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Storage Solutions(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 06,2006)

Sunhing Millennium Ltd

Sunhing Millennium Ltd offers solutions to help organise and store CDs and other digital multimedia data holders
Staying with a winning line, but moving with the times in terms of materials and design, has proved a winning strategy for Sunhing Millennium Ltd. Founded in 1976, as a maker of audio-cassette housings, the company today makes mediaware: mainly products to help organise, store and take care of all digital content, from CDs and DVDs to CD-ROMs.

"We employ more than 700 people at our manufacturing facilities on the Chinese mainland and general office and design studio in Hong Kong," says sales and marketing manager Debby Chow. "We also have a sales office in Europe."

Sunhing is vertically integrated. "We start from the original product concept, at the design stage, conduct R&D and manufacture at our own facility," says Chow. "All the mould-making and tooling is done in-house, and we offer a full range of plastic, wood and nylon products bearing the Avec or Ezech name or some other famous brand."

Chow stresses Sunhing's design strength. "Although quite basic products, good design helps on the marketing front. We offer a combination of original designs and quality production, and our designers play a very big part in our success. We have 10 people in the design team in Hong Kong and we are a member of the Hong Kong Designers Association and the Chartered Society of Designers."

As an example, she mentions the recent launch of the firm's 6500K series. "This is a colourful series of CD holders in a design format inspired by the five Chinese elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth. We are very proud of this line."

Apart from that success, Sunhing has won many awards for its products. "We also take pride in our role in developing the humble CD rack into an attractive and useful item that today earns a lot of orders for us."

The range of products varies from small desktop items to large, bookshelf-size racks. "We also have portable storage units suitable for the latest digital gear, from MP3 players and iPods to digital cameras," says Chow.

Popular selling lines include the Pod CD 60, the Mini Gogo protective CD case, the XOD CD 100, Aladdin multimedia shelves, Pilaster multimedia cabinet and Zing line for iPods/MP3 players.

"In the near future, we plan to further extend the range to include modern home entertainment centre furniture that can house flat screen TVs complete with cabinets to hold discs, and AV accessories," she adds. "We also will incorporate cable management features for a complete solution in organising the home entertainment centre at home."

Chow says Sunhing believes that, despite changing trends, there will always be demand for media storage in one form or another.

"CD sales may be dropping by about 1% or 2% a year, which is not too drastic, and anyway we are sure that people will not throw away their CD collections and will continue to buy new, streamlined storage and organising products," Chow says.

"Also, while it might be true that people are buying fewer CDs these days, and are downloading more electronic files for iPods and MP3 players, we are still very keen to service this sector and get people to use our products as file organisers," she adds.

Sunhing's main markets are the US and Europe. "There is not a lot of difference in demand between one market and another," says Chow. "We can offer different colours to suit a particular niche, but most buyers are happy to follow our standard designs."

The company prides itself as a one-stop shop for mediaware. "We do very little by way of OEM work and almost exclusively market our own designs. It is also notable that, at the trade fairs we attend, we have the widest range of any exhibitor in the storage line," she states.

"Sunhing's motto is Design for the real world, which is meant to inspire good designs and supreme functionality. Our innovative products have a firm niche in the highly- competitive mass market, thanks to our quality and our competitiveness."


Sunhing Millennium Ltd

9/F, Kowloon Plaza,
485 Castle Peak Rd,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2375-0263
Fax: 852-2375-1205
Web: www.sunhing.com