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Timeless Originalty(HKTDC Watch & Clock, Vol 04,2003)

Vol 4, 2003

HK Enterprise Internet

Watch & Clock Design Competition

Timeless Originalty

Timeless Originalty

Creativity came to the fore at the 20th Hong Kong Watch & Clock Design Competition. The prestigious competition, organised by the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2003 Organising Committee, the Federation of Hong Kong Watch Trades & Industries Ltd and the Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers' Association Ltd, graphically illustrated the design capabilities of the local timepiece industry.

Both the Open and the Student Group competitions produced a wealth of stunning new designs that accurately reflected their respective Form and Genesis themes.

The Open Group competition was won by Daka Development Ltd with its striking Pin Clock, while runners-up Lau Cheung Ching and Leung Yat San were equally creative with the Kaleidoscope Watch and The 'Loop' Watch.

Cheung Pui Yee took the Student Group prize with an innovative Natural Eyes design, with runners-up Lee Po Yee and Lim Lai Kwan proving just as original with their Day II Night and Day & Night creations.

All the finalist entries went on display at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, held at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from September 3-7, 2003.

Pin Clock
Daka Development Ltd
Champion - Open Group
Kaleidoscope Watch
Lau Cheung Ching
1st Runner-Up - Open Group
The 'Loop' Watch
Leung Yat San
2nd Runner-Up - Open Group
Jack's Box
Yeung Sin Leung
Finalist - Open Group
Markpeak Ltd
Finalist - Open Group
Chan Shook Fun
Finalist - Open Group
Choi Ka Yuen Richard
Finalist - Open Group
Magic Sphere
Latitude Ltd
Finalist - Open Group
Infinity C+
Or Wai Kit
Finalist - Open Group
Yuen Wai Sze
Finalist - Open Group
Chan Wai Tong
Finalist - Open Group
Simple But Special Shape
Chau Kin Hang Noel
Finalist - Open Group
Ho Kwan Ming
Finalist - Open Group

Natural Eyes
Cheung Pui Yee
Champion - Student Group


Day II Night
Lee Po Yee
1st Runner-Up - Student Group

Day & Night
Lim Lai Kwan
2nd Runner-Up - Student Group


Tang Ho Ka
Merit - Student Group

Chu Ngai Sau Calvin
Merit - Student Group

Desire of Time
Leung Kin Chong
Merit - Student Group
Time Vine
Leung Yiu Wing
Finalist - Student Group
Who is Genesis?
Sure he's myself
Lui Shui Ying
Finalist - Student Group
Chan Fung Yin
Finalist - Student Group
Wang Siu Tim
Finalist - Student Group
Wong Po Ming Johnny
Finalist - Student Group
Shadow (White & Dark)
Lee Wing Wai
Finalist - Student Group
Chinese Red
Ho Sui Ling
Finalist - Student Group
Kwok Tsui Shan
Finalist - Student Group
Leung Kin Chong
Finalist - Student Group

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