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The Big Picture(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 06,2007)

Cameras & Photographic Equipment




The latest digital camera range from GiGa Technology Co Ltd features an advanced 4-in-1 model with 2.5-inch TFT screen (top) that functions as a digital camera, webcam, camcorder and digital voice recorder
Suppliers of cameras and photographic equipment never lose sight of the need to stay focused on the fast-moving needs of their overseas customers.

This is certainly true at GiGa Technology Co Ltd, a leading OEM/ODM manufacturer of digital imaging products, storage media and audio devices.

"We began to produce digital cameras about seven years ago," says sales and marketing manager Annie Yung, adding that today the firm makes about five million units per year.

"We offer a full range of digital cameras from those at the low end, below 1M pixel, to those at the higher end, 1-5M pixels," says Yung. "Our customers come from all over and especially from the US and Europe. Recently we've also noticed that more buyers are based in Latin America, South Africa, Eastern Europe and the Chinese mainland."

As more overseas companies open sourcing offices on the Chinese mainland, many of the buyers there may actually represent head offices located overseas. "We plan to attract more customers from northern China to expand our presence in nearby markets," Yung says.

She is extra proud of three digital cameras, models DC-5603, DC-5502A and DC-030JO. "DC-5603 is one of our newest products," she explains. "A lot of buyers at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair expressed interest in this design."

The four-in-one device works as a digital camera, webcam, camcorder and digital voice recorder. It connects to televisions as an option to view images. A slide cover protects the lens, while the 2.5-inch TFT screen is the largest in the product range.

"Now we're studying to see if a three-inch video screen is feasible in a digital camera," Yung says. "And we're already working on one for a digital camcorder."

Model DC-5502A has similar features, but a two-inch screen. The third model (DC-030JO) works as a digital camera (300K pixels), records video clips and acts as a webcam. It has a 1.1-inch OLED display.

"We target model DC-030JO at the entry-level market," says Yung. "It's suitable for promotions and as a premium. It is a little unusual having a preview screen among low-end cameras, and we have also designed it with an attractive casing."

GiGa Technology's high-end cameras record video with sound, while some lower-end models capture only silent video images.

Most of the company's digital cameras emerge from a 20,000-square-metre factory employing 1,100 workers in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland. Minimum orders call for 1,000 pieces for delivery after 30 days. Raw materials include flash memories from Korea, sensors from the US and DSPs from Taiwan.

"We have a new factory, a second one for digital cameras, coming into production, so we're expanding," says Yung. "Our output should grow by another two million cameras a year."

On the other hand, 32-year-old maker of electronics items, Light-Boxx Ltd, simplifies product photography for everyone by condensing a typical studio into sturdy beige boxes - small, medium or large.

"We developed our CAMERA-i Desk Top Studios about two years ago and they're designed and tested by a team of professional photographers," says export executive Gigi Yu.

"Now we have models in three sizes, and they are extremely useful in helping companies to take their own professional-looking product photos using ordinary digital cameras. The users can shoot a few photos or hundreds."

Each CAMERA-i Desk Top Studio has an opening at the front. Once products are positioned inside, the lighting can be adjusted using sturdy buttons lined up on the box's top surface. The biggest model (740x573x606mm) has 10 lights, versus eight for the medium size (442x325x268mm) and five for the smallest unit (340x280x 252mm).

"Many buyers showed interest at the Hong Kong Gifts and Premiums Fair," Yu says. "Some competitors create similar products from strong paper or cardboard, but we use metal for the durability, strength and a better look."

The major markets for Light-Boxx are the US and Europe, but sales could come from anywhere. Products are delivered from the firm's 500-worker factory in Shenzhen on the mainland, and typical minimum orders call for 100 units.

Meanwhile, 1993-established Falcon Eyes Ltd creates an array of lights, light stands, tripods, reflectors, grids and other gear to help photographers to excel, especially in studio work.

"We're a leading studio-equipment manufacturer and exporter," says sales and marketing manager Mike Ng. "Each year, we introduce about 50 new products."

A design team takes a lead role at the company's 300-worker factory in Dongguan on the mainland, and Falcon Eyes welcomes OEM/ODM enquiries.

Model LHD-5250F, a five-bulb fluorescent light, attracts interest from buyers. "This item saves energy while allowing indoor photography in conditions similar to daylight," says Ng. "It works well, even for beginners, and we actually supply lighting units in many models that vary by design and number of bulbs."

Softbox models require some assembly by the users, but Ng assures that they're compact, light and ideal for importers. "We also offer kits with entire sets of accessories, such as lights, flashes and bulbs, for beginners to start their own studio work," he adds. "To photographers, these are convenient, while for importers, they're useful and easy to sell."

Seeking minimum orders for 50-100 units for delivery after 35 days, Falcon Eyes finds most of its customers in the US and Europe, in part by joining trade fairs in New York, Las Vegas and Cologne.

"We're expanding our markets in Asia and Russia," Ng says. "We also invite buyers to our factory where they can see our assembly and finishing work and assess the product control. This is how we gain their confidence."

Hong Kong is definitely fully in the picture, and photography buffs will be delighted with the range of attractive and competitively-priced products available.



Falcon Eyes Ltd
Flat B, 11/F
Cheerful Commercial Bldg
116-118 Ma Tau Wai Rd
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2363-2825
Fax: 852-2363-3856
Web: www.falconeyes.com.hk

Fototec Optical Industries Ltd
Unit A1, 12/F
Unimix Ind Centre
2 Ng Fong St
San Po Kong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2323-8131
Fax: 852-2352-2525
Web: www.fototec.com

GiGa Technology Co Ltd
Unit 3, 8/F
South China Ind Bldg
1 Chun Pin St
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2429-3168
Fax: 852-2481-8498
Web: www.giga.com.hk

Kuo and Yang Industrial (HK) Ltd
Units 1305-7
Billion Trade Centre
31 Hung To Rd
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2304-4044
Fax: 852-2357-0901
Web: www.avamagix.com

Light-Boxx Ltd
Rm 20B, Roxy Ind Centre
58-66 Tai Lin Pai Rd
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-3113-6565
Fax: 852-2480-4494
Web: www.light-boxx.com

Tokina Co Ltd
17/F, Guangdong Finance Bldg
88 Connaught Rd West
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2543-0929
Fax: 852-2854-3767
Web: www.tokina.com.hk

Vastfame Camera Ltd
Rms 22C-D
Max Share Centre
367 King's Rd
North Point
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2571-0121
Fax: 852-2807-3486
Web: www.vastfame.com