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China – Footwear Labelling Requirements

Footwear products sold in China must conform to the requirements set out in QB/T 2673-2004 which covers details to be contained both on the footwear and associated hangtags and retail packaging. 

It is critical that all content relating to product identification be concise, accurate, scientific and easy to understand. Product marking must be presented honestly and reflect the real nature of the product and must not mislead the consumer. Labelling on the footwear, inner packaging and outer packaging must be consistent (i.e. not contradictory). Punitive damages for consumer fraud can be up to three times the value of the product. The labelling elements must include the following and are summarized in the following table :

  • Trademark – any trademark relating to the product must be shown
  • Product name – this must detail the user (men, women, children, etc) and end-use/function
  • Chinese shoe size – footwear must clearly show the Chinese shoe size according to GB/T 3293.1-1998 given either as length and width in millimetres in round numbers (e.g. 260-94) or length in millimetres in round numbers and Style Number in parentheses (e.g. 245 (2))
  • Main Construction materials – any material which makes up at least 80% of the surface area of the upper, lining and insock must be given. Where natural leather is used to make the upper, then the actual type of leather (animal type) and quality (eg split leather) must be clearly marked. The outsole must be described based on that material which constitutes 80% or more by volume.  If no material makes up 80% then the two or more major materials should be described in order of quantity. 
  • Place of origin – for items manufactured in China the actual province must be stated. For overseas manufactured footwear the county of origin must be given
  • Company name and contact information – details such as the address, phone number and other contact information must be given for the party responsible for product quality
  • Three Guarantee policy – details of the product warranty must be given and must meet any relevant laws and regulations along with the quality characteristics of the product. The guarantee for repair, replacement and return / warranty period must be described. 
  • Article Number – the article number of the product must be marked
  • Executive standard code – the standard code of the production (eg national standards, industry standards, local standards or registered enterprise standard) must be given
  • Date of Production – the date of manufacture in the order Year/Month/Day must be marked
  • Colour – the colour(s) that make up 80% of the upper must be stated eg black/ red
  • Quality Grade – this describes the product grade such as high class grade, qualified grade, unqualified grade.

Overview of information required on footwear and its packaging for retail in China

Standard ClauseFootwear labelInner packagingOuter packaging
Article Number 
Chinese shoe size 
Brand Name
Product name 
Main Construction materials  
Place of origin  
Company name and contact information  
Three Guarantee policy  
Executive standard code  
Date of Production  
Quality Grade  

The footwear label can use text or pictograms for describing the uppers, lining, insock and outsole material and is summarized in the following table.

Labelling Pictograms for use on footwear retailed in China

Footwear PartDescriptionMaterialDescription


Picture: Upper

Picture: Upper
Picture: Upper
Outer surface material of the footwear covering the instep to the outsole. For boots the leg part of the upper is included.


Picture: Leather

Picture: Leather
A general term for hide or skin with its original fibrous structure more or less intact, tanned to be rot –proof. Leather is also made from hide or skin which has been split into layer.

Lining and sock

Picture: Lining and sock

Picture: Lining and sock
These are the lining of the upper and the insole, constituting the inside of the footwear article.

Split leather

Picture: Split leather

Picture: Split leather
 Leather which has been split and retains no grain layer. If coated with a film or other major ingredient, the split leather must constitute at least 60% of the thickness.  
Outersole Picture: Outersole
Picture: Outersole
This is the bottom part of the footwear article, which is subjected to abrasive wear and attached to the upper.Natural textile materials and synthetic or non woven textile materials  Picture: Natural textile materials and synthetic or non woven textile materials
Picture: Natural textile materials and synthetic or non woven textile materials
This refers to products covered in 96/74/EC and includes any material woven, knitted, felted, or otherwise produced from, or in combination with, any natural or manufactured fiber, yarn, or substitute therefore.
 Other material Picture: Other material
Picture: Other material
All other materials including plastic, wood, paper etc.

All text and/or pictograms must be represented in a clear form on all packaging and labels and must be retainable for at least as long as the warranty period. The text must use nationally normal characters in a font height of at least 1.8mm but may also additionally use minority or foreign languages but in a font no larger than the corresponding Chinese characters. 

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