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Weaving Success(HKTDC Fashion - Leather Goods & Bags, Vol 03,2002)

Vol. 3, 2002

Product Features

Weaving Success
Woven Bags

Persistently Popular
Patent Fashion Bags

Speaking Of Style
Mobile Phone Cases

Weaving Success

Woven Bags

Adson Leather Goods Mfy Ltd weaves PVC into diagonal and zigzag patterns to create feature panels on these bronze-coloured handbags.

WHEN creating woven bags, Hong Kong-based manufacturers weave in attractive designs and competitive prices as basic elements in the quest for ideal merchandise.

Maytron Enterprises Ltd's range includes a small handbag in brown PVC with a crisscross pattern and floral motifs on the front, model HBAT-20869. The bag is lined with plastic netting to create a see-through effect and has a zipper closure.

In addition, Maytron offers PVC handbag model HBAT-20855 with a brown chequered pattern and a press-stud closure.

"Both bags are trendy with beautiful curves. They are enhanced with elements of fashion," says assistant marketing manager Fanny Wong.

Clear plastic and PVC are sourced on the Chinese mainland. Both models are unit priced at US$5 FOB Hong Kong.

The company uses any materials its customers choose. "Depending on requirements, our raw materials come from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, South Korea and Taiwan," Wong says.

Maytron's woven bags are priced at US$3-8 FOB Hong Kong each. A minimum order is 200 units per model and colour. Shipments depart 45-60 days after order confirmation.

Each week, the company creates about 45,000 bags, including woven models. It engages in ODM and OEM for major markets like the US, the UK, Australia and Singapore.

Six-year-old Maytron has its own 150-worker factory on the Chinese mainland producing samples for approval by customers. Full production is subcontracted to factories subsidized by Maytron in Shanghai, Fujian Province and elsewhere on the mainland.

"We import the materials ourselves, which lowers costs and makes our prices more competitive," Wong explains.

Lipton Wong Co Ltd has a range of hand-crocheted polyester handbags with feminine details and trimmings. The monochrome items are available in such colours as black and creamy shades. Some have a semi-circular handle and others a plaited strap.

"Being casual is in vogue. These light and trendy bags are for young ladies. Each model can come with a belt," says director Lipton Wong. Unit prices are US$2-3 FOB Hong Kong.

The polyester used comes from South Korea or the Chinese mainland. Lipton Wong also secures rayon, linen, cotton and paper from the mainland, South Korea and Taiwan. It designs bags, but can also take OEM orders.

The 33-year-old company produces up to 5,000 dozen hand-crocheted bags each month. Minimum order is a combined 1,200 pieces for assorted models. Production takes 30 days, and most sales are to the Middle East.

While operating a factory near Qingdao on the Chinese mainland's east coast, the company also assigns production to 200 home-based workers nearby.

New from OEM producer Markham Int'l Ltd is model 3739, a red leather handbag at US$25 FOB Hong Kong. "This is a higher-end item," says marketing executive Iris Hau. The cowhide is from South Korea.

A small pink-and-red felt bag with a make-up mirror attached costs US$9 FOB Hong Kong. "This is mainly for cosmetic houses to pack sets of cosmetics," Hau says.

Launched in 1995, Markham creates woven bags using ostrich leather, cowhide, felt and PVC from South Africa, South Korea and the Chinese mainland.

Minimum orders are 300 units for leather models, 500 units for felt and 600 units for PVC. Production takes 45 days.

Each month, Markham makes about 40,000 bags (including 10,000 woven) at its 30,000-square-foot factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland. The largest market is Japan, but sales to the US are also important.

Wing Shing Enterprise Int'l Co Ltd produces PVC handbags in colours like camel, red and black. Managing director Pang Fong Chiu says the PVC is from South Korea, Taiwan, the US and Chinese mainland. Minimum order is 48 items per style for shipment after about two weeks.

The company designs most of its own products, appearing under the Cawen's brand, but also does OEM work. It sells mainly to Africa, but also to Europe, the Middle East, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia. Its 600-worker factory is in Dongguan.

Kammy Industrial Ltd supplies model NY220414-2, a rayon crocheted bag in cream and brown with black straps and costing US$3.70 FOB Hong Kong. "The colours are pleasing. Rayon is popular this year," says manager Alfred Kee.

