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LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE(HKTDC Gifts, Premium & Stationery, Vol 04,2000)

Vol. 4 2000




Mobile Phone Accessories

Diaries & Organizers



IF one is in the dark or travelling at night, an essential item to have is either a flashlight or penlight. Outdoor enthusiasts will also find flashlights handy, whether they are camping, sailing, fishing or hiking.

Gadar Enterprises Ltd, a trading company established in 1975, exports flashlights and fibre optic lights, including penlights and accessories for home and medical use. The penlights are made of aluminium and plastic and are disposable or replaceable. The plastic penlights are clip-action type, while the aluminium models have a metal clip with a push button.

Some of these penlights can be used as part of a medical kit. They function well with medical accessories such as an ottoscope and cobalt filter. The penlights have been EMC-tested and comply with CE standards. If a logo imprint is required, customers can request their own design and colour.

Customers can contact the company by e-mail or fax for further information and a price list. Minimum order is 1,000-3,000 pieces, depending on the item. Delivery usually takes 30 days.

Hip Shing Fat Co Ltd has extensive manufacturing and exporting experience. First established in 1977, the firm set up the manufacturing side in 1984 to complement and strengthen the business group. Its wide range of flashlights comes in all shapes and sizes to include spotlights, penlights, mouse lights, instant lights and car-shaped rolling lights. Prices range from US$0.28 to US$1.02 each FOB Hong Kong, based on orders of 10,000-15,000 pieces.

The minimum order is generally 5,000 pieces per item, for delivery 30-45 days after order confirmation.

Sales executive David Lee believes the company is successful because it provides excellent services and competitive prices. "Other companies do not offer the products we design. We produce more than 200 different products with variations for most models. We now plan to design more new and practical products for different trades," adds Lee.

Chun Hing Plastic Industrial Co Ltd, established in 1993, produces a wide range of portable and durable flashlights using plastic from the US and Japan.

Plastic flexible super light 818 sells for US$0.54 per piece, while plastic flexible super light 828 is priced at US$0.64 each. Both have flexible necks. Plastic clip-on light 837 is US$0.50 each. High-intensity floating torch 2922 is a water-resistant model ideal for all weather conditions. It comes with an adjustable stopper and costs US$0.90 apiece. These FOB Hong Kong prices are based on the minimum order of 3,000 pieces.

Chun Hing delivers 30-45 days after order confirmation. It employs 800-1,000 workers at its 10,000-square-foot factory in Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland.

Founded in 1984, Useful Industrial Ltd produces an extensive range of penlights made of aluminium and plastic. A selection of colours is available.

Prices range from US$0.30-0.43 each FOB Hong Kong, depending on quantity. Minimum order is 3,000 pieces and delivery takes 30 days.

General manager John Chong believes the penlights are suitable as premiums because of their good quality and low prices. "If customers request a logo, we can imprint it for them on the penlights," says Chong.

With more than 16 years' experience in manufacturing and exporting electronics and audio products, Brilliant Rich Electronics Ltd offers a wide range of torches with different functions.

Model 9987, an AM/FM torch light radio (US$1.90 FOB Hong Kong), comes with an adjustable light. Model 8885 is a fish-shape radio with torch (US$1.95). Model 902 is a multifunction five-in-one radio with torch, fan, alarm, siren and clock (US$3.70). Model 9991B is a bicycle radio with three krypton bulbs in line to have a wider-angle light (US$2.60).

The company requires a minimum order of 3,000 pieces and delivers 35 days after order and sample confirmation.

Just (HK) Ltd produces flashlights with distinctive designs such as Ultimate Pocket Lite JL-11, which features a clip-on function and versatile arm, and Explorer Headlamp JL-17, with its weatherproof construction and adjustable head-strap.

FOB Hong Kong prices range from US$0.80 to US$9 each. The normal minimum order is 3,000 pieces, with a delivery lead time of about 60 days.

"We concentrate on design and develop and market good-quality products at market-acceptable prices," says managing director C.H. Kung. Clients include well-known brands such as Eddie Bauer, Sharper Image and L.L. Bean.


