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Toys & Games Vol 1, 2010: Sponsored Feature: Lauwers Games

Winning Ways
Winning Ways

Led by an acclaimed games inventor with multiple awards under his belt, Lauwers Games (LG) creates exciting mass-market products that wow consumers the world over.

The Belgian firm brings its innovative games and game mechanics to global markets through licensing arrangements, and is committed to playing a winning hand together with its licensees.

“We offer a wide range of party games, board games, travel games, search games and game mechanics — including both classic and electronic models — all of which are available for licensing,” says President and games inventor Arne Lauwers.

LG’s flagship Pictureka! multimillion dollar-selling board game that is licensed to Hasbro has expanded into a full product line that includes platform versions for Wii, PC and DS.

It has also gone on to win numerous prestigious awards in France, Russia and Italy, and was lauded as Game of the Year in Australia in 2008.

Not content to rest on its laurels, the innovative company continues to launch new products such as the “+/-” card game being promoted at the HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2010.

“It is an easy, interactive and fun family game that offers surprising twists and turns — it also helps raise awareness about endangered species,” remarks Mr Lauwers.

The game sees players cast a die with “+” or “-” inscribed on its six sides to decide whether the player with the most or least number of endangered species wins, before cards depicting different endangered species are dealt.

However, there are also special cards that allow recipients to switch places, pass their hands, cage or set free endangered species, or cast the die again to reset the winning criteria — which may become the exact opposite of the original and completely change each player’s lot.

“The game is available for licensing, and for sale as a finished product through our Thai partner Solid Enterprise,” Mr Lauwers explains.

“A trader may also seek a licence for our award-winning game mechanics and combine them with his own graphics and packaging. That’s a winning combination indeed!” A typical LG licensing contract covers a specified region and period of time, and the enterprise maintains that the licensee stands to gain.

“It is a valuable opportunity for traders to add some brand new, innovative games to their lines — no more endless repeats of products that everybody is tired of, but unrivalled fun games with enormous market potential,” claims Mr Lauwers.

He adds that as a licensee deals directly with LG — the intellectual property rights holder — he is guaranteed to be licensed to sell an original product and this saves the hassle of sorting out unclear legal issues.

Dispensing with agents or intermediaries in the process also means cost savings and higher profit margins for the licensee.

Mr Lauwers highlights the growth potential for games in Asia. “The Asian games market is virtually untapped, presenting a real window of opportunity!”

It certainly looks like a winning way to work with such an insightful and imaginative games licensor.

Lauwers Games
Warande 14 – 9971 Lembeke - Belgium
Tel: 32-9-233-1906
Fax: 32-9-233-1905
Email: info@lauwersgames.com
Web: www.lauwersgames.com
(Booth 1KB13, World Of Toys Pavilion, HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2010)