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Updated Registration Requirements for Overseas Infant Formula Milk Manufacturers

13 April 2018

New requirements related to all overseas manufacturers of imported infant formula milk products have been issued by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA)....Read More


Some Imported Live Animals Get Exemption from Foreign Supplier Verification Programme

13 April 2018

The Food and Drug Administration announced on 21 March steps to make the importation of certain live animals less burdensome....Read More


FDA Recognises Second Accreditation Body under FSMA

29 March 2018

The Food and Drug Administration reports that American National Standards Institute is the second accreditation body to be recognised under the Accredited Third-Party Certification Program....Read More


Effect of Brexit on Food Laws and How Hong Kong Traders of Foodstuffs May Be Affected

23 March 2018

The European Commission has published a notice titled “Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU Food Law”. It points out that, unless a ratified withdrawal agreement between the EU and the UK establish...Read More


European Commission Amends Regulation on Food Contact Materials

9 March 2018

On 8 February 2018, new Commission Regulation 2018/79 entered into force. The new Regulation adds conditions and restrictions regarding certain plastics, uses and substances for food packaging. This n...Read More


Informed Compliance for Seafood Import Monitoring Rules Ends 7 April

2 March 2018

CBP reports that all filings covered by the Seafood Import Monitoring Program regulations must comply with the electronic filing requirements to receive a “may proceed” beginning on 7 April....Read More


USDA to Allow Additional Cold Treatment Facilities to Aid Fruit Imports

2 March 2018

APHIS has issued a final establishing generic criteria that will allow for the approval of new cold treatment facilities in the southern and western states of the United States....Read More


Import Requirements for Eggs and Egg Products Proposed for Revision

2 March 2018

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is seeking input from interested parties by 13 June on a proposal that would make a number of changes to the egg products inspection regulations, includin...Read More


Brazil Sets Limits for Contaminants in Infants’ Food, Considers Proposal to Amend Food Labelling Requirements

2 March 2018

The Brazilian National Health Agency (ANVISA) has published a new regulation (Resolution RDC 193/17) establishing maximum tolerance limits for specific contaminants in infants’ food....Read More


Proposal to Modify Nutrition Labelling Requirements under Consideration in Canada

2 March 2018

Canada is considering a proposal to amend the current nutrition labelling provisions by requiring front-of-package labelling for pre-packaged products containing nutrients of public health concern (so...Read More


New Implementing Rules for Food Safety Sampling Inspection

21 Feb 2018

In order to further regulate the sampling of food for safety inspection, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has recently issued the Implementing Rules for National Food Safety Sampling Insp...Read More


FDA Launches Expedited Food Import Programme, Issues New Guidance on FSMA Compliance

15 Feb 2018

The Food and Drug Administration announced on 31 January that it has launched its Voluntary Qualified Importer Program, a fee-based programme that will provide for expedited review and importation of ...Read More


U.S. Continues to Detain Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong Food Products for Various Violations

15 Feb 2018

The FDA regularly issues new and updated import alerts on a broad range of products from a number of countries as part of its mission to prevent the importation of food, drugs, biologics, cosmetics, m...Read More


VIETNAM: Self-Certification Introduced for Quality and Origin of Food Imports

14 Feb 2018

Businesses are to be permitted to self-certify the country of origin and quality of imported food items, while confirming that they comply with Vietnam’s food safety requirements. While these new regu...Read More


VIETNAM: Tighter Regime Introduced for Food Additives

8 Feb 2018

Any food products using additives not pre-approved by the Health Ministry are now barred from being manufactured or distributed in Vietnam, as well as from being imported. The move is intended to brin...Read More


DOC Proposes Trusted Trader Programme for Seafood Imports

2 Feb 2018

The DOC is proposing a Commerce Trusted Trader Program as part of a seafood traceability process designed to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and seafood fraud....Read More


Food Industry Called Upon to Highlight Current Testing Shortfalls

22 Jan 2018

The mainland food industry is being called upon to flag up any overlooked safety concerns or testing shortcomings as the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) looks to overhaul the country’s food ...Read More


Canada Implements MRLs for Spirotetramat in Crops

19 Jan 2018

Pest Control Products Act, Health Canada’s PMRA has notified the WTO that proposed MRLs for Spirotetramat in crops such as stone fruits, tree nuts, carrot roots, sugar beet roots and asparagus are to ...Read More


FDA to Exercise FSMA Enforcement Discretion, Will Soon Move Forward with Expedited Food Import Programme

19 Jan 2018

The Food and Drug Administration has announced its intent to not enforce certain provisions in four rules issued under the Food Safety Modernization Act concerning preventive controls for human and an...Read More


APHIS Announces New Procedure for Soybean Exports to Mainland China

19 Jan 2018

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service reports that a new procedure for both bulk and container shipments of raw, unprocessed soybeans to mainland China took e...Read More

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