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Meeting Demand(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 12,2007)

Babies' & Children's products

The latest plastic baby products from Kiddie Love Int'l (HK) Ltd include non-slip PC dishes with spoons and forks, two-handled non-spill cups and bee and butterfly rattles

Demand for products for babies and young children continues to boom, with Hong Kong very much to the fore

Parents can rightfully be especially demanding when it comes to products for their babies and young ones, which is why it's comforting to know that Hong Kong manufacturers have a wealth of experience and expertise in catering for this market segment.

For example, Kiddie Love Int'l (HK) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of plastic baby items, such as training cups, plates, dishes, bottles, rattles, teethers, pacifiers and babycare accessories.

With more than 20 years' experience, the company markets its products under its own brand names. "Cups, dishes and plates are our most popular products," says Marketing Manager Mandy Ng, adding that the company prefers to sell its products in gift sets.

Its transparent, non-slip PC dish, with hygiene cover and handy holder for a spoon and fork (US$1.50 each FOB Hong Kong) can be combined with a two-handled, non-spill cup with hygiene cover (US$0.60-0.80 each). The cup base is non-slip and the handles are removable. Among the company's selection of toys are bee and butterfly rattles.

Constant communication between mother and baby is always of vital importance. When the baby is asleep in the bedroom, a mother can keep watch no matter what part of the house she's in, thanks to Techwall Electronics Co Ltd's baby monitor.

At only 17mm in thickness, Techwall's new BC-26 model is the slimmest type of baby monitor available and offers two-way communication between parents and babies.

"In a lot of other models, the parent and baby can't communicate at the same time, and we are one of the few suppliers who can do this," claims Director Wong Siu Ming.

Other features include music played on the baby's unit, which is remotely controlled by the parent, a room temperature indicator on both the baby's and the parent's unit, adjustable microphone sensitivity on the baby's unit, an alarm that sounds once the baby's temperature falls outside a specified range and an out-of-range alarm on the parent's unit.

"You can also change the amount of power consumption. If you're close to the baby, you can set the power level lower," Mr Wong adds, noting that the top-of-the-line unit, which sells for US$55 each FOB Hong Kong, operates at 865MHz and has a range of 800 metres.

Techwall manufactures a dozen other baby monitor models, ranging from basic, economical models offering one-way communication (US$15 each) to the sophisticated BC-26.

What child wouldn't want to spend hours on a comfy activity playmat farm that comes with several of its own plush friends? Made of T/C, tricot and velour, the mat, by Locomotive Ltd, also comes with a mirror and a teething ring. The unit price is US$5.00-5.50 FOB Hong Kong.

"We can change the design if the customer wishes," says Administrative Officer Bonch Tsang. "We've had this item for six months now, and it's our best-selling product. Parents like it because they think babies can learn something while they're playing on it."

The company makes 40-50 kinds of babies' toys, many of them plush products featuring bears. Among them are a musical bear, a bear puppet, a bear fabric rattle, a bear neck rest and a bear telephone.

"We're thinking about making a cloth book about bears," adds Ms Tsang, noting that cloth books account for about 50% of the company's total sales.

A bowling set of plush animal pins, made of tricot and T/C, is available in sets of 4-8 pins with a plush bowling ball that has a tinkling bell. The set sells for US$5-8 each.

Aall & Zyleman Mfg Ltd has years of experience in developing, producing and marketing disposable nappies that come in seven sizes: premature baby, newborn, small, medium, large, extra-large and extra, extra-large.

The company's wood pulp is sourced from the US, absorbent material from Japan, the leg cuffs come from Korea, PE back sheets are sourced on the Chinese mainland and adhesive tape comes from the US and the mainland.

The OEM/ODM firm, which turns out 1.5 million diapers per month, also sells basic, medium- and high-quality nappies under its own brands.