Crocheted model 20187 in cream-coloured cotton has a paisley pattern in red, light green and light blue, with a contrasting brown strap. The unit price is US$3.95 FOB Hong Kong.

"Cotton is a beautiful material that was popular in 1993 and returned to favour this year," Kee notes.

The 34-year-old company weaves bags using rayon, cotton and paper straw from the Chinese mainland. Prices are US$1.50-4.00 FOB Hong Kong.

Kammy creates 8,000 dozen woven bags per month. Minimum order is 1,200 units per style. Shipment is after 45-60 days, depending on materials.

"We design the products ourselves. All are crocheted by hand," Kee says. From Chinese mainland factories in Zhejiang and Qingdao, the company serves its customers in the US, the UK and Australia.


Contact Details:

Adson Leather Goods Mfy Ltd
Workshops 701-2, Apec Plaza
49 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2343-2385
Fax: 852-2341-4255
E-mail: adson@adson.com

Kammy Industrial Ltd
9/F, Unit 2, Hing Wah Centre
82-84 Tokwawan Rd
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2365-2345
Fax: 852-2765-6911
E-mail: kammyhk@netvigator.com

Lipton Wong Co Ltd
11/F, Malahon Centre
12 Stanley St
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2868-3328
Fax: 852-2845-3117
E-mail: lipton@mario.com.hk

Markham Int'l Ltd
3/F, Rm 306, Yuen Fat Ind Bldg
25 Wang Chiu Rd, Kowloon Bay
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2759-3361
Fax: 852-2754-5029
E-mail: markham@netvigator.com

Maytron Enterprises Ltd
Rm 1009, Tower 3
Enterprise Square, Kowloon Bay
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2541-4601
Fax: 852-2503-6642
E-mail: fanny@maytron.com.hk

Wing Shing Enterprise Int'l Co Ltd
G/F, 102 Fuk Wa St, Sham Shui Po
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2726-2663
Fax: 852-2352-3154
E-mail: wshing@hknet.hk

Persistently Popular

Patent Fashion Bags

Imitation-leather flower detailing makes these black-and-white PVC handbags from Ginbest Mfg Ltd stand out against all competition.

MAKERS of patent synthetic fashion bags insist their creations are consistently strong sellers. Featuring classic colours like black, white and camel, such bags attract attention in all sizes - from large hold-alls to small pochettes. If fashion swings toward retro and flower power, the manufacturers will adapt quickly.

Ginbest Mfg Ltd is a new company producing handbags, portfolios, card cases and binders at its 500-worker factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland.

"The trend is toward much more decoration. Trimming makes our patent bags look elegant," says marketing executive Cathy Lam.

Ginbest's new PVC handbags, models 81-0806, 81-0807 and 81-0808, all feature an imitation-leather flower. So far, the company's leading markets are the US and Canada, where most buyers prefer imitation leather in white and black.

As an added service, Ginbest can offer its clients unique styles from professional designers on a monthly basis. Minimum order is 500 pieces. Shipments depart 30-45 days after order confirmation.

Adco (HK) Ltd creates ladies' fashion handbags in synthetic materials for export to Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan and the US. Established in 1996, this company employs 600 workers at its factory in Zhongshan on the Chinese mainland.

Monthly production exceeds 120,000 pieces, with many bearing the EFX or Belucci brands. The company sources PVC from South Korea and the Chinese mainland.

Minimum order is 300 pieces per style. Shipment follows order confirmation by 60-70 days.

"Customer feedback suggests that black, red and camel remain the most popular colours for fashion bags. Some customers want very roomy bags, buckets and pochettes," says marketing manager Samuel Au.

Along with competitive prices, Adco stresses fashionable appearance, creativity, quality and timely delivery. A strong workshop team updates Adco's collections each season, allowing the company to remain strong in competitive world markets.

"We welcome buyers' exclusive designs," Au says.

The people at Hing Lee Handbag Mfe Ltd are dedicated fans and followers of fashion.

"The latest trends favour simple designs. New products will be affordable and maybe a little old-fashioned, like 1970s styles," says sales co-ordinator Steve Lee.

Hing Lee's pearlized PVC handbags are typical of the range emerging from the company's factory in Shenzhen. Model 3166/44 is unit priced at US$1.50 FOB Hong Kong while model 3168/44 is US$1.30.

