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Smart Cities and Even Smarter Toilet Tech Wow Attendees at CES 2020

23 Jan 2020

Whether it was Toyota's vision of a purpose-built smart city on the slopes of Mount Fuji, an experimental luggage-lifting exoskeleton or a roll-retrieving robot for caught-short WC users, this year's ...Read More


Hand in Claw: Are Robot-Human Hybrids Set to Run Japan's Factories?

22 Jan 2020

While it has long been believed that robots will take on ever more human traits and capabilities, a new generation of technologically-enhanced human workers are now blurring the boundaries with their ...Read More


The Greater Bay Area: Lighting Up a Glittering Market

15 Jan 2020

Czech lighting company Preciosa has traded in Hong Kong for 20 years, and enjoys a long success with clients in Macao and a growing familiarity with upmarket Chinese consumers. It combines centuries-o...Read More


A Bad 2019 Sees Taiwan's Semiconductor Sector Hope for a Better 2020

13 Jan 2020

Even before the final figures are in, it's accepted that 2019 was not a vintage year for Taiwan's semiconductor industry. Now, though, with China-US relations thawing and the roll-out of 5G, some in t...Read More


Non-Contemporary Gaming Console Sales Soar in Retro-Minded Russia

6 Jan 2020

Nostalgia for 1990's Nintendo clones drives purchases of gaming units that predate fall of the Soviet Union....Read More


Vietnam’s Consumer Electronics Market: Online and Offline Sales Channels

6 Jan 2020

The Vietnamese consumer electronics market has been underpinned by the country’s healthy economic growth and its tech-savvy young population. Hong Kong suppliers of electronic accessories can partner ...Read More


Slow-Adopting Asia Runs Risk of Missing Out on Industry 4.0 Benefits

3 Jan 2020

Industry 4.0 is coming, although not as quickly as some at Singapore's Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific event would like, with Asian companies currently seen as largely lagging far behind many o...Read More


Current Affairs and Battery Life Prove the Talk of Detroit Showcase

24 Dec 2019

The challenges involved with contemporary storage cell development were just some of the many things laid bare at Detroit's recent Battery Show, although didn't stop some of the more evangelical exhib...Read More


Surge in Popularity of E-Sports Drives Sales at Indonesia Tech Show

9 Dec 2019

Its young, tech-savvy, early adopting population has made Indonesia a target for digital brands in search of appropriately demographicced markets, with the IndoComtech expo the country's most high-pro...Read More


The Philippines’ Consumer Electronics Market: Pricing and Marketing Strategies

9 Dec 2019

The Philippines’ large young population is driving demand for electronic accessories. Hong Kong exporters looking to develop the Philippines market may do well by focusing on a niche market sector and...Read More


People and Culture Prove Biggest Obstacles to Digital Transformation

5 Dec 2019

Although the technology may prove daunting, it's usually unwilling or poorly trained personnel or an intransient corporate culture that undermine an organisation's attempt to negotiate its way through...Read More


HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Survey Autumn 2019: Growing Opportunities for LED

3 Dec 2019

According to a survey conducted recently by HKTDC Research during the course of the 2019 HKTDC Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition), an increasing number of respondents have expresse...Read More


HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair Survey Autumn 2019: Industry Still Cautious Amid Lingering China-US Trade Tensions

29 Nov 2019

Although China and the US are trying to negotiate a trade agreement, electronics industry players have reported increasing pressure on their export performance during the Autumn Edition of the 2019 Ho...Read More


4% Set to Be New Annual Growth Normal for Russia's Electronics Market

19 Nov 2019

Russia's sale of consumer-electronic goods seen as finally entering more stable phase after years of fluctuations....Read More


Cybersecurity and Mobile Purchases Top Bill at UK E-commerce Show

18 Nov 2019

While the UK may be quitting the European Union, it's not yet giving up on the wider world of online sales, with exhibitors and attendees at the recent London eCommerce Expo all keen to burnish their ...Read More


Businesses Now Virtually Convinced of Real-World AR and VR Benefits

7 Nov 2019

This year's London-hosted AR & VR World Summit saw augmented reality and virtual reality ditch the 'emerging technology' tag, with attendees convinced they could make a contribution to the bottom line...Read More


Tokyo Game Show Embraces E-sport Endorsements and Subscriptions

31 Oct 2019

A very different 2019 Tokyo Game Show saw brands ever-more keen to burnish their e-sport credentials, while the increasing number of online subscription opportunities may transform the purchaser / ven...Read More


E-commerce Set to Dominate Russia's Electronics and Jewellery Sales

22 Oct 2019

With dedicated portals and soaring orders, Hong Kong companies would do well to befriend the new O2O behemoths....Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Electronic Accessories (Marketing)

21 Oct 2019

For electronic accessories exporters to enter the key ASEAN markets, formulating an optimal marketing strategy is essential for a successful launch. Hong Kong companies should also pay attention to bo...Read More


Accessing the ASEAN Consumer Market: Electronic Accessories (Market Entry Strategies)

30 Sept 2019

The routes to the ASEAN market are becoming more diverse and competitive for imported electronic accessories and gadgets. Selecting a distribution channel is an important aspect of building a competit...Read More

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