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Perfect Protection(HKTDC Fashion - Leather Goods & Bags, Vol 03,2007)

Leather Goods


Stylish and functional leather wallets, coin bags and key holders from Cosset Int'l Ltd often carry the company's own Cosset brand

Valuables like cash and keys need to be kept in quality holders that are strong and protective yet stylish and easy to carry - which perfectly describes the Cosset Int'l Ltd catalogue.

An experienced manufacturer of leather wallets, coin bags and key holders, Cosset is thinking both big and global. "We seek to be the most influential enterprise in the industry and a world-famous Chinese brand," insists general manager Jason Deng.

The current monthly output is "about 250,000 pieces of leather goods", some 40% of which are designed by the company and marketed under its Cosset brand and the remainder OEM items.

"Our styles are innovative," Deng claims. "We have 10 designers, some based in Hong Kong and others on the Chinese mainland, and send them on overseas trips on a regular basis to gain inspiration."

Cosset's production base is an ISO 9001-certified factory on a 20,000-square-metre site in Dongguan in southern China. "The leather we use comes from different parts of the world, including Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Pakistan, Korea, China and India," Deng explains.

The enterprise has come a long way since it was founded by Deng in 1992 as a leather goods OEM. "There were only 25 staff members at that time," Deng remarks. "Today, we have a total workforce of more than 2,000 on the mainland and in Hong Kong, where we have our sales, accounting and export operations."

Much of their output ends up in Russia, which is Cosset's biggest export market. "Our brand has been selling in Russia for about 10 years and won over consumers there," Deng says. "We hope to expand our customer base in Europe, North and South America, as well as Southeast Asia."

In the next two years, the company also plans to expand its network of 10 Cosset-brand stores on the mainland. "All our own-brand stores are presently located in Guangzhou and Beijing in China," Deng adds.

Operating own-brand stores is one of the main ingredients of Cosset's success, he believes. "Other important factors include taking it step by step, being practical, thinking innovatively, acting in anticipation of future needs, and establishing credibility and quality," Deng maintains.

He also stresses the importance of customers: "Our company is customer-oriented," says Deng. "We pay attention to what customers say, be it compliments or complaints."

Cosset has to confront the challenges from competition in the same industry all over the world.

"We are facing a serious shortage of human resources in the PRD, as well as rising raw material costs which reduces profit margins," Deng concedes.

The company tackles these challenges initially with effective human resources management. "Management attaches great importance to talent," Deng says, adding that Cosset is able to retain talent by offering good promotion prospects. "More than 90% of middle to senior managerial staff have been promoted through the years from junior levels."

The impact of Cosset's production challenges will be eased once it opens its new plant in the mainland's Jiangxi Province, where labour is more abundant and costs are lower than in the PRD.

"We have built a new factory on a 50,000-square-metre site and operations are expected to start this year," Deng explains. "We aim to recruit about 2,500 workers."

In fact, Cosset is no stranger to challenges. "We have weathered adverse circumstances such as the Asian financial turmoil during the past 10 years," Deng recalls. "Many enterprises have failed, but we are still here and going strong due to the trust and support of our customers, as well as our own perseverance."

Given such a positive attitude, Cosset Int'l Ltd looks certain to be providing perfect protection to consumers worldwide for many years to come.


Cosset Int'l Ltd

Unit 2, 3/F,
Kinetic Industrial Centre,
7 Wang Kwong Rd, Kowloon Bay,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2305-2663
Fax: 852-2756-3312
Web: www.cosset.net