Contact Details
Brilliant Rich Electronics Ltd
2/F, Flat I, Universal Industrial Centre
19-21 Shan Mei St, Fo Tan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2694-1783
Fax: 852-2695-4626

Chun Hing Plastic Industrial Co Ltd
21/F, Rm 42, Blk D, Wah Lok Industrial Centre
31-41 Shan Mei St, Fo Tan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2602-3217
Fax: 852-2601-0217
E-mail: chpicl@netvigator.com

Gadar Enterprises Ltd
Rm 401, Wah Yuen Bldg
145-149 Queen's Rd
Central Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2541-4112
Fax: 852-2542-2592
E-mail: gadar@netvigator.com

Hip Shing Fat Co Ltd
Rm 1829-1832, Star House
3 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2735-4688
Fax: 852-2735-4693
E-mail: hkhsf@netvigator.com

Just (HK) Ltd
Suite 1604, Entrepot Centre
117 How Ming St, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2793-4988
Fax: 852-2950-9166
E-mail: justhk@netvigator.com

Sonca Products Ltd
16/F, Kwong Sang Hong Centre
151-153 Hoi Bun Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2357-0322
Fax: 852-2357-0876
E-mail: info@sonca.com

Useful Industrial Ltd
Unit 608-610, Tower B
New Mandarin Plaza
14 Science Museum Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui East
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2898-9100
Fax: 852-2558-7037
E-mail: useful@usefulhk.com

A Ringing Endorsement

Mobile Phone Accessories

IN today's fast-paced world, a mobile phone is a necessity for most people. Accessories such as straps, holders and hands-free kits make these phones not only easier, but also fun to use.

Mobile phone straps from Top Source Mfg Ltd can be worn around the neck or wrist and attached to a mobile phone, giving a user easy access to it. Founded in 1989 as a garment accessories manufacturer, the company offers a range of phone accessories that are not just useful but attractive as well.

"Most of our designs come from customers but sometimes we use our own designs," says general manager Patrick Chung. He says quality and prompt delivery are what make the company successful.

Top Source owns six factories in Dongguan, on the Chinese mainland, and employs some 700 workers. It sources nylon and polyester from the mainland and Taiwan, and exports mainly to Europe and Asia.

Another company that gives users easy access to their phones is Marsilli Product Fty. Hands-Free Talkie, model 5601, allows users to talk on their mobile phones without having to hold anything. It sells for US$6.50 FOB Hong Kong for an order of 1,000 pieces.

Marsilli also offers a selection of mobile phone holders in translucent plastic -- place your phone in one of these and the holder lights up when it rings, especially useful in the dark! These holders cost from US$1.80 to US$2.25 each, based on a 1,000-piece order.

"We have two people who work on the designs. We have 4-5 designs a month, which is enough to meet the market's demand," says spokesperson Jack Liu. "Shape and functionality make our products successful."

Founded in 1997, the company also makes car phone accessories. It exports to Europe, Japan and the US, and counts Ericsson and Siemens among its clients. Minimum order is 1,000 pieces, with delivery in 20-30 days.

Marsilli's 300-worker factory is located in Shenzhen, on the Chinese mainland, where it produces about 50,000 pieces a month. It sources raw materials -- mostly ABS and PC -- from the mainland.

Looking for funky mobile phone accessories? A purple lip-shaped phone holder is just one of the unusual designs from One O One Int'l Ltd. Founded six years ago, One O One also makes picture frames, clocks and candle holders. Its phone holders are made of polyresin from Taiwan and come in various shapes and pastel colours.

FOB Hong Kong prices for the pictured holders average US$1.65 each. The company produces 150,000-200,000 pieces a month at its factory in Dongguan and delivers 45-60 days after confirmation. Minimum order value is US$5,000. Main markets include the UK, Germany and France.

More humorous accessories come from Acoolc.com Ltd, which offers a range of Happy Holders. Available in yellow, red and blue, the holders accommodate phones or remotes, are made of resin, and retail for HK$60 (US$7.70) each.

