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Secure Holdings(HKTDC Fashion - Leather Goods & Bags, Vol 04,2000)

Vol. 4, 2000

Product Features

Secure Holdings
Leather Handbags

On Arm Delivery
Shopping Bags

Male-Order Merchandise
Men's Leather Goods


Secure Holdings

Leather Handbags

CONTEMPORARY designs and high-quality materials typify the latest handbags made by Hong Kong manufacturers.

"We have our own design team in Hong Kong," says Hunters Leatherwares Ltd marketing manager Minna Chiu. "Most of our products are sold under our own brand, but we also suggest ideas and styles to customers."

Each month, the company produces up to 30,000 leather bags and a similar number of leather wallets at its 600-worker, 60,000-square-foot factory in the Chinese mainland's Guangdong province. The latest range includes a stylish PVC bag with tan leather straps and trim. This model has two sizes. A smaller style, model 82902, costs US$19, with a larger one, model 82925, at US$22. Both prices are FOB Hong Kong.

Each bag comes in one of five colours. Green and burgundy are the most popular, though pink, brown and camel are available too.

Sourced in Japan, the PVC material features a cow pattern on the surface to provide a light and slightly shiny effect. "The overall impact is to give this casual bag a different, somewhat elegant or deluxe feel," Chiu says.

Minimum orders start at 30 pieces. "It all depends on availability of material," says Chiu. "We're flexible in production capacity and can easily make up to 500 pieces if that's what a customer wants."

Delivery time is 30-70 days. "If the material is in stock, our normal production period is around 30 days," Chiu explains.

About 90% of the leather is from Italy, with the rest from Japan. All other materials (fabrics, PVC and nylon) also come from Italy and Japan.

Gigi Leather Goods Ltd uses cowhide from South Korea, Italy, Pakistan and parts of South America. The company makes leather and PVC bags for men and ladies, briefcases, travel bags and wallets at its 5,000-square-metre, 800-worker factory in Zhongshan on the Chinese mainland.

Its Korean box bags for ladies are made from black or dark-brown leather. Model A2393 costs US$16.60 compared to US$16.40 for model A2416. Both prices are FOB Hong Kong.

Gigi merchandiser May Lau says these bags are from the company's own designs. "We also do OEM work," she adds.

A minimum order for Gigi's bags is 100 pieces per style and per colour and 1,000 pieces per shipment. Delivery takes 45-50 days after confirmation.

While the main markets are the US, Japan and Europe, the company recently began selling in the Middle East.

"Customers return to us because we are flexible in dealing with them," Lau says. "We offer them good advice because we have more than 10 years of experience."

Famous Leathergoods Co has made bags, wallets and briefcases for 15 years. It produces about 15,000 leather bags and another 15,000 wallets monthly at a 250-worker, 24,000-square-foot factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland.

One range features three styles of embossed, ostrich-leather handbags. In purple, these bags range from US$33-50 FOB Hong Kong, depending on leather sources.

The bags are available in about 15 colours. "Beige and black are the most popular," says Famous manager Vion Kwan.

A minimum order is 500 leather bags or 1,000 PVC or nylon bags. Delivery takes 30-45 days. Most customers are in Japan or Europe.

All products are from the company's own designs. "Design is one of our key selling points, along with the materials we use and the quality of finished products," says Kwan.

Sun Lai Leather Fty Ltd makes handbags using various materials, such as leather from Japan and South Korea, or PVC, nylon and polyester. Models SL200293 and SL200294 are small and medium pig-suede leather bags in the same style at US$6.70 and US$6.65 respectively. This design comes in fuchsia or sky blue.

Among the other designs are a rabbit-fur handbag, model SL200200, at US$13.63; a cow-nappa handbag, model SL7051, at US$17.52; and a patent-leather handbag with microfibre, model SL200242, at US$10.08. All these prices are FOB Hong Kong.

Sun Lai Leather Fty makes 70,000-80,000 handbags monthly at its four-floor, 300-worker factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland. A minimum order is 500 pieces per style, with delivery requiring about 45 days.

