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Writing and Marking Instruments - BS 7272-2:2008 + A1 (2014) Published

In April 2008, the British Standards for writing and marking instruments, BS 7272-1:2008 and BS 7272-2:2008 were published by BSI. An amendment to BS 7272-2:2008 + A1 (2014) [1] was published in June 2014. This amends and replaces BS 7272-2:2008, which is withdrawn.

BS 7272 Part 1 Writing and marking instruments – Specification for caps to reduce the risk of asphyxiation and BS 7272 part 2 Writing and marking instruments – Specification for end closures to reduce the risk of asphyxiation, set safety requirements for writing and marking instruments which in normal or foreseeable circumstances are likely to be used by children up to the age of 14 years.

When children use pens with end closures and mouth the end of the pen, they could inhale an end closure or pen cap. As a result, the inhaled part might become lodged below the larynx and so block the trachea. The provision of these requirements minimises the hazard from caps and end closures by reducing the likelihood of inhalation and delays asphyxiation pending medical intervention.

Some of the changes compared to the withdrawn BS 7272-2:2008 standard are summarised below.

BS 7272-2:2008 + A1 (2014)

New exemptions added:

Soft-tipped styluses intended for use on touch screen computers. Soft rubbers can be severed after mouthing or biting. It was noted that end closures for refillable pens and the cover of erasures could not comply with the standard and are also excluded.

Sample preparation:

Before conformity to the requirement is assessed, any decorative attachments to the end closure, e.g. chains, charms and tassels, shall be removed as completely as possible. Decorative attachments on the end closure can affect the performance when assessed to the requirements and must be removed as far as possible to allow assessment of the safety of the end closure.

Additional note for end closure secured by screw-thread (Clause 4.7)

For end closures secured by screw thread any method may be used to remove the end closure prior to subjecting it to the flow test (4.6), including destroying the barrel of the writing instrument, provided that the method used does not affect the performance during the air flow test. Intentionally no torque or force is specified for removing such end closures.

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1 BS 7272-2:2008 + A1 (2014)

Email SGS Hong Kong Ltd. at mktg.hk@sgs.com for enquiries or visit http://www.sgsgroup.com.hk/.

Email SGS Hong Kong Ltd. at mktg.hk@sgs.com for enquiries or visit http://www.sgsgroup.com.hk/.
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