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Mixed Progress(HKTDC Fashion - Footwear, Vol 02,2001)

Vol 2, 2001


Mixed Progress
Multi-Material Footwear

The Comfort Zone
Men's Shoes

Setting The Pace
Sports Shoes

Mixed Progress

Multi-Material Footwear

A collection of ladies' boots in black and white, trimmed with snakeskin patterns, from Conasia Industries (HK) Ltd, uses PU and PVC with mat heels.

FOR manufacturers in the Hong Kong-based footwear industry, the knack of using the proper materials to serve individual markets and customers is a prerequisite to maintaining full order books.

A multitude of synthetic materials, such as PU, PVC, TPR and recently EPA, is used to add style and performance to Hong Kong's traditional yardsticks of comfort and quality.

"In the past 5-10 years, more of our customers have turned to EPA because it provides the same quality as TPR and we can offer lower minimum-order quantities," says Conasia Industries (HK) Ltd manager Donien Mak.

Although Conasia produces for such diverse markets as the US, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East, the nine-year-old company focuses on ladies' footwear. Model 61097 is a white boot with a PU and PU/snake upper. In contrast, model 61177 features a black patent/lamy upper. Each pair costs US$6 FOB Hong Kong and comes with PVC outsoles and mat heels.

"While maintaining quality because competition is keen, we are happy to adapt our production runs to attract both large and smaller buyers," says Mak.

A minimum order for standard designs can be as low as 600 pairs. Even for non-standard designs, possibly requiring a new last, the minimum is only 1,200 pairs. Normal monthly production reaches 60,000 pairs.

By contrast, five-year-old Hong-Tech Footwear Co has a minimum order of 500 pairs per colour or style and ships to the US, Europe and Asia within 30 days of order confirmation.

Hong-Tech manufactures a broad range of shoes, sandals and boots for men, women and children. For ladies, model A-4191 is a black and white shoe in napa PU/zebra and costs US$4 per pair FOB Hong Kong.

Featured children's boots include black-and-white model A-4126A in napa PU/snake PU and white model Q-5479 in napa PU/cloth, each pair priced at US$3.80 FOB Hong Kong.

The C&M Shoes Co, known for its Le Modele and Two-Mix brands, takes pride in working at the cutting edge of fashion.

"Each month we introduce new designs. We often go shopping to see what is new. We devote time to getting fresh ideas from quality fashion magazines and the Internet. When we see a great new design, we consider it for immediate use," says manager Chow Mei.

C&M's new models feature croco PU or snakeskin PU uppers. All have rubber soles and are priced at US$4.50-5.00 per pair FOB Hong Kong.

While most C&M creations come from in-house design teams, the company is happy to work with requests from customers.

The 12-year-old enterprise employs 1,300 workers at Chinese mainland factories in Fujian and Guangdong provinces. A minimum order is for 2,000 pairs per style, with shipment 60 days after order confirmation. Monthly production is 100,000 pairs.

Hing Hua Industries (Far East) Co Ltd, established in 1996, sells a diverse range, including casual and sports shoes, to numerous markets, such as Austria, Spain, Russia and Poland, along with parts of Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Model HT-2001-009C is a suede sports shoe with sturdy EVA rubber soles FOB Hong Kong priced at US$3.50 per pair. Model HT-771B, air PU and mesh walking boots with PVC soles, costs US$5.60 FOB Hong Kong.

With more than 800 employees, Hing Hua can ship one month after order confirmation.

For almost 45 years, Wearbest Shoes Fty Ltd has made and sold Chariot-brand shoes and sandals for babies and children.

"Chariot is very strong in South Africa," says director Rosa Lai. Other major markets include Canada, Australia, Japan and parts of Europe. The company also makes ladies' shoes.

Wearbest sources PVC, nubuck, leather, TPT and EVA from Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. "EVA has become increasingly popular because of its reasonable price," Lai says.

Among the new models for children are AD-33-8921RA, AE-33-8448 and AE-2-8028, priced at US$1.00-3.50 per pair FOB Hong Kong. The minimum order is 1,200 pairs per style and 3,600 pairs per order, with shipment after 45-60 days.

Wearbest's five factories in Guangdong Province on the Chinese mainland can produce 150,000 pairs per month.

Polano Footwear Co Ltd, an eight-year-old enterprise marketing the Polano and Kecko brands, uses materials from Taiwan, South Korea, India and the Chinese mainland in children's footwear that is entirely synthetic or entirely leather or a mixture of both.

