresh Approach to Dental Care

25 May 2016

Historically, mainland consumers have been far less fastidious when it comes to oral care than their contemporaries in the US or Europe, but that is now changing rapidly, opening up huge business oppo...Read More

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