Most of the products are from Sun Lai's own designs, although general manager Cindy Choi says the company does some OEM work.

"Our handbags are all top-quality products," she says. "We also change designs frequently to reflect new fashions."



On Arm Delivery

Shopping Bags

FULLY enjoying the immense pleasures of shopping requires one essential item -- a suitable bag to carry home all those purchases. Hong Kong companies offer a growing array of trendy and practical shopping bags capable of matching every need.

In the summer of 1999, a four-year-old company called Mandor decided to launch its own brand name and created a sister enterprise, Elan Co Ltd, to produce handbags, wallets and cosmetic bags.

Elan offers a stylish range of shopping bags. Model EL1501, the Shopper, features CDC interlock as its outer fabric and is padded with sponge to create a soft look. The PVC handle is a natural colour. This style is the largest in an impressive collection of three sizes.

Model MD1735 is a chic and stylish shopping bag for casual or daily use. It comes in PVC that is black on the outside with various colours on the inside, including orange, blue, purple, fuchsia and yellow.

In another variation, model MD1684, features the same PVC, but with flower cut-outs to create a style that is young and trendy. Prices for these models range from US$4-12 FOB Hong Kong, depending on quantity and materials. The minimum order is 300 pieces per style and colour, with delivery taking 60 days.

According to Elan assistant manager Melissa Lam, "Our product development department generates 10-15 new collections for each leather-goods trade fair. At an autumn fair this year, we will offer various new collections featuring snake prints, various types of PVC, denim and canvas."

Cantake Handbag Fty Ltd was established in 1987 to produce handbags, fashion bags and shopping bags. The range of shopping bags is extensive.

Model T33822, at US$4.50 per piece, is an olive-orange, raw-cut, PVC shopper with a rust-coloured PVC strap. A smaller, black-red, raw-cut, PVC shopper, model T33811, is US$3.45 each. Model T33812 is a brown-yellow, raw-cut, PVC shopper costing US$3.20.

Popular due to its unusual shape is model T33760B, a polyester, snake-print shopper with a hard bottom and a black PVC strap, priced at US$5.

All prices are FOB Hong Kong, and based on the minimum order of 1,000 pieces per style, with delivery 45-60 days after confirmation.

Cantake manager Margaret Chiu says the company is successful due to the high quality and workmanship of its products. "What makes the handbags more attractive is the material used, which is raw cut. If customers have special designs in mind, we can make samples reflecting their ideas." Major markets are Europe and the U.S.

Heiman Mfg Ltd, founded in 1986, produces fashion handbags. A coming range in PVC trim leather is stylish, with models 4404-A1 and 4403-A1 each priced at US$8 FOB Hong Kong. The minimum order is 500 pieces per style and colour. Delivery takes 45 days.

The company's products carry the Bonte brand name. Major markets are Japan, the US and Europe.

Kammy Industrial Ltd, founded in 1968, has extensive experience in the handbag business. When the Chinese mainland began opening to international trade in the late 1970s, Kammy Industrial Ltd, as a pioneer, marketed straw bags. Its paper-straw, nylon-cornhusk and wheat-straw bags went to the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa and other places.

The company's shopping-bag range is handmade with 100% natural material. Model QD99272CA, the wheat-straw basket, costs US$3.75 per piece. A paper-straw basket with embroidery, model FY2081C, costs US$3.70 whereas FY2063C, with a leather handle, is US$3.20. The sea-grass, twist-wheat straw basket, model LY82148C-2, costs US$5.50. All prices are FOB Hong Kong. The minimum order is 1,200 pieces per style, allowing for two colours, with delivery taking 45-90 days depending on materials.

Kammy employs 3,000 workers at factories in Zhejiang and Shandong provinces on the Chinese mainland. It will continue researching and developing new products for target markets like the US and South America.

Canet Industrial Ltd, established in 1994, produces shopping bags plus promotional items like cosmetic bags, travel sets and handbags. Its shopping bags are foldable, expandable and practical.

Model T2083, the crinkle-nylon shopper, costs US$1.50 per piece. The crinkle-nylon, expandable shopping bag, model T2077, is US$1.60, whereas T9389, a foldable shopping bag, costs US$1.80. Again, all prices are FOB Hong Kong.

