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Carat Gold Jewellery(HKTDC Jewellery, Vol 02,2005)

Vol.2 2005

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Carat Gold Jewellery
Ageless Allure

Coloured Diamond Jewellery
Classic Colours

Silver Jewellery
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Carat Gold Jewellery

Ageless Allure

A magnificent antique-style floral necklace and earrings in 18K white gold set with a fragrant mix of pink, blue, green and yellow sapphires, green garnets and diamonds from Goldiaq Creation Ltd
Gold has been a potent symbol of wealth through the ages, and still retains its place as a favourite jewellery metal. Best known in its pristine yellow form, gold can also be alloyed to produce a variety of other colours, such as white, rose and green.

Hong Kong's jewellery manufacturers are known for their skill in working with this precious metal and creating jewellery that dazzles and delights.

A typical Hong Kong manufacturer is Goldiaq Creation Ltd, whose innovative fashion-oriented or antique-style design concepts are appreciated by discerning jewellery connoisseurs.

Established in 1998, the company designs and manufactures a wide range of 14K and 18K gold and platinum jewellery. "The trend today is more toward multi-coloured pieces, but the white look is strong too," observes assistant manager Vanessa Yip.

She notes that favoured stones include sapphires, citrine, amethyst, blue topaz and peridot as well as diamonds. "Some centre stones can run as large as 60 carats," Yip adds. "One recent trend has been to combine large and small stones together."

The Goldiaq brand is carried on 90% of the 4,000-6,000 pieces the company manufactures each month at its factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland, with the remainder ODM. "Our jewellery is priced from US$20-10,000 per piece FOB Hong Kong, but the most saleable range is US$200-3,000," Yip says.

Negotiable minimum orders are delivered to Goldiaq's three main export markets in Europe, the US and the Middle East 3-4 weeks after order confirmation.

Gold settings provide the major share of business for opal jewellery specialist Peershine Jewellery H.K. Ltd, whose collections include a full range of necklaces, earrings, brooches, bangles, bracelets and rings in 9-, 10-, 14- and 18K gold, sterling silver and 950 platinum.

The OEM/ODM firm produces 20,000 pieces per month in styles ranging from antique to modern at a 10,000-square-foot, 500-worker mainland factory in Guangzhou.

"Most of our jewellery is cast but some is handmade," says sales manager Feric Yu Kam Ming, adding that a "small amount" carries the firm's Opalus brand name.

A typical opal pendant with diamonds in 18K gold costs US$50 FOB Hong Kong, while 14K or 18K gold opal rings are US$500 each. Minimum quantities of 10 pieces per model or US$10,000 per order are delivered 30-40 days after order confirmation.

Peershine's opal creations have found ready markets in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia, Yu says. "Americans and Australians have a fondness for inlay, while Europeans prefer solid free-form opal and Asians are drawn to solid pieces and doublets," he notes. "The US likes 14K gold but in Europe, Asia and Australia the demand is for 18K gold."

Equally aware of market trends is Elegance Jewellery Int'l Ltd, which prides itself on offering diamond jewellery that reflects today's dynamic styles.

Known for its tri-colour white, yellow and rose gold settings, the company produces about 5,000 pieces per month at an 8,000-square-foot mainland factory that employs some 400 workers.

Karat-gold jewellery accounts for 95% of the company's business, with platinum 950 making up the remainder. "We mostly make 14K and 18K gold jewellery but we'll do 9K on request," marketing manager William Chan explains.

The company's new collection of diamond jewellery with a black agate background is popular, as are clusters of small diamonds, the majority of which are 25 points and under. "When a splash of colour is called for, we favour pink or blue sapphires, topaz, citrine and amethyst," Chan adds.

FOB Hong Kong prices range from US$350-5,000 per piece for minimum orders that depend on quantity, with delivery four weeks after order confirmation. "Our markets include the US, Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia," says Chan.

Half of the nine-year-old firm's business is ODM, with OEM and the company's EJI brand making up 25% each. "We plan to add cross cuts and lily cuts to our repertoire of round, princess and baguette cuts as we think the market is always looking for something different," Chan adds.

The Middle East is the main focus for Top Gold Int'l Ltd, following a reorganisation in 2004 that saw the 22-year-old firm change its name from Goldengoods Arts Co Ltd.

"We have offices in Dubai and Hong Kong," explains marketing manager Philip Kwan. "Our designs are mainly Middle Eastern in style, but we also produce European-style wedding rings with diamonds."

The company manufactures jewellery in 9-18K white, yellow, two-tone or rose gold, producing 100kg per month at its mainland factory in Guangzhou.

Kwan says Top Gold's pieces are generally set with CZ. "We're known for combining taper and round cuts," he claims, though the company also does a brisk business manufacturing three- and four-piece sets.

Normally, "white look" jewellery is the strongest seller, but Top Gold can substitute white CZ or diamonds with coloured gemstones or coloured CZ upon customer request.

Minimum order is 3kg, reflecting the long-standing Middle Eastern tradition of pricing jewellery by weight, though items for the European market sell for US$100-3,000 each FOB Hong Kong. "Shipments are on their way 3-4 weeks after order confirmation," Kwan insists.

Little wonder that the allure of gold never fades, no matter what the fashion, as its permanence and fabled shine remains as relevant today as it did in times past.



Elegance Jewellery Int'l Ltd
Rm 12A1
China Insurance Bldg
48 Cameron Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2311-0511
Fax: 852-2311-0078
Email: sales@eji.com.hk
Web: www.eji.com.hk

Goldiaq Creation Ltd
Rms 909-910
Lippo Sun Plaza
28 Canton Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2356-7638
Fax: 852-2356-1738
Email: goldiaq@netvigator.com
Web: www.goldiaq.com

Peershine Jewellery H.K. Ltd
Rm 809
Fu Hang Ind Bldg
1 Hok Yuen St East
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2333-4277
Fax: 852-2362-5354
Email: pshine@peershine.com
Web: www.peershine.com

Pointers Gemcraft & Jewellery Mfy
Unit 27, Blk B
Focal Ind Center
21 Man Lok St
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2764-2623
Fax: 852-2764-1534
Email: pointers@pacific.net.hk

Sunny Creations Ltd
Rms 1003-4
Hilder Centre
2 Sung Ping St
Hung Hom, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2334-6837
Fax: 852-2764-0081
Email: info@sunnycreations.com.hk
Web: www.sunnycreations.com

Top Gold Int'l Ltd
Unit 13, 1/F
Kwong Hing Bldg
543-553 Canton Rd
Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2783-8585
Fax: 852-2783-9595
Email: hongkong@topgold.chk
Web: www.topgold.hk

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