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Top Choice(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 06,2007)

Gifts & Premiums



Credibility is the key to winning business for Hong Kong-based premiums supplier J.S.P. Pacific Group Co Ltd. "Building credibility requires competence in the job, effective communication and a good understanding of customers and their needs," says sales manager Paul Ngan, one of three founding partners of the enterprise.

He believes the company already possesses many of these attributes. "Our products are of good quality and workmanship, and are offered at competitive prices. We are able to deliver on time and to provide good follow-up services," Ngan says of the 14-year-old firm that enjoys an annual turnover of some HK$120m. "We also communicate very well with our customers."

J.S.P. Pacific manufactures a wide range of premiums, including bags such as handbags and shopping bags, plastic items such as gift boxes and figures, as well as bathroom products such as body polishers and towels - mainly on an OEM basis.

The firm also trades in a diverse array of premiums including stationery, paper boxes, cosmetics, toys, slippers and clocks. "We actually started out as a trading company. However, we found that we were not always able to source the products required by our customers. So we diversified into manufacturing to produce them ourselves, enhance customer satisfaction and become more competitive," Ngan explains.

He believes that customer satisfaction is the secret to securing sustained patronage. "About eight years ago," he recalls, "a client placed a substantial order for notepads and we commissioned a Chinese mainland manufacturer for the production. Unfortunately, the supplier fell behind schedule. So, to achieve punctual deliveries, we made up for the delay by dispatching the finished goods by air, which cost an extra HK$500,000. But we made the right decision: the customer saw that we were a responsible partner and has since continued to place orders with us."

J.S.P. Pacific's 14-strong head office in Hong Kong, conveniently located in a premier office tower near a major railway station, spans 2,000 square feet and includes a showroom lined with eye-catching items.

"The Hong Kong office is responsible for sales as well as financial and shipment control," says Ngan. "Our staff provides the quickest possible response to our customers, while the marketing team here also sources items and materials from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Laos, Bangladesh and other places that offer good-quality products at low prices."

On the Chinese mainland, Ngan says the enterprise runs offices with a combined total of 50 staff in Shenzhen, Yiwu and Shantou, where the firm also operates factories with a total area of 300,000 square feet and a workforce of 1,300. "Our mainland offices are also engaged in domestic product sourcing and order follow-up services," adds Ngan.

"Our well-trained workers produce various types of items using different raw materials including textiles, PVC, nylon and polyester sourced from the mainland. We also carry out printing and packaging, and we can print using silk-screen, transfer, hot-stamping and offset methods. We also have equipment and facilities for different kinds of packaging, such as sealing machines, blister packing machines, metal detectors, and anti-dust packaging rooms," Ngan notes.

"Our mainland marketing departments also regularly update us with information on new items and price trends in different parts of China so that we can quote prices accordingly," he adds. "We also work with other factories in Ningbo, Yiwu, Shantou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen."

The company puts a premium on quality control. "We always conduct random checks on our products before shipment," Ngan says. "Even so, we have found that Japanese customers with high quality requirements will inspect the products again one by one upon receipt. So we recently set up a quality control department at our Shenzhen factory to inspect each and every product after the usual pre-shipment random checks. This extra inspection service is available to all Japanese customers as well as others who request it."

Overseas, J.S.P. Pacific runs an office in the US to provide services for its North American customers. "We export to Europe, the US and Japan, in the ratio of 60:20:20," he explains. "We hope to increase our US sales and to bring their contribution to 30%-40% of our total turnover. The US is a big market, but not fully tapped by us yet."

With quality products and services, J.S.P. Pacific looks well poised for continued expansion as a supplier of attractive premiums to the international market.


J. S. P. Pacific Group Co Ltd

Units 8-9, 20/F,
The Metropolis,
10 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2348-4802
Fax: 852-2346-8575
Web: www.jsp.com.hk