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Classy Gemstone Boutique(HKTDC Jewellery, Vol 02,2002)

Vol.2 2002

Company Profiles

Classy Gemstone Boutique
Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd

Diamonds Are Forever
Wing Cheong Jewellery & Jade (Mfy) Co Ltd

Classy Gemstone Boutique

Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd

Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd offers beautiful and affordable collections in gold and platinum set with diamonds, pearls and gemstones.

BEAUTIFUL floral designs inlaid with colourful gemstones are an essential part of the Gemtique brand collection created by Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd (ASJL), a company noted for its dazzling new-look jewellery.

ASJL initiated Gemtique in 1998 amid a strong industry trend towards coloured gemstones. The brand offers incredible designs set exclusively with Signity genuine gemstones like topaz, rhodolite, citrine, amethyst or peridot in combinations ranging from all pavé to big centre stones with high quality accents.

"Signity's precision-cut gems give our products brilliant and consistent colour, quality and calibration," says business development manager Pauline Tsung.

"When customers see that we use only genuine stones, coupled with our excellent after-sales services and extensive promotional campaigns, they know they receive the highest quality gems for their money. These factors help us to differentiate our products in the market."

Talented designers from France, Italy and the US add the fire of Gemtique to their hottest work. Floral designs and geometric forms are in fashion. No longer subdued, the styles are bold and daring. Rings and necklaces in chic designs are among the collection's best-selling pieces.

Most popular Gemtique designs are registered in Switzerland, assuring originality and high quality.

"Gemtique is like a gemstone boutique striving to become a symbol of branded jewellery for daily wear. We hope customers can easily pick pieces to go with any suit for wear at work," Tsung says.

Last year, ASJL formed a Swiss-based joint venture to strategically extend Gemtique's reach. "Three teams in the joint venture take care of the brand. Employees in Switzerland help with design registration and other issues of intellectual property rights while in Hong Kong we focus on manufacturing and logistics," Tsung says.

"We also set up an office in Dubai to enhance marketing in the Middle East through advertising and promotional campaigns."

Gemtique's biggest market is the US, followed by the Middle East, Europe and South America. "We have good relationships with sizeable retail operators in the US and Middle East," Tsung says.

"We are very interested in expanding our market share in Japan. The Japanese market is sensitive and receptive to high-quality branded gemstone jewellery so we are confident our products can suit consumer tastes.

"If we do well in Japan, it becomes much easier to make inroads throughout Asia. The Chinese mainland is another important market," she adds.

Gemtique's success prompts some companies to copy its designs. "Imitation pieces do confuse some targeted customers, so we must brief them on the differences between Gemtique and its rivals. We care very much about intellectual property rights," Tsung says.

ASJL creates Gemtique using such state-of-the-art technology as laser soldering and engraving at its factory in Shunde on the Chinese mainland.

Founded in 1985, ASJL specializes in beautiful, yet affordable, high-quality collections in gold and platinum set with diamonds, pearls and gemstones.

The company gained a retail foothold by setting up 14 outlets, titled Life Style, and located in Australia, Hong Kong, the Middle East and New Zealand.

Aaron Shum Jewelry Ltd

305. Tower 2, Harbour Centre,
8 Hok Cheung St, Hung Hom,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2334-2299
Fax: 852-2334-7427
E-mail: info@aaronshum.com

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