"Though the price is a little high, both businessmen and young people like the design. It isn't too fancy," says marketing executive Anthea Yuen. She adds that the Happy Holder is specially made for the Western market.

One of Acoolc.com's brand names is Artifact, which also carries stainless steel kitchen utensils, says Yuen. Clients include Looney Tunes, Felix The Cat and Doraemon, and the main markets are in Europe, Australia and the US.

Founded in 1994, the company is a subsidiary of Starlite Holdings Ltd. Its 3,000-worker factory is in Shenzhen. Minimum order is 2,000 pieces and delivery takes 30 days.

Green cats, red dogs and yellow frogs are just some of the amusing phone holders made by E-Order Industries Ltd. They sell for about US$0.65 FOB Hong Kong each and are for the young at heart.

"We try to follow the trends, find out what's popular. Sometimes our clients give us ideas to work with," says spokesperson Connie Yip.

Clients include Coca-Cola, Hello Kitty and Panasonic. Yip says the main markets include Germany, Italy, the UK and Asia, but the firm plans to expand exports to the US.

Founded in 1991, E-Order has a factory in Dongguan with 200 workers. It requires a minimum order value of US$6,500 and delivers in 30 days.


Contact Details
Acoolc.com Ltd
10/F, Unit 2
Perfect Industrial Bldg
31 Tai Yau St, San Po Kong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2352-1111
Fax: 852-2354-5951
E-mail: mktdept@acoolc.com

E-Order Industries Ltd
4/F, Blk A, Kwok Kee Group Centre
107 How Ming St, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2142-6986
Fax: 852-2797-9659
E-mail: hhtil@netvigator.com

Marsilli Product Fty
Rm 803 Manchester Tower
46 Pak Tin Par St, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2416-9891
Fax: 852-2414-4388
E-mail: marsilli@ctimail.com

One O One Int'l Ltd
24/F, Unit E, Dragon Centre
79 Wing Hong St, Cheung Sha Wan
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2959-1980
Fax: 852-2959-1385
E-mail: oneoone@oneoone.com

Top Source Mfg Ltd
2/F, Unit 6, Hung Tai Industrial Bldg
37-39 Hung To Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2341-7366
Fax: 852-2345-8757
E-mail: topsource@topsource.com.hk

Time Managers

Diaries & Organizers

IDEAL as gifts and premiums, diaries and organizers are important stationery to the world's working population. Hong Kong manufacturers offer product lines of their own design while also engaging in OEM.

Among the latest products from City Trade Development Co is a series of pocket kits, each measuring 87x135x20mm, for the daily management of personal schedules and records.

"The idea is to combine a calculator, ball pen, name-card holder and refillable phone/address notepad into one pocket-size kit that can accompany you all the way round -- from business trips to appointments," explains sales manager Henry Tong.

"It is a handy gift and promotional tool. Customers can choose to have their own graphics, company logo or brand name printed on the cover and notepad."

The covers of the pocket kits are made with cardboard. "We can do a lot of graphics from the main cover to the notepad cover. We can do any colour," Tong adds. Marketed under the brand name Matelle, each pocket kit sells for US$2-6 FOB Hong Kong, depending on the format.

"Our new version will be priced below US$2, which is even more competitive. The new version will have a simpler format, and we designed the calculator ourselves," says Tong.

Eleven-year-old City Trade requires a minimum order of 1,000 pieces. Delivery takes 30-45 days after order confirmation. The firm manufactures in Shenzhen, on the Chinese mainland, and exports mainly to Europe.

Shuang Jiang Stationery Ltd makes an array of organizers and portfolios of assorted sizes and designs. Its organizers measure 5-81/2 inches long, each containing 75-118 sheets. Each portfolio is A4 size, often with a 35-sheet memo pad, a business-card holder, and in some cases a calculator.

"The organizers and portfolios feature single zippers, double zippers or snap buttons," says assistant manager Patricia Szeto. "We can do any solid colour, such as red, blue, yellow, purple and green."

