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China’s Packaged Food Market: Consumer Seasoning Preferences

24 April 2018

A survey conducted by HKTDC Research on the mainland packaged food market shows that respondents bought an average of 3.44 types of seasonings in the preceding six months, a big jump from the 2.12 fou...Read More


China’s Packaged Food Market: Consumer Grain, Oil and Dried Product Preferences

18 April 2018

Mainland consumers are becoming increasingly keen on sampling diversified foods. A recent survey on the mainland packaged food market conducted by HKTDC Research found that the average respondent boug...Read More


China’s Packaged Food Market: Defining Characteristics (Part 2) podcast

13 April 2018

A HKTDC Research survey on the mainland packaged food market has identified nine major characteristics. Four of them include: small packs and individual packs are becoming popular; consumers are look...Read More


China’s Packaged Food Market: Defining Characteristics (Part 1) podcast

27 March 2018

A HKTDC Research survey on the mainland packaged food market has identified nine major characteristics. Five of them include: mainland consumers’ brand loyalty is showing signs of decline; consumers’ ...Read More


China’s Packaged Food Market: Major Consumer Trends podcast

21 March 2018

A consumer survey conducted by HKTDC Research shows that four major trends have emerged in the mainland packaged food market, namely the gradual return of consumer confidence in domestic brands; prefe...Read More


Multi-service Options and Tech Upgrades Dominate US Franchise Show

15 March 2018

Offering a range of complementary services, harbouring a high-tech advantage or simply having a matchless pedigree or a reputation for untarnished quality are all apparently routes to success in the h...Read More


China’s Wine Market Consumer Preferences (2): Purchase Channels, Consideration Factors and Preferred Production Region

15 March 2018

The mainland wine market is growing rapidly because consumers have developed the habit of drinking wine at home and at gatherings with friends and relatives. HKTDC Research conducted a survey on China...Read More


New Go South Initiative Sees Taiwan Look to Super-Serve Halal Sector

7 March 2018

With trade still notably down with mainland China, Taiwan has looked to make up the continuing shortfall by targeting emerging opportunities within the ASEAN bloc, with the halal-food sector seen as o...Read More


China’s Wine Market Consumer Preferences (1): Wine Category, Drinking Occasion and Price

5 March 2018

The demand for wine has been steadily growing in China, with increases registered in both the value and volume of wine imports. HKTDC Research conducted a survey on China’s wine market, in order to un...Read More


Vodka on the Rocks as Russia's Picky Tipplers Turn to Whisky and Wine

27 Feb 2018

Changing consumer preferences see Russia's national drink losing market share to a number of spirited interlopers....Read More


Overseas Brands Keen to Target Thai Tea and Coffee Niche Markets

2 Feb 2018

Although ostensibly over-blessed with many domestic brews and western-style coffee shops, many Southeast Asian suppliers are keen to tempt the voracious thirst of Thai consumers with bespoke brands an...Read More


Lesser-known Drink Brands Continue to Persevere at ProWine China

18 Jan 2018

While securing import orders remains a problem for all but the most well-known wine marques and spirit brands, the mainland is now gradually opening up to less high-profile alcoholic beverages, includ...Read More


Uncorking Opportunities in China’s Wine Market

18 Jan 2018

Because of his love for wine, Simon Cheung had been keeping a close eye on the wine market. When the opportunity presented itself, he entered the mainland wine market. During his interview with HKTDC ...Read More


China’s Green Shoppers: Purchasing Behaviour

11 Jan 2018

The demand for green products among mainland consumers has been rising in recent years. According to a series of focus group discussions, while more consumers are turning to online sources for the inf...Read More


China’s Green Shoppers: Preferences and Satisfaction Levels podcast

4 Jan 2018

Consumer focus group discussions conducted by HKTDC Research show that mainland consumers’ consumption of all kinds of eco-friendly products is growing. The green items they buy most frequently are fo...Read More


China’s Green Shoppers: Attitudes and Beliefs podcast

21 Dec 2017

As China’s living standards have improved and awareness of issues such as pollution and food safety has grown, Chinese consumers have become more environmentally conscious and more willing to buy gree...Read More


Premium Imports and Online Sales Transform Mainland Fruit Market

19 Dec 2017

With domestic producers reeling under the impact of soaring import levels and high-street retailers having to contend with the popularity of e-commerce channels, the mainland’s fresh-fruit industry is...Read More


The Dough Rolls in as the Mainland Bakery Sector Toasts its Success

8 Dec 2017

The Autumn edition of Bakery China, the mainland's biggest expo for all matters cake and bread-related, proved a fitting celebration of the massive growth of this dynamic sector, which – from a very l...Read More


Contemporary Food and Drinks Reigns Supreme at Former Royal Palace

6 Dec 2017

Once home to Henry VIII of seven wives fame, for three days last summer Hampton Court Palace hosted the BBC Good Food Show Feast, the British broadcaster's celebration of the finest new foodstuffs and...Read More


Today Hong Kong, Tomorrow the World: Exotic Foods Test the Market

1 Dec 2017

This year's HKTDC Food Expo certainly lived up to its reputation as being the indisputable 'test kitchen' for wider Asia, as countless global producers sought feedback as to the likely success of thei...Read More

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