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Hong Kong Gifts, Premiums and Stationery - Product Features

Vol 3, 2003

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Variety Is The Key


Variety Is The Key

Wan Tung Plastics Mfg Co Ltd uses a frog as the main motif for its fun, new range of mousepads and other computer accessories

When almost every home now has a personal computer, and each PC a mouse usually requiring a mousepad, it makes sense to check out these simple, yet attractive items. They make ideal premiums, and supply the perfect advertising space for a logo or brand name. Naturally, Hong Kong has mousepads in abundance.

In the field since 1993, Wan Tung Plastics Mfg Co Ltd produces gifts, premium items and computer accessories such as a packaged set with a mouse, mousepad and keyboard brush. "The set sells well in Europe," says sales manager Alex Lam.

"We produce most mousepads from PVC and EVA, depending on the design," he adds. "For younger users, we also do fun mousepads that come with pop-up 3D images rather than those just printed on a flat piece of plastic. In one popular version we use springs to create large bouncing eyeballs."

Wan Tung produces about 100,000 mousepads a month at its Shenzhen factory on the Chinese mainland. The minimum order is 5,000 items and delivery is 25 days after confirmation.

"While we make the mousepads, we purchase the mouse parts and assemble them into our own products in order to deliver complete sets," says Lam.

Another supplier, Zanif Advertising & Promotion Ltd, manufactures household goods, stationery, tabletop items, and gifts and premiums including mousepads.

"We produce our mousepads in series that also incorporate various games and coasters. We offer five different games, each using the same mousepad, coaster and dice," says marketing director Florence Wong. "The thinking behind this concept is that when a computer user wants a bit of light relief, they can play some games."

Zanif provides the game set in a reusable bag, without a mouse. "The games available include evergreens such as chess, tic-tac-toe, snakes and ladders, ludo and intruder. Customers can decide which of our five games they want," she says. "The FOB Hong Kong price per basic set is US$1.50."

While Zanif also produces a range of mousepads for OEM clients, this in-house innovation shows what the company can do on its own. "We use the Zan's and DO brand names," she says, explaining that the latter, DO, stands for 'Design Originated'.

"While our products are intended to be sold as sets, clients may have other needs. For example, some may want all five games while others may want only three, possibly to reduce costs," she adds.

"When on sale in a department store, usually there is just one mousepad, two coasters and one game. But, for display purposes, the store can show all five games and allow people to buy the ones they prefer," she says.

The mousepad design is silk-screen printed on PVC and then laminated to natural rubber to ensure good friction. The dice, which are large and made of PP, fold down for better packaging. The coaster is in EVA.

Eight-year-old Zanif ships goods within 30 days of order confirmation from its factory in Dongguan in the mainland's Guangdong Province. Major markets are Europe, Japan and the US.

A new company founded in 2003, B3 Int'l Ltd exports liquid-filled mousepads to clients mostly in the advertising and promotions sector.

Manager Brenda Chan says business is good. "We do a series of PVC, liquid-filled mousepads with wrist rests. The liquid is actually an oil approved for use in toys in European markets. About 80% of our orders feature custom logos. There are two versions of these mousepads, one clear and one coloured. Some clients prefer the coloured materials as the logo is more distinct."

She says the premium market is quite good. "While we also sell to department stores, usually our products are for advertising agencies."

B3 has a monthly production capacity of up to 900,000 mousepads, most destined for Japan and Europe, at its mainland factory. The minimum order is 5,000 pieces for delivery 20-30 days after order confirmation. FOB Hong Kong unit prices start at US$0.90.

Mangen Industries Ltd, established in 1997, produces mousepads with calculators and photographs. "We are an assembly company rather than a manufacturer," says manager Raymond Tsui. "We simply use gel, for the wrist rests, and spongy foam to create simple and effective mousepads. We also have a cloth mousepad using a heat transfer process to print colourful designs."

Apart from adding features such as calculators, the company also offers a Photo-Print Mousepad that allows the user to add a photograph. "Most of these designs are in-house creations, while we also accept OEM orders. To help generate new business we attend fairs and advertise in trade magazines," says Tsui.

Mangen assembles about 800,000 mousepads a month. "The minimum order is 5,000 pieces and delivery takes place an average of 21 days after confirmation of order," he says. The company's factory is in Dongguan in the mainland's Guangdong Province, and major export markets are the US and Western Europe. FOB Hong Kong unit prices range from US$0.20-2.00.

Clearly, mousepad buyers have many choices among a host of innovative products.


Contact Details

Dah Sun Calculator Mfg Co Ltd
Rm 1, 3/F
Tsun Yip Centre
41 Tsun Yip St
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2342-3257
Fax: 852-2345-1573
Email: mtl@dsopp.com
Web: www.dsopp.com

Mangen Industries Ltd
Rm 210
Advanced Technology Centre
2 Choi Fat St
Sheung Shui, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2671-7508
Fax: 852-2673-1978
Email: mangen@hkstar.com
Web: www.mangen.com.hk

B3 Int'l Ltd
Rm 12, 4/F, Blk A
Manning Ind Bldg
116-118 How Ming St
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2345-8860
Fax: 852-2345-6681
Email: info@b3intl.com
Web: www.hksbm.com.hk

Sunway Electronics Co
Rms 1708-1710
Nan Fung Centre
264-298 Castle Peak Rd
Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2413-6812
Fax: 852-2413-6859
Email: sales@sunwayhk.com
Web: www.sunwayhk.com

Tonzex Technology Stationery (HK) Ltd
Unit A6, 4/F, Blk A
Hong Kong Ind Centre
489-491 Castle Peak Rd
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2605-3383
Fax: 852-2603-2745
Email: info@tonzex.com
Web: www.tonzex.com

Wan Tung Plastics Mfg Co Ltd
Flats B4-B5, 5/F, Blk B
Mai Hing Ind Bldg
16-18 Hing Yip St
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2343-3063
Fax: 852-2342-2048
Email: alex@wantung.com
Web: www.wantung.com

Zanif Advertising & Promotion Ltd
Comet Commercial Bldg
42A Wing Hong St
Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2402-1289
Fax: 852-2402-1288
Email: info@zanif.com
Web: www.zanif.com

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