"There are normally 50 pieces in a standard pack," says Marketing Officer Joan Mok, noting that basic diapers have a wetness indicator and sell for US$0.07 each FOB China.

High-quality nappies are made with hook-and-loop tape, a waistband and a cloth-like back sheet and sell for US$0.10 each.

Aall & Zyleman's biggest export markets are South Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, Indonesia and Japan."We might try to get our high-quality diapers into the US market and Europe," Ms Mok says.

White is the preferred colour for diapers, although colours such as blue, pink and green can be manufactured, but cost more .

When buying babies' and children's products is a priority, Hong Kong is simply the right choice for its wide range of safe, well-made products at competitive prices.

Text by Eloise Romano

Aall & Zyleman Mfg Ltd
Unit 3, 6/F
Ho Lik Centre
64-66 Sha Tsui Rd
Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2455-8822
Fax: 852-2455-9898
Web: www.ihellobaby.com
Year Established: 1986
Major Product Categories: baby diapers, toy diapers, pet diapers, absorbent pads, underpads
Brands & Certificates: Hello Baby, Hello Angel, Baby Bear, Sunnie; ISO 9001
Minimum Order: one FEU
Monthly Production Capacity: -
Delivery Time: 4 weeks
Factory Size & Location: 10,000 square metres; Dongguan
Workforce: 145
Alta Industrial Ltd
Suites 602-607, Tower 1
The Gateway
25 Canton Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2956-3283
Fax: 852-2956-0229
Web: www.altabebe.com
Year Established: 2005
Major Product Categories: footmuffs, diaper bags, seat boosters
Brands & Certificates: -
Minimum Order: 1,000 pieces
Monthly Production Capacity: -
Delivery Time: 45-60 days
Factory Size & Location: Jiangsu
Workforce: -
Kiddie Love Int'l (HK) Ltd
Unit A, 10/F, Phase 1
Hung Cheung Ind Centre
12 Tsing Yeung Circuit
Tuen Mun, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2464-5575
Fax: 852-2464-1803
Web: www.kiddielove.com.hk
Year Established: 1985
Major Product Categories: baby utensils, bottles, soothers, cups, forks & spoons, care items
Brands & Certificates: Kiddie Love, Bebe; ICTI Certificate
Minimum Order: 6,000 pieces
Monthly Production Capacity: -
Delivery Time: 35-45 days
Factory Size & Location: Shenzhen
Workforce: 400
Locomotive Ltd
Rms 1901-1902, Blk B
Ming Pao Ind Centre
18 Ka Yip St
Chai Wan
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2951-9100
Fax: 852-2342-0816
Web: www.locomotive.com.hk
Year Established: 1999
Major Product Categories: baby products
Brands & Certificates: -
Minimum Order: -
Monthly Production Capacity: -
Delivery Time: -
Factory Size & Location: Dongguan
Workforce: -
Perfect Mold Ltd
(Perfect Enterprises (HK) Ltd)
Rm 1823
Thriving Ind Centre
26-38 Sha Tsui Rd
Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2490-1325
Fax: 852-2492-2603
Web: www.perfect-mold.com
Year Established: 1991
Major Product Categories: plastic moulds, baby items, bristles, silk-screen printing
Brands & Certificates: Perfect Kids; ISO 9001
Minimum Order: 5,000 pieces
Monthly Production Capacity: -
Delivery Time: 14 days
Factory Size & Location: Dongguan
Workforce: -
Techwall Electronics Co Ltd
24/F, Tower 1
Tern Center
237 Queen's Rd Central
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2850-6860
Fax: 852-2850-6936
Web: www.techwall.com.hk
Year Established: 1991
Major Product Categories: RF equipment including baby monitors, hand-held transceivers, wireless doorphones
Brands & Certificates: ISO 9001
Minimum Order: 3,000 sets
Monthly Production Capacity: 40,000 units
Delivery Time: 60-75 days
Factory Size & Location: 5,000 square metres; Panyu
Workforce: 300