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Sunny Side Up(HKTDC Optical,2003)


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Asia Optical Mfy Ltd

Sunny Side Up
Micron Eyewear Mfy Co Ltd

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Sunny Side Up

Micron Eyewear Mfy Co Ltd

Using 3D CadCam software, Micron Eyewear Mfy Co Ltd produces sporty and formal glasses to suit both men and women. Some models feature a three-piece mounting to facilitate an interchangeable lens. Frames are also available.

WHEN Leung Mei Yau and Chan Hung Kong collaborated in 1992 to establish Micron Eyewear Mfy Co Ltd, each had about 15 years' working experience in making and exporting eyeglasses and frames. Presently, Micron employs 60 people in its Hong Kong office and 600 in its 60,000-square-foot factory in Dongguan on the southern Chinese mainland.

Although Micron makes and exports both sunglasses and frames, the former account for about 80% of current exports, according to sales manager Leung Ka Shing.

"Our emphasis on making and selling sunglasses was an historical development and, from our founding until about 1998, we relied solely on that business. However, the market for sunglasses is extremely trend-driven and changeable, so to stabilize our business we started making and exporting frames," he says.

"Micron Eyewear is still in a development stage and we continue to seek the best way forward. It is most important in our business to gather opinions from buyers and to feed their comments back to the factory floor. We also believe in continuously upgrading our production techniques and providing our workers with training. As for the future, we will continue to investigate everything about this business in detail. We will try to focus more on ODM rather than OEM production," he adds.

According to Leung, 1996 was a turning point in Micron's fortunes as the firm began direct sales to customers. "We used to work solely as a sub-contractor, making sunglasses for local exporters. In 1996, we decided to go it alone," he says.

"For the first years of direct exporting, our experience as a sub-contractor, as well as the size of the markets, dictated that we continue to export to traditional markets like the US, Europe and Japan. These areas still account for most of our sales," continues Leung. "However, we are always looking for new markets."

Micron's desire for the best quality in its manufactured products led the company to import Monel, nickel, silver and stainless steel from the better raw-materials suppliers of Europe, Japan and Taiwan. Production for acetate-based products includes both injection and handmade techniques.

"Our market share is still relatively small at this stage, but we are working positively towards increasing our sales to other countries. Our aim is to position ourselves as a middle- to upper-range supplier, and we will continue to follow our policy of believing in ourselves and having a clear view of where we are heading," says Leung.

According to Leung, the weather can also play a role in the sale of sunglasses. "For example, 2000 was one of our best years. It just so happened that we saw a really hot summer in the US and Europe that year, and our sales soared," he smiles.

WRITTEN BY James Bullen

Micron Eyewear Mfy Co Ltd

5/F, Unit 20, Well Fung Ind Centre,
68 Ta Chuen Ping St, Kwai Chung,
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2422-3664
Fax: 852-2422-3764
E-mail: anny@microneyewear.com.hk

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