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Fun In The Sun (HKTDC Toys & Games , Vol 01,2000)

Vol 1 2000

Fun In The Sun

Brain Power

You're In Control

Magical Characters

Fun In The Sun

It's never been easier to keep children entertained at the beach. Just hand colourful beach playsets to the little ones, inflatable rings and toys to the bigger kids, and snorkel sets to the adventurous ones. Works well in swimming pools and bath tubs, too.

Drift away...

Fancy a ride on a golden fish or a manta ray, a nap on a "lemon slice island", or a row in an inflatable dragon boat? The range of beach toys from Ocean King Inflatable Products Ltd is sure to provide loads of water fun for children and adults. The PVC inflatables are popular in Europe and the US.

Digging deep...

Kinleex Industrial Ltd takes sand play a step further with its range of portable beach sets. Two of them come in ready-made vehicles - a wagon and a backpack/trolley. Each set includes a rake and shovel, bucket, sand moulds and sand mills. Kinleex also sells a five-piece set with a heavy-duty 20-inch rake and shovel.

High-powered rifles...

Get ready for a thorough soaking from these water guns from Fuchun Industrial Ltd. The larger models can shoot water over a distance of 30 feet. An intimidating piece of weaponry, the largest gun measures more than two feet in length, comes with a sling strap to lighten the carrier's load, and has a double sprinkler head. Built-in safety valves prevent over-pressurisation.



Brain Power

Educational toys let a child have fun and learn at the same time. From basic spelling and maths toys for pre-schoolers to computers and microscopes for older children, these devices aim to stimulate and challenge young minds.

Learning buddy...

Tai Sun Plastic Novelties Ltd's Scan N' Say Teddy literally lends a helping hand. When his paw and its Magic Motion scanner is passed over a page, the plush teddy bear reads the words aloud. Two books are included. Additional books and scanners are available separately.


Fun & games...

One or two players can enjoy 30 animated learning games from six interactive categories using Goldmen Electronic Co Ltd's Vortex Computer, designed for children from seven to 11. For younger children from five to eight, the Magic Point Computer offers 20 multi-level activities, which include maths, spelling, music, logic and fun.


Busy bee...

Navystar (Ngai Shing) Industrial Co Ltd's battery-operated Electronic Activity House for children aged three and up features a number of ways to learn about numbers and the alphabet. The friendly voice in the Mr. Talking Clock teaches children how to tell the time.



You're In Control

Fast and powerful, radio- and remote-controlled toys allow children to enjoy the excitement of being in control of a super machine, from a distance. The range from Hong Kong suppliers includes classic scale models, sleek racers and off-road warriors.


Mighty movers...

Measuring about 90cm, the Crane Excavator is a mighty machine - it will take care of all those heavy lifting needs and also has its own boulders. The Fork Lift Truck is ideal for shifting and sorting. Both have full-function remotes and are made by Golden Bright Mfr Ltd. The main markets are France, Italy and the US.


Buggy racers...

This racing series offers big wheeling fun. The red Road Blaster has "land force" tyres and can do circle turns, while the Super Off-Roader has forward and reverse functions and steering alignment. Made by Well-Tech Toys Co Ltd, these radio-controlled toys are popular in the US, the Middle East and East Asia.


Classic duo...

The BMW Roadster Z3 2.8 is a 1:14 scale classic with full directional remote and track adjustment. The Tornado is a 1:18 scale super turbo machine that features super spinning motion to enable 360-degree wheelies and spins. These are part of the range from Enertec Enterprises Ltd, whose main markets for its radio-controlled vehicles are the US, UK and Australia.



Magical Characters

Disney characters weave their magic with this range of toys and accessories from Hong Kong licensed manufacturers. Children of all ages have no trouble identifying with their favourite characters, whether they be classics such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh, or newcomer Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.


Furry friends...

Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore are inseparable in this paired fluff plush design, while Mickey and Minnie clown around in their removable bunny suits. These licensed Disney-character toys come from Well Mander Ltd, which also offers musical jewellery boxes featuring Pooh and Mickey.


Keeping nice and dry...

Mickey, Minnie and Pooh should have no trouble persuading the little ones to take their umbrellas with them on a rainy day. From Laserfund Umbrella Fty Ltd come childrenÕs automatic and manual umbrellas featuring Disney characters against colourful backgrounds.


Buzzing away...

World Wide Licenses Ltd offers Toy Story 2 fans a range of computer accessories and watches. The Cool Stuff for Computers Coolmouse Collection includes a CD wallet, mouse pad, CD-ROM colouring book software, and a Buzz Lightyear-motif mouse.


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