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Building An International Brand(HKTDC Fashion - Footwear, Vol 01,2003)

Vol 1, 2003

Company Profiles

Ever Successful Diversification
Ever Success Footwear Ltd

Building An International Brand
Meitac Int'l Enterprise Co Ltd

Building An International Brand

Meitac Int'l Enterprise Co Ltd

Meitac Int'l Enterprise Co Ltd uses the Meitac brand name in North and South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Quality manufacturing and service, allied to close attention to cost competitiveness, have allowed Meitac Int'l Enterprise Co Ltd to build an enviable reputation in the world of footwear over a remarkably short period of time.

Although it is barely two years since the company was established, Meitac has constructed a thriving business supplying customers in North and South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

This rapidly expanding operation has its administrative and strategic centre in Hong Kong, where 10 staff are currently employed, but manufacturing is handled on the Chinese mainland at a location that offers both attractive rates for labour and easy access to port facilities.

"We own factories in Fujian that employ about 1,500 workers," explains managing director Bruce Lee. "Our factories produce sport shoes, slippers, fashion shoes. In fact, shoes of all kinds."

Part of the secret of Meitac's success, according to Lee, is a versatile manufacturing capability that allows the company to meet just about any requirement a customer may have, and get the products made and delivered with the speed international clients increasingly demand. He also stresses Meitac's firm emphasis on rigorous quality control.

"In all customer service respects, Meitac is a leading manufacturer and exporter of footwear in this part of the world," Lee affirms. "We offer a wide range of designs in an equally wide range of materials. Leather uppers, PVC, PU, canvas and other synthetic uppers and soles for gents, ladies, children and infants are all thoroughly familiar territory to us."

Unlike many manufacturers working in this area, Meitac has insisted on developing its own brand rather than producing goods on an OEM basis. Consequently, it has been able to build a strong international profile which has led to its products being frequently requested by name in overseas markets. "We use the Meitac brand name in all our markets and that has built our visibility globally," says Lee. "We don't do OEM manufacturing."

Lee notes that markets internationally are going through a particularly challenging phase and successful footwear companies have to offer high quality at very competitive prices. "Good customer relations are very important to us and we are able to maintain them by offering reasonable prices and excellent service," says Lee.

The company's principal business goal is to develop its presence in the European markets where Lee believes there is significant potential yet to be tapped. With its strong manufacturing base, and the capacity for considerable further growth to meet burgeoning demand, Meitac is confident of its ability to service an expanded customer base in both Europe and the other international markets where it enjoys a commanding presence.

"From my point of view, our success to date is based on hard work, excellent market intelligence, a policy of continuously developing new products and general good sense in the shoe market," Lee says. "Ultimately, our business is to provide excellent services, reasonable prices and well-manufactured products to all our customers."


Contact Details:

Meitac Int'l Enterprise Co Ltd

Flat F, 11/F, Blk 3,
Hong Kong Garden,
100 Castle Peak Rd,
Ching Loong Tau,
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2428-0038
Fax: 852-2482-6112
Email: sales@meitac.com

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