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Fine-Tuning For Versatility(HKTDC Fashion - Leather Goods & Bags, Vol 03,2002)

Vol. 3, 2002

Company Profiles

Fine-Tuning For Versatility
C&C Fashion Products

J&P Industrial Ltd

Fine-Tuning For Versatility

C&C Fashion Products

DIFFERENT occasions call for different bags. Serving a myriad of functions related to fashion, storage, convenience and the transport of possessions, most bags are considerably more than mere accessories.

Aside from basic handbags, most consumers own a multitude of backpacks, tote bags and travel bags. There is always a desire for new styles or added features.

Recognizing all this, C&C Fashion Products offers a variety of appropriate bags for almost every conceivable use, including simply achieving a "new look".

Founded in 1978, the company began as a producer of clothing. "We originally made Chinese traditional garments, but in 1985 moved to bags. Two brothers who owned the company divided it - one continued with clothing while we went into bags," says manager Cecil Lee.

C&C has a 400-worker joint-venture factory in the southern Chinese mainland. "On average, we produce 200,000 pieces a month, divided between OEM and ODM products," says Lee.

"We have many different lines - we make handbags, travel bags, tote bags, beach bags, all kinds of bags," says Lee.

The raw materials, such as PVC, canvas, straw, paper mat, nylon and denim, are similarly varied. Most are sourced from South Korea or Taiwan.

Fun and easy to match, the company's summer bags are created from PVC, straw and paper mat. Sizes vary from small to medium and larger tote models. Some styles feature bright embroidery while others combine straw and denim.

"Our crochet bags are invariably popular. The simple designs are always in demand, usually with changes only to colour," says Lee.

A new-model cotton/straw tote bag is fashionable and functional, with combination colours and ample space for anything from cosmetics to drinks.

"Straw and paper mat are always ideal for summer styles. These never go out of fashion," says Lee.

"Right now our bags are mid-range. As markets improve after a decline in the past two years, we aim to produce more upmarket bags," says Lee.

Ongoing strong customer services, with high quality and on-time delivery, are essential to survive any economic downturn.

"Many clients have been with us for almost 15 years. They stay with us because of our product designs, quality and customer services. These things are always important, whatever the economic climate," says Lee.

New materials and styles can affect pricing. "We strive to source more materials from the Chinese mainland because costs are lower there," says Lee.

Most C&C products cost US$1-4 FOB Hong Kong. Shipment is within 45-60 days after order confirmation.

"Our minimum order varies. If we have materials on hand, it is easy to make small orders, and we can do that for customers," says Lee.

The company exports mainly to Europe and Canada, but has strong ambitions to expand into the US and enter South American markets.

For C&C, wide variety and a firm belief in mastering the fundamentals are major sources of strength in seeking new overseas customers.

C&C Fashion Products offers appropriate bags for nearly any use, including the creation of "new looks" for fashion purposes.

C&C Fashion Products

2/F, Units 8-12,
Sino Ind Plaza,
9 Kai Cheung Road,
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon,
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2796-9939
Fax: 852-2798-6307
E-mail: candc@hkstar.com
Web: www.ccfashion.com.hk

Bags For Fun

J&P Industrial Ltd

GOODY-filled bags distributed for promotional purposes often inspire customers to buy particular products. Free cosmetics bags, invariably limited in number, are frequently the most popular among women.

For 15 years, J&P Industrial Ltd has manufactured such bags for makers of famous cosmetics brands. "We produce all kinds of promotional bags, but our cosmetics models are the most popular," says director Pansy Yuen.

"Our designer is Joe Wong, who also owns J&P. He has been in this business for more than 20 years. Aside from knowing how to make bags and what materials to use, he fully understands clients and their needs," says Yuen.

Average monthly production at J&P's 400-worker factory in Dongguan on the Chinese mainland is about 400,000 pieces. Prices range from US$0.30-2.00 FOB Hong Kong.

"We have no minimum order. It really depends on our clients and the availability of materials. If we can do small orders, we will," says Yuen.

"Customer service is very important. Most clients have been with us since almost the beginning," adds Yuen.

Promotions require punctuality, so prompt delivery is always important. Shipment is after 60 days.

J&P does ODM and OEM. "Some clients tell us their target markets, and from there, we design the bags," says Yuen.

The company also develops new materials. "Translucent PVC is probably our most successful material. We contracted a company to develop it in 1997. The resulting products were very popular," says Yuen.

"We are always using trendy materials for our new collections," she adds.

Orange and lace are popular as J&P offers 10 lines of bags this year. "Our bags must always match clients' products. Many buyers choose our designs and then make modifications," Yuen explains.

Business faltered after last September's terrorist attacks in the US. "Our clients want very low prices, so to accommodate them we source more raw materials from the Chinese mainland. As for quality, we maintain high standards so our products can pass European SGS standards," Yuen adds.

Giving customers new ideas helps them to survive and thrive. "Clients remain loyal because of our professional knowledge, products and pricing," says Yuen.

Having gained a solid hold in the markets of Europe and the US, J&P aims to develop its prospects on the Chinese mainland, as it offers vast potential.

"We will start by attending a cosmetics fair in Shanghai. We need to show all our products to different types of Chinese companies. Now cosmetics companies there use almost no promotional materials, thus we hope to find a niche," Yuen says.

"We can provide samples free of charge to make it easy to develop ideas. After that, it is up to clients to decide," she adds.

Yuen has no hesitation in predicting that J&P will continue bagging new deals and products.


The supplier of these fashion bags, J&P Industrial Ltd, takes pride in always using trendy materials for its new collections.

J&P Industrial Ltd

Flat A, 26/F, Kin Ga Ind Bldg,
9 San On Street, Tuen Mun,
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2454-8728
Fax: 852-2454-8699
E-mail: jandpind@asiansources.com
Web: www.jphk.com

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