"We find that Korean materials are best for our Japanese customers while Malaysian and Australian buyers prefer materials from Taiwan," says general manager Emily Hung.

Sandals in orange and blue (models KF00-0605 and KF01-6131) and casual shoes in khaki (PF00-2092) cost about US$3 FOB Hong Kong per pair. A minimum order is for 6,000 pairs, with shipment 30 days after confirmation. Hung can adjust the minimum to 2,000 pairs per style for orders involving five or more styles.

Polano's four-storey factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland has 250 workers capable of producing 80,000 pairs each month.


Contact Details

C&M Shoes Co
10/F, Unit L, Blk 3
Camelpaint Bldg
60 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2763-9303
Fax: 852-2763-6130
E-mail: cct@netvigator.com

Conasia Industries (HK) Ltd
3/F, Rm 50, Blk F
Wah Lok Ind Centre
Shan Mei St, Fo Tan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2695-9290
Fax: 852-2694-1750
E-mail: sia@hkstar.com

Hing Hua Industries (Far East) Co Ltd
Rm 9D, Max Share Centre
367-373 King's Rd
North Point, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2557-0620
Fax: 852-2562-7254
E-mail: huatai@pacific.net.hk

Hong-Tech Footwear Co
6/F, Flat B
Chou Chong Comm Bldg
422-428 Castle Peak Rd
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2349-9031
Fax: 852-2349-7827
E-mail: hongtech@pacific.net.hk

Polano Footwear Co Ltd
Rm 2001, Lucida Ind Bldg
43-47 Wang Lung St, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2409-4198
Fax: 852-2409-4298
E-mail: polano20@yahoo.com

Wearbest Shoes Fty Ltd
19/F, Mongkok Comm Centre
16 Argyle St
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2395-2325
Fax: 852-2789-3711
E-mail: kinway@hkstar.com


The Comfort Zone

Men's Shoes

Golden Shine Trading Ltd produces leather shoes in varied designs, most proving especially popular in South Africa and France.

MASCULINE feet should dance on Easy Street as comfort advances to rival style as a priority among Hong Kong-based makers of casual, fashion and sports footwear.

"The primary trend used to be towards sports-focused shoes, but now we are merging sporty looks with comfortable fit and quality materials in men's fashion shoes," says Golden Shine Trading Ltd managing director Eric Shen.

"The trend calls for fashionable, comfortable shoes in quality materials at lower prices." Golden Shine satisfies market demand by using both in-house and custom designs -with altogether about 200 new designs each year. Using designs submitted by customers can make the entire process more efficient, Shen says.

The company sells to customers in South America, Canada, South Africa and France. Monthly production amounts to 20,000 pairs. Minimum order is 1,000 pairs per style. Production requires 30-45 days.

Prices range from US$12.80-15.00 FOB Hong Kong, depending on the model. Genuine leather is sourced from the Chinese mainland.

Comfort is also a buzzword for W.K. Cheung & Co general manager Tommy Cheung, whose designs incorporate such sophisticated features as ventilated leather vamps, soft-cushion insoles and anti-slip outer-soles.

"We have been in business more than 30 years and produce new designs each month to meet customers'wishes," says Cheung. He believes the need for comfort will prompt a move to rounder toecaps.

Using cowhide and PVC from Taiwan and the Chinese mainland, W.K. Cheung creates "all types" of shoes, including children's back-to-school styles. Monthly output reaches 50,000 pairs.

About 28 new models are introduced each year. The designs may be produced in-house or from customers'directions.

W.K. Cheung distributes to major and established customers in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Japan. Shipment takes place 50 days after receipt of a letter of credit. Prices average US$10 per pair FOB Hong Kong.

Eternal Footwear Co Ltd managing director Daniel Chiu says the markets for men's fashion shoes are expanding rapidly with the company's orders surging 20-30% during the past year.

Using cowhide, suede, PU and canvas (mostly from the Chinese mainland), Eternal Footwear makes fashion, casual, hiking, sports and sandal styles. A minimum order is for 500 pairs per style, with shipment after 25-35 days.

Monthly production of 50,000 pairs can expand to 150,000 using output from auxiliary factories. Designs can be created in-house or custom-tailored.

