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Environmental Health Group Expects Continued Action by U.S. States to Address Toxic Chemicals

14 Feb 2019

Safer States, a network of diverse consumer organisations and coalitions with shared environmental and health concerns, recently issued a press release highlighting on-going legislative efforts at the...Read More


Argentina Implements New Technical Requirements for Food-Contact Cellulosic Materials and Containers

24 Jan 2019

Argentina has incorporated into its domestic legal regime (1) Mercosur Common Market Group Resolution 40/15 on cellulosic materials, containers and equipment intended to be in contact with food and (2...Read More


New Food Safety Regulations Enter into Force in Canada

17 Jan 2019

Canada on 15 January implemented new food safety regulations that according to Canadian authorities will usher “a new era of food safety for Canadians.” According to a press release from the Canadian ...Read More


Food Safety Inspections, Other Trade Issues Among FDA’s Enforcement Priorities

17 Jan 2019

The Food and Drug Administration plans to further increase its inspections to ensure the safety of foreign food suppliers in 2019, posing a significant challenge for importers who could face entry del...Read More


EU Lawmakers Reach an Agreement over New Directive on Single-use Plastics

8 Jan 2019

Single-use plastic products are defined as those made wholly - or partly - of plastic and those which are typically intended to be used just once - or for a short period of time - before they are thro...Read More


EU Opens New Quotas, Reduces Tariffs for Large Number of Products

4 Jan 2019

Council Regulation 2018/2069 is the first of the two new Regulations. It amends Regulation 1387/2013 (a so-called Framework Regulation), which suspends the autonomous common customs tariff duties on c...Read More


U.S. Issues National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard

24 Dec 2018

The Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service has issued a final rule establishing the new national mandatory bioengineered food disclosure standard, which requires food manufacturers...Read More


Clarifications to California’s Proposition 65 Warning Requirements under Consideration

27 Nov 2018

California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment will hold a hearing on 17 December and will accept input from interested parties by 31 December on a proposal to clarify recent changes co...Read More


Authorisation for Food Contact Use of 26 Substances Proposed to be Withdrawn

15 Nov 2018

The FDA is accepting comments through 14 January 2019 on a petition to withdraw authorisation for the use of 26 ortho-phthalates in various food contact applications because these uses have been perma...Read More


FDA Issues Mandatory Food Recall Guidance

7 Nov 2018

The FDA issued on 5 November final guidance regarding mandatory food recalls. The agency notes that it is committed to evaluating all applicable evidence in determining whether an article is adulterat...Read More


Canada Establishes Maximum Residue Limit for Trifloxystrobin

6 Nov 2018

Maximum residue limits (MRLs) for Trifloxystrobin proposed by Pest Control Products Act, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), for food imported to and sold in Canada have been ado...Read More


Taiwan Revises its Food Allergen Labeling Regulations

6 Nov 2018

On August 21, 2018, the Taiwan Drug and Food Administration (TFDA) issued a new regulation governing food allergen labeling on packaged food, which comes into effect on July 1, 2020. Some foods contai...Read More


India Establishes Glyphosate Residue in Imported Cereal Products

6 Nov 2018

On October 12, 2018, the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India published file no. 1-1771/FSSAI/Imports/2018 requiring the determination of Glyphosate residue in imported cereal products. Glyphos...Read More


VIETNAM: Stricter Regime Adopted for All Frozen Meat Products

30 Oct 2018

Under the terms of new regulations, jointly issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST, all frozen meat products must be certif...Read More


U.S. Consumer Groups Hail FDA Decision to Ban Use of Seven Food Additives

23 Oct 2018

The Center for Food Safety and the Natural Resources Defense Council are hailing a recent FDA decision to remove seven synthetic food flavouring substances and flavour enhancers (adjuvants) from its a...Read More


Brazil Further Facilitates Imports of Regulated Food and Health Products

18 Oct 2018

The Brazilian Health Agency (ANVISA) has adopted a number of measures in recent weeks and months aimed at facilitating the importation of products subject to sanitary oversight. Among other actions, A...Read More


Food Facility Re-registration Period Opens on 1 October

2 Oct 2018

Food facilities required to register with the FDA must renew their registrations between 1 October and 31 December 2018. Food being imported or offered for import into the United States from a foreign...Read More


Expedited Inspection Process Offered to Food Processing Facilities by FDA

2 Oct 2018

The FDA is soliciting businesses with multiple food processing facilities that implement centrally-developed supply chain programmes and recall plans to volunteer for two-tier inspections....Read More


Fruit and Vegetable Import Approval Process Revised

17 Sept 2018

APHIS has issued a final rule that effective 15 October will amend its regulations to provide for the approval of all new fruits and vegetables for importation into the United States using a notice-ba...Read More


CBP Preparing to Implement New Requirements for Imports of Shrimp and Abalone

17 Sept 2018

CBP has issued an update on the forthcoming implementation of the reporting, recordkeeping and permitting requirements of the Seafood Import Monitoring Program for shrimp and abalone species originati...Read More

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