The company's 400-worker factory has produced bags since 1980. Total monthly production amounts to 400,000 units in various styles. Minimum order is for 2,000 pieces to be shipped 30-45 days after order confirmation.

Leading markets are Europe, the US, Australia and Southeast Asia. The raw materials, including PVC, nylon and cotton, come mainly from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

"We specialize in handbags, travel bags, cosmetic bags or any type of bags you can name. We keep prices very competitive while supplying good workmanship and service. All this combines to make us attractive to our customers," Lee says.

Since 1988, Harvest Trend Ltd has made fashion handbags at its 100,000-square-foot factory in Guangdong Province on the Chinese mainland. These days, the company's 500 workers focus on fashionable patent bags in varied sizes - from shoppers to handbags to shoulder bags - mainly for European markets.

Monthly production is 100,000 units. Minimum order is for 300 pieces per style and colour. Shipment is after 60 days.

Using raw materials sourced through Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan, Harvest Trend produces for the Sacatini brand.

"Popular colours always depend on the season. Usually, it has to be light colours for summer and dark for winter," says general manager Walter Ma.

"Most of our trimming is either PVC or nylon.

"Prices and innovation must go hand-in-hand. Nothing works if the prices are good, but innovation is lacking, or if the innovation is there, but the prices are unacceptable. We combine competitive prices with innovation. That definitely works," Ma says.

"Fashions change, but patent bags are always there."

After creating fashionable handbags for the past decade, Miracle Support (HK) Ltd can detect a trend toward diversified and unique patent styles.

"Silk-screen patterns or delicate embroidery add interest to our designs. Bright hues are in vogue, and models with big colour contrasts are gaining popularity among customers," says assistant manager Perry Ma.

Using raw materials from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, Miracle Support produces mainly for Japan, Taiwan and Singapore.

"We are very flexible, with the application of a specialized production line management system. We accept small or big orders, with quantities ranging from 100 pieces to more than 10,000," Ma says.


Contact Details

Adco (HK) Ltd
Rms 1001-3, Fullerton Centre
19 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2950-4388
Fax: 852-2950-4113
E-mail: enquirys@adcohk.com.hk

Ginbest Mfg Ltd
Unit 1302, Blk A
MP Ind Centre, 18 Kai Yip St
Chai Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2236-8672
Fax: 852-2897-2995
E-mail: cathy@ginfax.com

Harvest Trend Ltd
12/F, Flats A-B
Universal Ind Centre
23-25 Shan Mei St, Fo Tan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2693-2030
Fax: 852-2694-0291
E-mail: enquiry@harvest-trend.com.hk

Hing Lee Handbag Mfe Ltd
8/F, Flat A, Yiuga Fty Bldg
62 Victoria Rd, Kennedy Town
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2818-1541
Fax: 852-2819-6256
E-mail: info@hingleehandbag.com.hk

Miracle Support (HK) Ltd
1/F, Flat B
438 Portland St, Mongkok
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2393-8992
Fax: 852-2393-8930
E-mail: info@bags-fashion.com

Yiu Sing Bags Industrial Co
2/F, Unit A2, Cheung Fat Ind Bldg
7-9 Hill Rd, Shek Tong Tsui
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2547-5370
Fax: 852-2517-8017
E-mail: ysbags@netvigator.com

Speaking Of Style

Mobile Phone Cases

MOBILE phones are a tremendous asset for communicating on the move, yet their portability can lead to problems that may cripple discussion at inopportune moments. Innovative Hong Kong companies focus on making mobile phones safe, secure and stylish.

Wonder Best Group Co Ltd's in-house design team has created a range of stylish mobile phone covers bearing the Grado brand.

Each year, the company adds 2-3 new designs.

"Our most popular one is a fashionable stingray leather model that adds a touch of class to any mobile phone," says Wonder Best representative Annie Wong.

A striking white strip down the middle highlights the rugged and durable stingray leather sourced from Thailand and processed at a 1,000-worker, ISO 9002-certified factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland. Each case costs HK$30-40 (US$3.85-5.13) FOB Hong Kong, based on 500-unit minimum orders for shipment within 30 days of order confirmation.

"The stingray cases are popular in much of Asia, such as Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, as well as throughout Europe, including Norway, Switzerland, France, Germany and Italy," says Wong.