Eternal Footwear produces more than 50 models. Prices (all FOB Hong Kong) range from US$4.60 for PU to US$7.50-12.50 for leather. Major markets include the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Each month Tin Shun Hong Footwear Ltd produces 70,000 pairs in men's sports and casual styles. Design credit is split between in-house and custom-made. Usual materials include PU, leather, PVC and TPR from South Korea and Taiwan.

Director Kenneth Tse says Tin Shun Hong introduces more than 100 new models per year. While stressing the trend toward enhanced comfort, Tse highlights plans to create new styles combining fashion sports soles with casual uppers.

Tin Shun Hong serves markets in Germany, Canada, Chile, the US, France and Japan. Minimum order is for 2,000 pairs per style, with shipment 60 days after order confirmation. FOB Hong Kong prices are US$5.30-12.00.

Kong Cheong Shoes Group Ltd marketing officer Wendy Lau says new models and styles are introduced frequently. One new variation is men's leather bowling shoes.

Thirteen-year-old Kong Cheong started out making industrial safety shoes, but customer demand prompted an expansion to leather hiking and casual shoes.

Using cowhide from the US and Chinese mainland, the company creates about 500 new styles per year, more than half designed in-house. Monthly production amounts to 60,000 pairs, mainly for European markets. Shipment takes place 45-50 days after order confirmation. Minimum order is one TEU.

Million Grand Ltd director Simon Chan also says comfort is vital. "Fashion shoes will move toward sports-shoes styles. All shoes will become more comfortable, using softer leathers and softer styles similar to leisure footwear," he says.

Chan welcomes custom designs to shorten development time, allowing pre-production modifications according to customers'suggestions.

After sourcing PVC, TPR, leather, rubber, PU and nubuck from Taiwan and the Chinese mainland, Million Grand Ltd creates an estimated 100 new items per year. Designed with plenty of input from customers, these products cover a full range of categories, including fashion and sports styles, slippers and sandals. The company also makes women's and children's shoes.

Minimum order is one TEU, and production requires 50 days. The main markets include Spain, South America and the US.

"Comfort is crucial whether the wearer is walking or standing. The next most important is colour. To casual observers, the designs may look simple, but creating them is a very intricate process," Chan says.


Contact Details

Eternal Footwear Co Ltd
2/F, Soonvar House
13 New Market St
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2851-9500
Fax: 852-2872-8566
E-mail: marketing@hketernal.com.hk

Golden Shine Trading Ltd
Rm 7A, Fully Ind Bldg
6 Tsun Yip Lane, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2570-9803
Fax: 852-2807-2528
E-mail: gstrdhk@netvigator.com

Hau Tai Int'l (Far East) Co
14/F, Flat E, Jovial Court
1 Capevale Drive
Discovery Bay
Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2489-0151
Fax: 852-2480-5319
E-mail: htlkling@netvigator.com

Kong Cheong Shoes Group Ltd
6/F, Workshop 13
Trans Asia Centre
18 Kin Hong St, Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2420-2328
Fax: 852-2420-3510
E-mail: kcshoes@netvigator.com

Million Grand Ltd
2/F, Unit 25
Shing Yip Ind Bldg
19-21 Shing Yip St
Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2344-7577
Fax: 852-2344-7677
E-mail: simonchan@millionet.com.hk

Tin Shun Hong Footwear Ltd
18/F, Blk B
Cheung Ka Ind Bldg
345 Des Voeux Rd West
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2547-1033
Fax: 852-2858-2746
E-mail: kenneth@tinshunhong.com.hk

W.K. Cheung & Co
Rm 1004
Tung Chun Comm Centre
438-444 Shanghai St
Mong Kok
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2332-5698
Fax: 852-2632-7311
E-mail: wkcco@netvigator.com


Setting The Pace

Sports shoes

Grander Industrial (HK) Ltd offers years of expertise in producing the most up-to-date styles using mostly PU with EVA or TPR soles.

REALIZING that international demand for sports shoes never lets up, Hong Kong manufacturers are producing a diversity of designs to accommodate buyers serving every consumer -all the way from school kids to casual or serious athletes.

Established six years ago and offering a wealth of management experience, Goldtex Shoes Mfe Ltd makes more than 150,000 pairs of footwear each month for customers around the world.

"We specialize in sports shoes and export predominantly to customers in North America, Japan and Europe. The German market, in particular, is constantly growing while insisting on the highest quality," says merchandising manager Stanley Wong.

