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Watch/Clock Gift Sets(HKTDC Gifts, Premium & Stationery, Vol 01,2003)

Vol 1, 2003

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Watch/Clock Gift Sets
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Watch/Clock Gift Sets

Timely Gifts

A watch and car gift set, from Oro Time Ltd, features famous car models such as Mini Cooper and Lamborghini

A gift set that includes a timepiece is always well received; be it for a lady with a piece of jewellery or a handbag, for a man with an army knife, or even more playful items for the younger set. At work, too, there are desktop watch/clock gift sets for executives. All told, this is a wide-ranging market driven energetically by innovative watch and clock makers in Hong Kong.

One such supplier is Oro Time Ltd, a manufacturer of watches in partnership with Gateway Global Ltd. On offer are watch gift sets using sports cars as the basic theme, and Oro packages its watches together with Gateway's Autoart brand name miniatures - collectors' items that are internationally recognised.

Marketing manager Chester Au says, "We mainly make use of analogue watches in our gift sets, comprising one timepiece and a model car. Buyers can choose from a range of watches and from among eight models of cars - BMW, Porsche, VW Beetle and so forth."

Each set comes in EVA packaging or in a PP box, all customised to match the colours of the watch, the strap or the dial.

Au says that gift sets cater to a wide age range, from youngsters to adults, "because the cars are not toys but collectors' items appealing to many adults".

The company employs watch movements made in Japan, usually set into brass cases and fitted with leather straps. The major markets are the US and Europe. Prices are available on request.

Another supplier in this category is Winner Mfy Ltd, offering all kinds of clock-inclusive gift sets. General manager Richard Luk says, "We have a design team of 10 working on attractive designs to suit all ages. Additionally, clients frequently have their own ideas based on one of our originals."

Winner has more than 20 years' experience in the timepieces field. "We bring a professional approach to our work as well as added value," says Luk. "For example, our desk sets have all kinds of associated features such as a business card holder, a mobile phone holder or pen holder. One even has a flower vase incorporated, while we also offer a combination gift set/desktop organiser."

The nature of the gift set determines the combination of metal with other materials such as crystal, leather, wood and acrylic. "Our major markets are the US and Europe, and different tastes prevail," says Luk. Prices are available on request.

Twenty-year-old Carich Time Ltd produces both watches and clocks and the company's range includes gift sets that cater to women, men and children. The ISO 9001-certified company uses the in-house Kago brand, while custom orders are also welcome.

Marketing and sales executive Kennis Mak says, "We purchase whatever accessories we require for our gift sets from other suppliers and combine them according to demand. Presently, our jewellery sets are highly popular with women and offer an attractive watch with a necklace, earrings - pearls are popular - and a handbag. We have our own handbag-producing factory."

Variety is always the spice of life and she says that a customer might simply want a watch with a ring, or a watch with a card wallet. "For the jewellery accessories, we might use imitation stones or even classic semiprecious stones, it all depends on the buyer," she adds.

"For men, we offer an army-style gift set comprising a watch with a torch or a multi-feature knife and a key chain. However, we can also combine a watch with a dressy tie or cuff links, while for children we include stationery items like pencils and rubber stamps to match a colourful plastic watch," she says.

If you are looking for a diverse selection of watch gift sets, AMP Sourcing (Asia) has a broad range. "We manufacture the watches ourselves, buy-in the associated accessories and combine them into attractive gift sets for men, women and for couples," says manager Kenneth Dai.

An in-house logo or private label, often applied to dials or straps, depends on the buyer. "We can follow any given design or offer one of our own," he says.

"Mostly, we use quartz analogue watches with variously coloured bands, straps and dials. For example, our military-look set is in the typical green, brown and blue colours," he adds. "Also for men, we often combine a watch with a torch, a knife or even binoculars."

Packaging also depends on the nature of the gift set. "For example, we might use a tin box for a more macho look, or perhaps a pouch to obtain a softer appearance," says Dai.

A minimum order is 100 sets per item for delivery 30 days after order confirmation. AMP produces 80,000 sets a month. Prices are available on request.

In the watches and clocks business since 1985, Wing Yip Metal Mfy Ltd offers 15 styles of clock gift sets. While zinc alloy cases are frequently used, models in the silver-plated Constellation Series (WY-1367A and WY-1378A) cost US$5 each.

"In addition, we offer a silver-plated seven-inch letter opener with clock (WY1280SG) at US$1.50 per set, and a paperweight clock (WY-1278SG) at US$1.30 each," says Gloria Leung of the marketing department.

All prices are FOB Hong Kong and the minimum order value is US$5,000 per shipment for delivery 35-45 days upon receipt of purchase.


Contact Details

AMP Sourcing (Asia)
Rm 9, 5/F
Fullagar Ind Bldg
234 Aberdeen Main Rd
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2555-9818
Fax: 852-2555-8116
Email: ampasia@netvigator.com

Carich Time Ltd
Rms 4-7, 12/F
Hewlett Centre
54 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2796-8939
Fax: 852-2799-9634
Email: carich@carich.com

Oro Time Ltd
Flat 1, 8/F
Trans Asia Centre
18 Kin Hong St, Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2481-7902
Fax: 852-2481-7804
Email: orotime@premium-group.com

Wing Yip Metal Mfy Ltd
Rms 16,18, 7/F
Golden Ind Bldg
16-26 Kwai Tak St, Kwai Chung
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2428-9666
Fax: 852-2420-8186
Email: gloria@wingyipmetal.com.hk

Winner Mfy Ltd
Unit A, 17/F
CDW Bldg
388 Castle Peak Rd, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2493-0831
Fax: 852-2492-1715
Email: winner@winnermfy.com

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