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Work Of Art(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 02,2003)

Vol 2, 2003

Company Profiles

Groovy Tunes
Brilliant Rich Electronics Ltd

Work Of Art
Gold Dragon Int'l Ltd

Work Of Art

Gold Dragon Int'l Ltd

Body art and adornment utilises a host of different materials including items of costume jewellery that change colour with body temperature

Body art, or tattooing, has been around for centuries and the fad comes and goes depending on the changing demands of fashion. The process of tattooing can be quite painful and the results permanent. However, fortunately for those who are as fickle as the fashion industry, there is the option of temporary tattoos pressed onto the skin and removed at will.

Gold Dragon Int'l Ltd caters to those who prefer not to undergo the painful process of permanent tattooing, providing people with a number of designs they can choose from whenever they feel the need for that extra accessory on their skin.

They can even go one better than permanent tattooing by combining the traditional look with fake diamonds. "These are quite a hip item now, and they're fun to wear," says sales representative Evania Leung.

The company also makes diamond tattoos that come in a variety of delicate looking designs. "These are stuck onto the skin and can be worn several times," says Leung.

There are also multicoloured diamond tattoos that come in the shape of fruit, fish, insects and all the letters of the alphabet.

Founded in 1999, Gold Dragon's main products are stickers and body art. "We have a factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland employing 800 workers, and another factory and office in Taiwan," says Leung. She adds that the Taiwan side of the operation has been in the business of stickers and body art since 1986.

"We started the Hong Kong office and mainland factory because we thought it would make our prices more competitive," says Leung. "We do both OEM and ODM products for some very well- known international companies, for whom we are the licensed manufacturer."

The company's main markets are the US and Europe, and Leung says there are plans to develop the Asian market.

"I think our clients like us because we come out with new designs fast and our prices are very competitive for the quality we offer. The average FOB Hong Kong price is US$0.20 per unit, we respond quickly to enquiries and we can make all kinds of products for our clients," says Leung.

"We have 30 people in our research and design team and we come out with three to four new designs a month," she adds. The minimum order value is US$10,000 and delivery time is 20 days. "We are quite flexible on our delivery time and we really try to accommodate those who would like their orders sooner," adds Leung.

The company's latest product is costume jewellery that is temperature-sensitive and changes colour. "Our Mood Rings can change to 12 different colours depending on the body temperature of the wearer," says Leung.

There are also a number of pendants that flash different colours when pressed. "These are still trial orders and we hope to get a good response for these new items," says Leung.

"We are always looking for ways to diversify and also do a lot of research into new materials," says Leung, who hopes Gold Dragon's ability to quickly meet market demand will bring continued success.


Gold Dragon Int'l Ltd

2/F, 16 Granville Rd,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2328-0938
Fax: 852-2328-0385
Email: gdintl@netvigator.com

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