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Brazil Lowers Duties on Various Products

13 Jan 2020

Brazil has lowered its import duties on a range of products, including 250 capital goods and 19 information technology and telecom products....Read More


European Commission to Implement Adjustments to Steel Safeguard Measures

3 Oct 2019

On 27 September 2019, the European Commission confirmed that it will adjust its current steel safeguard measures in accordance with its proposal, communicated on 14 August 2019. Importantly, this deci...Read More


Violation of U.S. Emissions Requirements Leads to CBP Seizures

2 Oct 2019

On 25 September, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced that their joint enforcement efforts at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, ...Read More


Argentina Requires Imports of Certain Motorcycles Benefitting from Duty-Free Treatment to Face Enhanced Value Analysis

26 Sept 2019

Argentina unveiled a programme earlier this year to provide duty-free treatment through 31 December 2023 to incomplete, wholly unassembled motorcycles and certain other vehicles. Argentinean authoriti...Read More


Argentina Extends Deadlines for Certain Auto Parts to Obtain Approval Certificate

19 Sept 2019

Argentinean authorities have modified the effective dates of a requirement for certain new automotive parts and safety elements intended for the after-market segment to obtain the approval certificate...Read More


Mexico Proposes Revisions to Mandatory Standards for Certain Tyres

3 Sept 2019

Mexico is seeking public input by 27 October on a proposal (PROY-NOM-086-1-SCFI-2018) to amend the current mandatory standards for domestically-produced and imported new radial tyres for vehicles with...Read More


EU Stresses Need for Greater Focus on Microplastic Particles After New Alarming Study

3 Sept 2019

The EU has expressed concerns over the presence of microplastics in aquatic environments following the outcome of a recent study. The study aimed at exploring the potential sources of these microplast...Read More


Mexico Proposes New Requirements for Re-treaded Tyres

20 Aug 2019

Mexico is seeking input from interested parties by 12 October on a proposal (PROY-NOM-228-SCFI-2018) to establish new safety and other requirements for domestically-produced and imported re-treaded ty...Read More


CBP Urged to Update Policies and Enhance Analysis of Commercial Vehicle Inspections

12 Aug 2019

U.S. Customs and Border Protection should review and update its policies for inspecting commercial vehicles at land border ports of entry and analyse noncompliance at individual POEs to better identif...Read More


Additional Input Sought on Possible Amendments to Energy Standards for Small Electric Motors

3 June 2019

The U.S. Department of Energy has extended from 24 May to 7 June the deadline for public input in connection with an on-going effort to determine whether to amend the current mandatory energy conserva...Read More


Amendments to Energy Test Procedures for Electric Motors under Review

25 April 2019

The U.S. Department of Energy is seeking public comments by 24 June on a proposal to amend its energy test procedures for small electric motors and electric motors by further harmonising its procedure...Read More


RAPEX Removes Dangerous Products from European Market but Significant Concerns Remain over Imports

18 April 2019

On 9 April 2019, it was announced that the Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Consumer Products (“RAPEX”) had removed more than 2,000 dangerous products from the European market in 2018. However, accordi...Read More


Argentina Seeks to Maximise Use of TRQ for Certain Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

9 April 2019

Argentina is seeking to maximise the use of its tariff-rate quota for up to 6,000 units of electric, hybrid and hydrogen motor vehicles by removing a provision that limited this flexibility to automot...Read More


Mexico Extends Import Restrictions on Used Motor Vehicles

4 April 2019

Mexico’s Ministry of Economy announced on 29 March that the Mexican government has decided to extend until 31 December 2019 the current restrictions on used motor vehicle imports because the condition...Read More


Legislation Would Bar Federal Purchases of Mainland Chinese Railcars and Buses

19 March 2019

Legislation introduced on 14 March would prohibit the use of federal funds to purchase transit railcars and buses made in mainland China. Sens. John Cornyn (Republican-Texas) and Tammy Baldwin (Democr...Read More


Vermont Considering Amendments to Reporting Requirements for High-Concern Chemicals

12 Feb 2019

The Vermont Department of Health is considering a number of amendments to the existing reporting requirements for chemicals of high concern to children under 12 years of age in an effort to better ali...Read More


Argentina to Require Approval Certificate for Certain Auto Parts

30 Jan 2019

Argentinean authorities will require the following new automotive parts and safety elements intended for the after-market segment to obtain the approval certificate for automotive parts and safety ele...Read More


Argentina Provides Duty-free Treatment to Certain Motorcycles

30 Jan 2019

Argentina is providing duty-free treatment through 31 December 2023 to incomplete, wholly unassembled motorcycles and certain other vehicles classified under NCM 8711.10.00, 8711.20.10, 8711.20.20, 87...Read More


Chinese Tyre Producers Sue EU Over Anti-dumping Duties

29 Jan 2019

On 15 January 2019, two Chinese industry associations lodged a court action in the EU’s first tier General Court over the European Commission’s recent decision to impose anti-dumping and countervailin...Read More


Legislation to Delay Section 232 Tariffs on Autos Introduced

23 Jan 2019

Sens. Doug Jones (Democrat-Alabama) and Lamar Alexander (Republican-Tennessee) re-introduced legislation on 15 January to delay the imposition by the Trump administration of additional tariffs under s...Read More

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