Canet uses nylon from South Korea, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. The minimum order is 1,000 pieces per style and 2,000 pieces per shipment. Delivery follows order confirmation by 45-60 days.


Male-Order Merchandise

Men's Leather Goods


LEATHER remains first-rate in terms of feel, wear and appearance. It also appeals to the practical side in men. Perhaps with this in mind, Hong Kong companies produce a diversity of attractive products in accessory and small-item ranges intended for male consumers.

Fung Shing Leatherware Co Ltd, founded in 1990, makes small leather goods. With a minimum order of 500 pieces per style and a 45-day delivery time, the company succeeds in selling to vigorous OEM markets in the US, Germany, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Japan.

On the Chinese mainland, Fung Shing sells under its own brand. It sources cow leather from South Korea, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. The company, which employs 350 mainland workers, also produces in PU, PVC and nylon.

"Quality is our driving principle, and we concentrate hard on achieving perfectly finished goods. However, once we have customers, we like to keep them, so customer service is important too," says marketing executive Ivy Wong.

"Price is more of a shifting thing. It depends on the order. Price may be a customer's top concern, so then it gains high priority for us too. This is a matter for discussion and judgement."

Among the items pictured here, the company's organizers cost US$4.60 each, compared to US$1.85 for a name-card holder, US$1.87 for a key-holder and US$10.70 for a document folder, all FOB Hong Kong. With Fung Shing, quality and price blend nicely.

According to Fung Tat Leather Fty Ltd president Philip Lau, "Design is very important. We make high-quality ranges, and our designs need to reflect that. I, myself, design some products, and we have other design staff in-house. These days, we do most of our business with Germany, Japan and the Netherlands, all rich countries with a ready market for luxury products."

The priorities are quality, followed by accurate delivery and then prices. Typically, a briefcase costs US$33.20 FOB Hong Kong, an organizer US$13.22, a wallet US$5.63, an embossed belt US$10.10, a woven belt US$10.70, a golf-ball case US$6.75 and another small leather case US$5.76.

Established in 1989 to produce leather products, Fung Tat has a minimum order of 300 pieces per colour and per item and delivers in 35-55 days. Sometimes branded Tosca, its products are sold in Japan and Europe. The leather and PU come from Italy and Pakistan to the company's 400-worker factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland.

Meanwhile, Kwun Shing Leather Co merchandiser Emily Chan says that although the leather wallets pictured here are European in styling, alternatives do exist.

"This classic styling suits the European market. For the US, we offer styles reflecting the different currency-note sizes while adding more credit-card pockets. For Japan, we have a range of more fashionable leather items, as required there," Chan says.

Customer relationships are the top priority, so deliveries and liaison take precedence, followed by prices and styling. Typical Kwun Shing prices are US$2-6 FOB Hong Kong.

Pacific Way (HK) Ltd manager Diana Lee also values customers first. "We regard customer relationships highly. For example, we have dealt with some major customers for more than five years. With us, it's always customers first," she says.

"Prices? We think this is another critical area. A perfect product wrongly priced is useless. Styling comes next. For us, design is important, but classic. We have our own design house in Hamburg. Since we must produce what customers want, we always have design flexibility."

Pacific Way generates plain, yet elegant, styles with a distinct, modern edge. Prices for its products in the accompanying photograph are US$5-30 FOB Hong Kong.

From Wonder Best Leather Products Co Ltd, customers receive understated design elegance. The pictured items range from US$1.50-8.00 FOB Hong Kong.

"We produce different goods for different markets. For example, the Japan market needs more trendy, colourful products aimed mostly at the premiums market. European clients tend to offer something more classic to their customers. We are grateful for all business and treat customers equally, with respect, prompt delivery and high-quality products," says managing director Yau Yee Lau.

Founded in 1993, Wonder Best makes small leather items for markets in Asia, Europe and the US, is flexible on order sizes and delivers within 30-90 days. It has achieved ISO 9000 quality-standards certification.


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