Other models are stylish too. They range from a croco-look, vertical, black PVC folding model to a silver creation for the Japanese market.

The key to Wonder Best's success is using durable leather, PVC and nylon from Germany, Taiwan or elsewhere to create quality products in popular styles for on-time delivery.

"These products will continue selling well, especially in places like the Chinese mainland with its huge market for quality, fashionable mobile phone cases," Wong says.

The same philosophy inspires Hoi Fat Handbag Fty, a maker of PVC and polyester products for more than 20 years.

"We started producing mobile phone cases about eight years ago when they became popular and we saw potential in the growing market," says manager Sam Chung.

Made of rugged PVC and lightweight polyester, Hoi Fat's collection of 50-plus designs expands each year. "Some designs are provided by customers while others are developed in-house," says Chung.

Unit prices are US$0.60-1.50 FOB Hong Kong, based on 1,200-unit minimum orders. Raw materials, like nylon, polyester, PVC and PU, come from the Chinese mainland, South Korea and Taiwan.

Production is at a factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland. From there, shipments go to markets like the US, Europe, South Africa, Japan, Australia and the Middle East.

"Our mobile phone cases sell steadily, especially in England and Germany where young people like fashionable items that are functional. We will also seek new markets where mobile phones are gaining popularity," Chung says.

Travel Products Corp Ltd is equally committed to gaining new markets. This company's vibrant styles are designed in-house

and created using polyester and neoprene from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

"Many of our mobile phone cases are used as promotional items because they look good, don't cost that much and are useful products that consumers can enjoy for a long time," says managing director Davis Tam.

Pouch model NTP95 (the company's most popular item) costs US$0.40 per unit FOB Hong Kong, based on a 5,000-unit minimum order. Shipments leave the mainland factory within 30 days for markets like Spain, Norway, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, the US and South Korea.

"We will continue developing similar items in different sizes and colours. Believing mobile phones will become increasingly popular everywhere, we pursue new markets in areas like South America and the Middle East," Tam says.

Thirteen-year-old Forleck Group (HK) Ltd makes leather, PVC and neoprene mobile phone cases, as well as pouches for personal organisers. Four in-house designers have generated more than 50 models for mobile phones and constantly create new versions to please an ever-growing customer list.

"Most of our items are OEM products. Our main customer is Motorola, which uses our leather cases for its V70-model mobile phone," says Forleck marketing manager Yammy Ho.

While already selling into major markets like the US and the Chinese mainland, Forleck also nurtures expansion plans.

"We will expand to European countries like Germany, France and Sweden, where we believe there is tremendous demand for well-designed, well-made products," Ho says.

Phone cases and pouches are a major category for Success Leather Goods Fty, a manufacturer also producing handbags, wallets and organisers.


Contact Details

Forleck Group (HK) Ltd
16/F, Rm 11, Int'l Trade Centre
11-19 Sha Tsui Rd, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2875-5636
Fax: 852-2875-5770
E-mail: forleck@forleck.com

Hoi Fat Handbag Fty
23/F, Units B & C
Luk Hop Ind Bldg
8 Luk Hop St, San Po Kong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2343-5379
Fax: 852-2343-8118
E-mail: hoifat@hoifat.com

Success Leather Goods Fty
Rm 1108, CRE Centre
889 Cheung Sha Wan Rd
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2745-9981
Fax: 852-2743-9767
E-mail: success@successleather.com

Travel Products Corp Ltd
7/F, Blk 15, Kar Wah Ind Bldg
Hi Yip St, YLTL 356, Yuen Long
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2474-7667
Fax: 852-2474-3531
E-mail: bag@travelproducts.com.hk

Tyrenco Ltd
Rm 2105, Tower B, Regent Centre
70 Ta Chuen Ping St, Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2544-1287
Fax: 852-2854-1150
E-mail: pescoyyy@netvigator.com

Vouch Tech Industries Ltd
9/F, Flat A
Gee Hing Chang Ind Bldg
16 Cheung Yue St
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2307-6602
Fax: 852-2786-1463
E-mail: vouch@asiansources.com

Wonder Best Group Co Ltd
10/F, Units 13-14, Blk B
Hi-Tech Ind Centre
491-501 Castle Peak Rd, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2493-8613
Fax: 852-2493-7668
E-mail: sales@wonderbest.com.hk

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