Prices depend on the style and components. In the lower range, set A4011 with a 100-sheet refill and a 30-sheet notepad in a gift box sells for US$0.80 FOB Hong Kong. At the upper end, pack F70098 with a 120-sheet refill, a 30-sheet notepad and a data-bank calculator in a gift box is priced at US$5.

Pens, euro calculators and large-display calculators are included in some models.

The main raw materials are PVC and PU from the Chinese mainland, according to Szeto. "We produce the products ourselves from zero to the end. We therefore have better quality control," she says.

Minimum order is usually 3,000 pieces per item with a delivery lead time of 30 days. Shuang Jiang's main market is the US.

The manufacturer has a monthly production capacity of 660,000 organizers, portfolios and CD holders. It operates a 15,000-square-metre factory with more than 1,000 workers in Dongguan, southern China.

Tonzex Technology Stationery (HK) Ltd produces a variety of organizers, including coloured and transparent models. The products are 5, 7, 81/2 inches or longer in terms of ring-binder length, while thickness ranges from 100-200 sheets.

"Most of them are made of PVC. PP and cotton are also used," says administration manager Jackie Yiu.

Minimum order is usually 5,000 units and delivery normally takes a month. Yiu says the company sells worldwide, including to Europe and the US.

Production takes place at the company's Dongguan factory, which employs more than 2,000 workers. "We run a vertically integrated production, engaging in all the processes, including printing and box-making," Yiu says.

Stretch Metal & Stationery Fty Ltd produces about 100,000 organizers and diaries per month at its 400-worker factory in Shenzhen, on the Chinese mainland.

Merchandiser Elaine Chik says raw materials include PVC, while metal parts and paper are sourced from the Chinese mainland. "The size of the stationery varies, from five inches in length to A4 size," adds Chik.

FOB Hong Kong prices range from US$1 to more than US$30, depending on design and size. Stretch Metal requires a minimum order of 1,000 units, for delivery in 30 days. It exports mainly to the UK.

Vertex Int'l (Asia) Ltd makes organizers of assorted sizes, such as those with ring-binder lengths of 5, 7 or 8 inches.

"The raw materials are split leather, PU, leatherette, PVC, PU-coated microfibre and polyester, mostly from Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland," says managing director Chow Tak Kau.

The 10-year-old company produces at its 43,000-square-foot, 430-worker factory in Dongguan. Chow says most models sell for US$2-3.50 FOB Hong Kong. Vertex usually requires a minimum order of 5,000 pieces. Lead time is 45-60 days. Its major markets are Central and South America, the US and Europe.


Contact Details
City Trade Development Co
10/F, Blk A, Unit 10A, Focal Industrial Centre
21 Man Lok St, Hung Hom
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2782-3069
Fax: 852-2388-2346
E-mail: citytrad@netvigator.com

Printolith Co Ltd
10/F, Unit 7, Blk B, Hoi Luen Industrial Centre
55 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2342-6261
Fax: 852-2341-8453
E-mail: sales@printolith.com.hk

Shuang Jiang Stationery Ltd
4/F, Unit 1, Fook Hong Industrial Bldg
19 Sheung Yuet Rd, Kowloon Bay
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2243-4942
Fax: 852-2243-4941
E-mail: fengze@hkstar.com

Stretch Metal & Stationery Fty Ltd
3/F, Blk A, Rodeo Centre
73-79 Larch St, Tai Kok Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2392-8181
Fax: 852-2391-8338
E-mail: stretch@stretch.com.hk

Tonzex Technology Stationery (HK) Ltd
4/F, Unit A6, Hong Kong Industrial Centre
489-491 Castle Peak Rd
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2605-3383
Fax: 852-2603-2745
E-mail: info@tonzex.com

Vertex Int'l (Asia) Ltd
Suite 2305, Tower 1
Tak Fung Industrial Centre
168 Texaco Rd, Tsuen Wan
New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2377-2336
Fax: 852-2377-2683
E-mail: vertexal@netvigator.com


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