Goldtex takes pride in quality while stressing stringent control measures at all stages of production at its 100,000-square-metre factory on the Chinese mainland. The company has its own standard range while also manufacturing to clients' specifications.

"We are an extremely flexible company with in-house designers who can meet the design demands of all our customers at short notice," says Wong.

The Goldtex range includes men's sports shoes with TPR outsoles (model S2254) starting at US$5.10 per pair, men's jogging shoes with EVA and rubber soles (S2268B) at US$5.90 per pair and men's sports shoes with EVA sponge outsoles (S2255A) at US$7.80 per pair. All prices are FOB Hong Kong and include box packing.

Minimum order is 1,500 pairs per colour, with shipment 60 days after order confirmation.

Grander Industrial (HK) Ltd is an established producer offering a comprehensive range of sports shoes. "Our design department is very experienced in producing the most up-to-date styles for children and adults. Different markets around the world look for different styles, and we can produce exactly what they want," says sales manager Christina Lam.

The company also is happy to use customers' designs. It produces at a factory employing 1,800 workers on the Chinese mainland and exports more than 200,000 pairs per month.

Prices for children's sports shoes start at US$2 per pair FOB Hong Kong, including box packing. Grander's sales office in Hong Kong promises rapid response to all enquiries.

Minimum order is one TEU, and shipment takes place 35-45 days after receipt of a letter of credit or deposit.

"We market through regional trade fairs and magazines, and our biggest customers are in Europe and Asia. Due to our very strong quality and service, our reputation also travels by word of mouth," says Lam.

Although relatively new in Hong Kong, Nisun Int'I Trading Co has a supportive parent company with almost 20 years of experience in producing sports shoes.

"We can offer more than 600 different designs and also produce to individual specifications. We provide samples very quickly, and once those are approved, our 2,000-square-metre factory on the Chinese mainland handles any quantity required," says manager Albert Ng.

Nisun prefers to cite prices to individual customers, but says the costs depend on quantity and are always extremely competitive. Minimum order is 1,000 pairs per style and colour, with shipment 45-60 days after confirmation.

The company produces 250,000 pairs per month for customers in South America, the Middle East and, increasingly, in Europe.

"Each market has its own preferences. Some look for lower prices while in others style is more important. Whatever is required, Nisun is flexible and fast," says Ng.

Twenty-one-year old Shing On Shoes Co Ltd also has a wealth of manufacturing experience. Its 20,000-square-metre factory has 2,000 well-trained workers who can produce more than two million pairs per month.

"We have the capability to make whatever sports shoes are required and in whatever quantity. We guarantee superior quality, reasonable prices and up-to-date designs," confirms general manager Elton Chong.

The company's factory on the Chinese mainland has state-of-the-art machinery, including three cementing lines, one PU injection machine and two PVC injection machines.

Using raw materials from Taiwan and South Korea, Shing On serves customers in Europe, Israel and Australia. Minimum order is one TEU with shipment within 45 days.

"Our designers constantly update our range of sport shoes. The experienced management team always makes sure our customers are totally satisfied," says Chong.


Contact Details

D & T Industrial Ltd
14/F, Unit 3, Fashion Centre
51-53 Wing Hong St
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2402-8663
Fax: 852-2307-0284
E-mail: dnt@netvigator.com

Goldtex Shoes Mfe Ltd
Rm 1501, Bangkok Bank Bldg
14-20 Bonham Strand West
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2482-9686
Fax: 852-2482-9210
E-mail: goldtex2@goldtexshoe.com

Grander Industrial (HK) Ltd
Rm 2305, Honeywell Tower
Olympia Plaza, 255 King's Rd
North Point, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2566-0769
Fax: 852-2887-5665
E-mail: grander@granderind.com

Nisun Int'I Trading Co
Rms 905-910
King's Comm Bldg
2-4 Chatham Court
Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2302-4266
Fax: 852-2302-4766
E-mail: yauhip@netvigator.com

Shing On Shoes Co Ltd
Unit 1318, Austin Tower
22-26A Austin Ave
Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2904-3799
Fax: 852-2904-3811
E-mail: shingon@hkstar.com

Yasaki Int'I Co Ltd
9/F, Units A-D, Phase 1
Kingsford Ind Bldg
26-32 Kwai Hei St
Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2418-1281
Fax: 852-2420-6858
E-mail: kamachi@hkstar.com

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