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Imitation Jewellery Watches(HKTDC Watch & Clock, Vol 03,2006)

Sparkling Times


This elegant series of bracelet watches with glittering CZ stone settings is a hot seller for Crystal Jewellery & Watches Ltd

Everyone is constantly on the lookout for a watch that stands out from the crowd, so it's not surprising that imitation jewellery watches prove so popular worldwide.

They add a little touch of glamour to a humble timepiece, lifting it above the competition and adding some sparkle to the day-to-day business of telling time.

As befits one of the world's leading watch manufacturing centres, Hong Kong companies are constantly creating new imitation jewellery watches to dazzle and delight young and old alike.

Aptly-named Crystal Jewellery and Watches Ltd is typical of local manufacturers, developing at least 10 new designs a month for markets in the Middle East, Europe, the US and Asia.

The 13-year-old company's latest showpieces are designed for both traditional markets and those chasing new trends, with greater exaggeration in style and new materials and plating.

"Our watches are works of art with beautiful patterns and good-quality stone settings," claims marketing executive Heidi Li, noting that Crystal's bracelet and stone-set watches are more traditional in style while its leather-strap watches have "very modern, special" designs.

She says each brass or stainless steel watch is meticulously crafted, the result of a team of experienced product designers who can also provide innovative products for any buyer-inspired projects.

"As all of our watches are made from wax models, we can easily alter the design to meet individual requirements of buyers selling to specific markets," she adds.

Crystal, which has its own Crystal brand, manufactures its products at a 300-plus worker factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland that generates 30,000 timepieces a month. "We accept minimum orders of 100 pieces per item and delivery is 45-60 days after order confirmation," Li says.

The ever-changing world of fashion also drives specialist imitation jewellery watch manufacturer Kinko (HK) Co Ltd, which traditionally produces rhodium-plated and solid-brass models.

Director Belle Yip keeps abreast of the latest trends to guide her design team with new creative ideas, noting that 10 years ago imitation jewellery was complicated and crystal was featured heavily.

"Today, we have less crystal, simple styles and the colour of the watch cases is changing from rhodium plate to rose gold, as well as white and black plating," Yip observes. "I believe this trend will continue for a while."

The 16-year-old OEM company's latest creations exemplify this belief, emphasising simplicity and elegance in each of the new designs featured on its website every month.

They are manufactured at a 1,500-square-metre, 500-worker factory on the mainland that produces 40,000 timepieces a month for sale to a variety of major markets.

"We sell to the UAE, Europe and Asia, assisting our customers in all stages of the production process from design onwards," Yip notes. "Our minimum order is 100 pieces per item delivered 45-60 days after the order is placed."

Changing times have also resulted in buyers becoming more demanding, says Chronologio Mfg Ltd director Bucky Fung. "There is now a great expectation in terms of new designs and we have to come up with new creations, which we can do by following trends," he claims.

"Today, there is a higher acceptance of imitation jewellery because the quality is better and the cute designs are more in tune with daily fashion - casual and sporty."

He says the 11-year-old OEM/ODM company is especially strong in the production of high-quality, automatic, mechanical and quartz analogue watches. "We are also known for our real diamond-setting technology and know-how," Fung adds.

Chronologio's 1,400-square-metre, 100-worker factory in Boa On on the mainland can produce up to 100,000 watches a month and welcomes minimum orders of 200 pieces per model. "Our main markets are Italy, Japan, Germany and France," Fung says, noting that Chronoligio delivers alloy watches 30 days after order confirmation while steel watches take 70 days.

Europe is also a major destination for the alloy, brass, stainless steel and tungsten watches produced by Wealth Grand Int'l Co Ltd, which has its own Fantasy and Paley brands.

Marketing executive Florence Cheung believes imitation jewellery watches will retain their popularity. "People like not only small, slim and feminine styles of watches, but also big and jumbo-size watches with imitation jewellery on the case, band and even on the watch face," she maintains.

Cheung says a watch band is no longer a traditional functional strap, but is now an integral part of the design. "Nor is a watch simply an instrument to tell time - it has become a fashion accessory," she believes. "Women are now much more open to colourful imitation jewellery with designs that are more fancy and exaggerated to show their own character."

Wealth Grand meets this demand by releasing new designs every month, which are manufactured at a 100-worker factory in Shenzhen on the mainland for delivery to the Middle East and Europe. "We accept minimum orders of 300 pieces per model for delivery 35 days after order confirmation," Cheung adds.

Illustrating yet again that when it comes to sparkling timepieces that match each and every occasion, no one can beat Hong Kong's imitation jewellery watch manufacturers.


Contact Details:

Chronologio Mfg Ltd
Rm 2008, 20/F, Tower B
Regent Centre
70 Ta Chuen Ping St
Kwai Chung, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2410-0262
Fax: 852-2422-1878
Web: www.chronologio.com

Crystal Jewellery & Watches Ltd

Rm 512
Telford House
16 Wang Hoi Rd
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2756-6575
Fax: 852-2305-0352
Web: www.jcrystal.com.hk

Kinko (HK) Co Ltd
Shop C, G/F
Willy Comm Bldg
32 Wing Kut St
Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-3105-8182
Fax: 852-3104-0182
Web: www.kinko.com.hk

Super Rank (Times) Ltd
1 Minden Ave
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2950-0799
Fax: 852-2950-9160
Web: www.superrank-times.com.hk

Wealth Grand Int'l Co Ltd

Rm 8, 23/F
Cable TV Tower
9 Hoi Shing Rd
Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2619-1839
Fax: 852-2619-1862

Wealthy Industrial Co
Rms 603-604, 6/F
Winful Centre
30 Shing Yip St
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-3403-4299
Fax: 852-3403-4277