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Winning Ways(HKTDC Gifts, Premium & Stationery, Vol 01,2008)

Printed Products

Innovative "uncover" books are the latest development from Winner Printing & Packaging Ltd

Nothing adds value to a gift, premium or stationery item quite like the top-quality printing that is a specialty of the Hong Kong printing industry.

That's why discerning buyers visit Winner Printing & Packaging Ltd, which offers a cornucopia of top-quality printed products ranging from greeting cards and paper gift bags to packaging boxes, children's books and playsets.

"Our motto is 'Care! Focus! Win!'" insists Managing Director Arthur Tang, explaining that the three words stand for across-the-board quality, prompt delivery and efficient follow-up service. "We are a customer-oriented, one-stop shop that specialises in spotting the latest trends, and quickly adapting our products to them."

But he points out that trends differ widely in their two main markets, the US and Europe, with products emitting sound or light best sellers in the US but not so popular in Europe, where customers are conservative and more likely to be attracted by a classically designed product in eye-catching colours. "We must always be aware of different tastes among our international customers," Mr Tang adds.

This customer awareness is typical of a company that began as a print shop 30 years ago with just three employees, initially concentrating on local business before spreading its wings in 1990 by selling overseas.

Business grew so fast that Winner had to move production over the border in 1997, and the company now operates two factories north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

The Qing Yuan plant opened in 2004 and specialises in coloured paper shopping bags, packages and boxes, while the two-year-old Heyuan factory concentrates on greeting cards, stationery and children's books.

The facilities utilise the latest Heidelberg and other specialist printing and related equipment, including more than 10 printing presses, computer-to-plate (CTP) systems and "all kinds" of pre-press and finishing machines. "We have our own experienced design team that helps customers realise concepts by providing layout and structure, in-house dummies, CTP and digital and ink proofs," Mr Tang advises.

As a result, an exhaustive array of exciting and innovative products are manufactured for shipment via Yantian container port, utilising such novel techniques as ultra-violet (UV) printing on silver foil or holographic foil, or using spot UV on background matt or flocking, hot-stamping and using other processes such as crystalline.

These have won Winner several top print honours, including the Gold Medal in the Hong Kong Print Awards 2003 and 2004, a Gold Medal in the Asian Print Awards 2004, a Premier Print Award in 2005 and a Code of Business Practices Certificate in 2007 from the International Council of Toy Industries.

As a result, the company is eyeing more and bigger markets, including the Chinese mainland with its one billion-plus consumers. "As prosperity spreads across the mainland and buyers place more emphasis on quality products, in time this will become the next big marketplace," Mr Tang predicts.

However, he concedes there will always be a demand for traditional paper products like shopping bags, cards and paper stationery items. "But rising wages and the falling value of the US currency mean manufacturers will need to use more automation to improve efficiency and thereby minimise rising production costs."

Winner is clearly practicing what it preaches, constantly developing exciting new products such as a range of "uncover" books on a variety of diverse subjects, including the dinosaur, cobra, Egyptian mummy, shark and crocodile.

The cover of this imaginative new publication features a subject such as a shark, but as page after page is turned successive plastic models of the shark's bone structure, teeth, organs and methods of hunting prey graphically illustrate how the shark is such a ruthless killer.

Each succeeding model fits neatly into the preceding one so that page by page the original figure is "dissected" into realistic plastic models, with the accompanying text explaining how each part of the body performs its functions and contributes to the shark's hunting and killing skills.

"These uncover books bring an exciting new dimension to education because they combine simplicity with basic knowledge," Mr Tang avers, "and we will continue to develop exciting new concepts such as these in order to maintain our existing markets and develop profitable new outlets."



Winner Printing & Packaging Ltd
Derrick Ind Bldg
49-51 Wong Chuk Hang Rd
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2553-8207
Fax: 852-2873-0316
Web: www.winnerpp.com.hk
Year Established: 1977
Major Product Categories: card sets, paper gift bags, children books, packaging boxes
Brands & Certificates: ISO 9001, I.C.T.I, Premier Print Award, Asian Print Award, HK Printing Award
Minimum Order: 10,000 pieces
Monthly Production Capacity: cards: 10 million; boxes: 40 million; bags: 5 million
Delivery Time: 10-90 days
Factory Size & Location: one million square feet; Guangdong Province
Workforce: 3,000