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Live & Learn(HKTDC Toys & Games , Vol 01,2009)

Educational Toys & Games

Parents are invariably eager to develop their little ones' abilities and one of the most effective ways to learn is through play. Education combines with entertainment in the latest crop of learning toys and games available from Hong Kong. Language teaching kits, drawing aids and multifunction laptops are just some of the innovative offerings to be found in the Educational Toys & Games zone at the HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2009.

Down to Earth

This set from BlueOne Toys Ltd describes the life cycle of a chicken using cute figures, pictures and simple annotations that will arouse a child's interest. The product is part of the company's Earth Quest Knowledge series of educational toys, which offers an easy and fun way for kids to learn about animals and nature
(Booth no: 3C38)


A Microscopic View

Adults and children alike will have lots of fun studying microorganisms or substances with this digital microscope from Sunpet Industries Ltd. Simply connect to a computer via a USB standard port to view objects at 26x or zoom in to 130x on a 14-inch monitor. The images can be stored as snapshots or live videos. With a one-touch button for capturing instant images, the microscope offers VGA resolution and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems


Polyglot Play

Globalisation accentuates the importance of multilingual skills, which are easier to acquire at a young age. Meeting this need is Superior Culture Ltd's comprehensive Apple Tree - Dr Language kit designed for kids to learn English, Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, French and Spanish. Complete with a parental guide, it is sold in Hong Kong and overseas, including Europe and Thailand
(Booth no: 3N12)


Come Rain Or Shine

Kids will be thrilled by Eastcolight (HK) Ltd's cute-looking digital weather station kit, which provides all the classic meteorological functions and comes with a handy carry case


The Write Toys

Learning to write is fun with the series of magnetic writers from Goldlok Toys Holdings (Guangdong) Co Ltd. Made of plastic from Korea and Thailand, the toys are destined for world markets including the Americas, Europe and Asia
(Booth no: 1C15, 17, 19, 21, 23)


Cyber Craze

In this cyber age when the laptop is a must for modern lifestyles, even children cannot wait to jump on the bandwagon. Tech-savvy youngsters are sure to be delighted by the collection of Super Laptops from Grand & Well Enterprises Ltd, which are learning aids available in different designs and sizes. Made with ICs and ABS from Taiwan, the laptops are exported to the US, Italy, Poland and Holland


On The Drawing Board

Learning to draw is easy with this drawing projector from Lup Shun Metal & Plastic Ware Fty Ltd, which projects a line-art picture onto a sheet of paper for a child to trace and draw. The item includes four discs containing a total of 32 animal line-art pictures, eight colour crayons and a paper pad. It is aimed at markets in the US, the UK, Europe and Japan
(Booth no: 1A17, 19)


Increasing Intelligence

IT-frenzied children will be keen to explore this compact Pro-Cyber Laptop from Winfat Industrial Co Ltd. It offers 50 interactive learning activities covering language, mathematics, memory, logic, music and much more. Made with ABS from Korea and Thailand, the item is sold to the US, UK, Italy, France and Spain
(Booth no: 1J10, 12, 1K09)



BlueOne Toys Ltd
Unit 308
Mirror Tower
61 Mody Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2180-6945
Fax: 852-2180-6953
Web: www.blueonetoys.com

Year Established: 2007
Major Product Categories: toys about nature with emphasis on animal toys
Own Brands & Certificates: Earth Quest, Earth Quest-Knowledge, Earth Quest-Playset
Minimum Order: 3,000 pieces
Monthly Production: -
Delivery Time: -
Factory Size & Location: -
Workforce: -


Rms 1108-1110
Peninsula Centre
67 Mody Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2333-6688
Fax: 852-2366-8438
Web: www.eastcolight.com

Year Established: 1991
Major Product Categories: educational toys including microscopes, telescopes, DIY kits
Own Brands & Certificates: I-Cube, Digital, E-Science; ISO 9001 and SA 8000, EN71, ASTM, RoHS, Non-Phthalates, REACH
Minimum Order: 360 pieces in our standard packaging
Monthly Production: 400,0000 units
Delivery Time: 60-75 days
Factory Size & Location: 600,000 square feet; Zhongshan, Shen Wan
Workforce: 1,500


Eastcolight (HK) Ltd

Goldlok Toys Holdings
(Guangdong) Co Ltd
Rms 1011-15, Tower B
New Mandarin Plaza
14 Science Museum Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2312-1577
Fax: 852-2312-0490
Web: www.goldlok.com

Year Established: 1989
Major Product Categories: boys', girls' and
preschool items
Own Brands & Certificates: Goldlok; ISO 9001, ICTI
Minimum Order: full container
Monthly Production: 830,000 pieces
Delivery Time: 50 days
Factory Size & Location: 44,800 square metres; Puning
Workforce: 500


Grand & Well Enterprises Ltd
Unit 1303B, Mirror Tower
61 Mody Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui East
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2688-2780
Fax: 852-2688-2779
Web: www.grandandwell.com

Year Established: 2005
Major Product Categories: ELA, musical instrument toys, OEM, ODM products
Own Brands & Certificates: ISO 9001, ICTI
Minimum Order: 2,400 pieces
Monthly Production: -
Delivery Time: 50-60 days
Factory Size & Location: 16,000 square metres; Huizhou
Workforce: -


Lup Shun Metal & Plastic Ware Fty Ltd
8/F, Blks A & B, Chen Yip Ind Bldg
5 Lai Yip St, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2796-8723
Fax: 852-2795-6691
Web: www.lupshun.com.hk

Year Established: 1970
Major Product Categories: toys
Own Brands & Certificates: Viewmagic
Minimum Order: 5,000 pieces
Monthly Production: -
Delivery Time: 45-60 days
Factory Size & Location: 2,200 square metres
Workforce: 150


Sunpet Industries Ltd
Units 538-543
1 Science Park West Ave
Hong Kong Science Park
Sha Tin, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2425-6766
Fax: 852-2480-5652
Web: www.sunpet.com.hk

Year Established: 1980
Major Product Categories: optical consumer
Own Brands & Certificates: eGadget
Minimum Order: 5,000 pieces
Monthly Production: 100,000 pieces (model 717)
Delivery Time: 45 days
Factory Size & Location: 30,000 square metres; Zhongshan
Workforce: 1,000


Superior Culture Ltd
Units 2701-05, Clifford Centre
782 Cheung Sha Wan Rd
Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2421-6655
Fax: 852-2422-0255
Web: www.catil.com.hk

Year Established: 1999
Major Product Categories: educational toys
Own Brands & Certificates: Apple Tree; Caring Company, Super Brand Award Educational
Minimum Order: 100 sets
Monthly Production: -
Delivery Time: -
Factory Size & Location: -
Workforce: 100


Winfat Industrial Co Ltd
Rms 2008-10, Telford House
16 Wang Hoi Rd
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2790-6898
Fax: 852-2343-5903
Web: www.winfat.com.hk

Year Established: 1985
Major Product Categories: electronic toys (educational, infant, musical, plug and play)
Own Brands & Certificates: Winfun
Minimum Order: 1,000 pieces per item
Monthly Production: 300 containers
Delivery Time: 45 days
Factory Size & Location: 30,000 square feet; Shenzhen
Workforce: 2,000