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Super Short Cuts to Trusted Suppliers

Super Short Cuts to Trusted Suppliers

Success Story



Finding reliable suppliers has never been easier for Gonzalo Naranjo, CEO of Canadian healthcare measuring technology company Pulse Tracer™ Technologies Inc.

Pulse Tracer™'s wrist-worn measuring devices utilise sophisticated micro sensors, which must work perfectly and accurately - especially when the wearer is moving.

Technologically advanced items such as these are obviously not easy to find, which is why Mr Naranjo has been using hktdc.com for the past 4-5 months to search for suitable suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

"I am very impressed by the high-quality products, competitive prices and efficient services offered by Hong Kong and mainland suppliers, and eagerly search hktdc.com to find suitable suppliers," he explains.

Developed by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), hktdc.com is one of several sourcing websites frequently used by Mr Naranjo. "I find hktdc.com's interface particularly simple and easy to use with lots of powerful functions," he says.

"The advanced search function is accurate and quick, and the index, products and industries classifications are clear and precise, helping users to search easily."

Mr Naranjo adds that the whole hktdc.com website is clearly designed, ensuring users can use it without any special training. "Most of our colleagues prefer to use hktdc.com to search for suppliers," he adds. "The 'market intelligence' function allows me to get hold of the most up-to-date market information as well."

The main reason that Pulse Tracer™ chooses to use hktdc.com is the website offers a recognised third-party verification service that provides reassurance of the credibility of online suppliers, overcoming the perennial problem of verifying other parties' backgrounds, information and credibility.

The hktdc.com third-party verification service is conducted by respected organisations such as:

  • Dun & Bradstreet - which conducts background checks of HKTDC suppliers twice a year to verify that company information is updated, accurate and reliable
  • Intertek - which verifies the authenticity and validity of product, security, management system, in-house laboratory management certificates and other supporting documents
  • Ge-TS, Goodwill China, Panjiva and PIERS also independently verify Hong Kong/Chinese mainland export data and US import data

Mr Naranjo pays special attention to verified suppliers. "Suppliers with a 'checked chop' on their information become our priority choices and we contact them first," he explains, adding that this verification service saves lots of time in checking supplier information.

If a supplier possesses these verification certificates or checked chop, Pulse Tracer™ will directly communicate, negotiate and place orders with them online without considering meeting them face-to-face.

"If they are not verified, we must meet them before making any final decision," Mr Naranjo notes. "We have verified at least 40-50 suppliers during the past 4-5 months and the service definitely helps quicken our checking procedure."

He adds that even if online sourcing is the current trend, product magazines and exhibitions are also indispensable sourcing channels. "The best way is to search through hktdc.com and HKTDC product magazines, and attend exhibitions to build up business relationships," Mr Naranjo concludes.

The synergies created by combining HKTDC's trade fairs, online exhibitions and product magazines into one promotional package is clearly working for Pulse Tracer™- and thousands of other buyers around the world.

They know that nothing beats the HKTDC's unparalleled selection of promotional packages when it comes to offering a proven, efficient and effective short cut to finding thousands of trusted suppliers worldwide.

Sourcing hot products

Want to know the hottest products in the market? Check hktdc.com, which gathers the most popular and up-to-date products from all over the world, allowing buyers to get fast first-hand information on the latest product trends. Buyers who are going to visit HKTDC trade fairs can even meet exhibitors and preview products online - saving time at the fair!

Precise product search

More than 5,000 product categories guarantee quick and accurate product searches at hktdc.com. Searches can also be refined by multiple criteria such as materials, brands and certifications, taking the hassle out of finding the perfect product.

Verification guarantees confidence

Only hktdc.com offers verification by recognised third parties such as D&B, Intertek, Ge-TS, Goodwill China, Panjiva and PIERS, which confirm the accuracy and validity of supplier information on the HKTDC website and thus enhance buyers' sourcing confidence.

Meet suppliers before HKTDC trade fairs

Buyers who use hktdc.com can enjoy a free matching service - entitled hktdc.com Customised Sourcing Service - that helps them zero in on specific products, saving time in meeting relevant suppliers at the fair. Before or during the fair, buyers can get a list of matching exhibitors and suppliers that consists of supplier company information, booth numbers (if applicable), product names and photos.