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Watch & Clock Design Competition(HKTDC Watch & Clock, Vol 04,2001)

Vol 4, 2001

Product Features
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Jewels Of Time

Watch & Clock Design Competition


Watch & Clock Design Competition

Jewels Of Time

ONE hundred and forty-six professional and student designers were given the chance to prove their creativity and originality when they entered the 18th Hong Kong Watch & Clock Design Competition.

Three open-category (for individual designers and companies) entries and six in the student group earned awards in this annual event, which was sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades and Industries Ltd and the Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers Association Ltd.

The winners were announced on 5 September 2001, in time to showcase the timepieces at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2001. The open group was given the design theme "Jewellery Splendour", while the student group had to design around the theme of "Fantasy".

Precico Ltd
Champion - Open Group

In a move away from conventional designs, Swanky allows the wearer to create different patterns on the watch's case cover. The cover is set with 23 CZs and 12 different-coloured gemstones on a sliding interlocked platform. The case opens to an MOP dial in a chequered pattern that matches the motif on the case cover. The wearer can choose between a pastel-coloured leather strap and a mesh band.

Gordon C & Co Ltd
1st Runner-up - Open Group

The star-filled sky has nourished many dreams and legends since the beginning of time. The idea for Asteroid came from the sparkling and lively asteroids dancing around the planets. The case and bracelet are composed of oval concave discs made of quality stainless steel, imitating the orbit of planets around the universe. As many as 140 blue sapphires are embedded in the bracelet. As Asteroid swings with the movement of the wrist, the concave discs catch the sparkle from the sapphires, like starlight from the sky.

Diamond Ring
Siu Tak Wai Eunice
2nd Runner-up - Open Group

The form, reflectivity and fitting of a diamond ring are incorporated into the design of the watch. The crystal lens and back case are cast into a diamond form; a mirror dial with indexes can reflect light; and the clasp that holds the crystal resembles that of a traditional diamond ring. An adjustable link ensures a good fit regardless of arm size. The watch is water-resistant to 30 metres and comes with a stainless-steel case and bangle. The distinction between a watch and a diamond ring disappears in this jewellery timepiece.

Double 3
Tam Kam Chuen
Champion - Student Group

The Double 3 aims to help people do an aerobic sport whereby the heart rate reaches 133 beats per minute for 30 minutes a day three days a week. After a user inputs his or her data, the watch will show a cartoon baby that reflects the user's shape. If the user exercises, the baby will become more beautiful; if the user fails to exercise for 30 minutes a day three days a week, the baby will become fat. A built-in heart-rate sensor can tell if the user is doing an aerobic sport.

Wu Wing Shan
1st Runner-up - Student Group

The watch embodies the complexities of modern women. It features two oval-shaped LCDs - representing a woman's dual characters - a circular battery space and a stainless steel bracelet chain. The control button is positioned as a pinhole in the oval dial so as not to detract from the beauty of the design. A special feature is the curvature of the detachable bracelet chain, which acts as a conductor of electricity to the dial. When the watch is wrapped around the wrist, the LCDs can be rotated 360 degrees.

Fantasy Of Eyes
Law On Kwok
2nd Runner-up - Student Group

The concept for Fantasy Of Eyes came from dolls whose eyes can close and open. The idea was to let the "eye" tell time. The specially designed watchband allows the user to change the look of the watch to suit one's taste. Moreover, the watch represents infinite possibilities, just like a growing bud.

Yeung Shun Yiu
Merit - Student Group

The Chameleon allows people to modify their voices on the phone. The user, while using the phone, holds the watch next to the speaker. When the button near the amber-coloured screen is pressed, the user can speak but his or her voice can be changed, for example to that of an old man or a woman. The magic tape under the belt lets the watch be attached to clothes and bags.

Chiu Tat Hing
Merit - Student Group

When the pace of city life speeds up, the office atmosphere becomes intense. Timepieces often remind people to hurry up and move, making the office something of a pressure cooker. This watch encourages users to make time for peace and quiet.

Laser Watch
Tam pak Kei
Merit - Student Group

The Laser Watch adopts a new concept for displaying time. A laser beam reflected by mirrors gives the visual effect of several beams travelling under the display. While the laser beams are red, the LED over it shows the time and date in a contrasting green to enable users to see the time clearly. Two elastic joints connect the three watch parts - the watch fits on the arm when the elastic joints contract.

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