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Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2003(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 02,2003)

Vol 2, 2003

Fair Preview

Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2003

Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2003

Even Greater Choice!

Show Times

Fair Dates Opening Hours Buyer Registration Counter
Apr 27 (Sun) 2:00pm - 7:00pm
Apr 28 (Mon) 9:00am - 6:30pm 8:30am - 6:00pm
Apr 29-30 (Tue-Wed) 9:00am - 6:30pm 8:30am - 6:00pm
May 1 (Thur) 9:00am - 5:00pm 8:30am - 4:30pm
Visitor Enquiries: (852) 2240-4388

Time Saver

Register in advance on the Internet on or before April 22, 2003 to avoid queues at the fair. For more details, visit the fair Web site: http://hkgiftspremiumfair.com

Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair April 28 - May 1, 2003

Total Exhibitors
2002: 2,898

Total Visitors
2002: 56,853

Product Mix
All types of gifts and premiums including:
Advertising Gifts & Premiums, Ceramic Gifts, Consumer Electronics, Corporate Gifts, Fashion Jewellery & Accessories, Paper & Packaging, Party & Christmas Decorations, Pictures & Photo Frames, Silverware, Stationery, Toys & Sporting Goods, Travel Goods & Umbrellas, Watches & Clocks, General Gift Items and Trade Services & Publications.

63,453 square metres

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Hong Kong Trade Development Council in cooperation with The Hong Kong Exporters' Association

Admission Fee
HK$100 per person.
Trade only. Persons under 18 will not be admitted.

Federation of Hong Kong Industries
Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government
The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong
The Chinese Manufacturers' Assn of Hong Kong
The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
The Indian Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

Exhibitions Department
Hong Kong Trade Development Council Unit 13, Expo Galleria
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2240-4353
Fax: (852) 2824-0249
Email: exhibitions@tdc.org.hk
Web: www.tdctradefairs.com


Buyers Promised Even Greater Choice!

The most exciting gift and premium show in Asia will be bigger, brighter and better than ever this year.

The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair from April 28-May 1, 2003 will host more exhibitors, products and eager buyers than ever before.

This year's fair includes some 14 major pavilions, including Australia, the Chinese mainland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and the UK.

Plus, as Hong Kong Trade Development Council senior exhibitions manager Anne Chick observes, there will also be several hundred more individual exhibitors.

"The fair has grown steadily over the past 17 years to reach an international scale and has become a major sourcing event for the industry," she observes. "The expansion in 2001 boosted the fair to another stage of growth and 2003 will see another leap to more than 3,000 exhibitors."

Chick notes that this year's event will continue a healthy growth trend that saw more than 56,000 purchasers visit last year's fair, lifting attendance 10% compared with the 2001 event.

The 2003 fair will also enhance space utilisation to cater for demands from exhibitors, both existing and new. "We have received keen enquiries in the past and are happy that we can now meet with our exhibitors and buyers' requests in expanding the fair," Chick says.

"We will have more representatives from various countries and a wider range of merchandise, giving our fair a greater profile in terms of internationality and diversity."

Buyers will see a major section on such proven money spinners as advertising gifts and premiums, followed by party and Christmas decorations, toys and sporting goods.

They will also be able to choose from an extensive display of ceramic gifts, consumer electronics, fashion jewellery and accessories, paper and packaging, stationery, watches and clocks, and many more gift items.

The Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2003 will also include a Regional Licensing Show and a Regional Licensing Conference that is expected to attract the growing number of traders interested in licenced products.

"Hong Kong is becoming increasingly recognised as the regional centre for licenced product development and production and the Regional Licensing Show and Conference are expected to prove extremely popular," Chick believes.

Ongoing innovations such as these will continue, she insists, as Hong Kong strives to maintain its hard-earned position as an internationally recognised leader in the increasingly important gifts and premiums sector.

"We are determined that the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair remains at the forefront of buyers' minds when it comes to sourcing gifts and premiums for markets all over the world," Chick says.

The Best Of The Best

The Hall of Fine Designs represents the acme of excellence for the cream of the gifts and premium industry.

The highlight of the Gifts & Premium Fair, the Hall of Fine Designs is a showcase for high-end gifts of the finest original designs and superb quality, as well as exquisite designer collections from all over the globe.

HKTDC senior exhibitions manager Anne Chick says the hall is yet another element in Hong Kong's continuing quest to develop the finest gifts and premium fair in the world.

"Since its launch in 2001, this special section has quickly made its own name, hosting 37 renowned suppliers from different countries in 2002 alone," she notes. "It is the perfect platform to promote original and stylish designs and branded products, including limited editions of designer items."

The exclusive venue also offers a friendly and comfortable setting in which to market the finest wares, whether stationery, corporate gifts, designer gift items, watches and clocks, picture and photo frames, silver gift items, ceramic gifts or pocket books.

Several industry leaders exhibit in the hall, including local company Fleming Int'l Ltd, which originally displayed its products in the Hall of Elegance that preceded the Hall of Fine Designs.

"The reaction has been very good," says Fleming marketing director Vincent Wong. "Response has been good in terms of on-the-spot orders, we also made new contacts and we will definitely be returning in 2003."

His comments were echoed by Novo Int'l Co Ltd marketing manager Louise Leung. "We have experienced great success at the fair," she says. "Our booth was located at a very convenient site and attracted a lot of visitors."

A Licence For Success

The right partner makes the difference between success and failure, particularly when bestowing licensing rights for products.

Now there's a unique opportunity to learn more about the profits and pitfalls of the fast-growing licensing industry.

The inaugural Hong Kong Licensing Show & Conference will be staged in conjunction with the forthcoming Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair.

The three-day event, to be held from April 28-30, is expected to attract 25 exhibitors and more than 8,000 visitors according to TDC senior exhibitions manager Anne Chick.

"Visitors and manufacturers alike will be able to identify and learn more about licensing opportunities at the first Hong Kong Licensing Show & Conference," she says.

Chick believes licensees, exporters, licensing agents, licensors and legal practitioners in particular will find the conference especially useful and informative.

"Among other things, the conference will discuss licensing trends and opportunities as well as the 'dos and don'ts' of licensing," she explains. "This is one of the fastest-growing fields in the gifts and premium industry and the conference and show promises to be one of the highlights of the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2003."

New Business Trends

Licensing is the latest of several trends to affect business in the international gifts and premiums market. Industry sources indicate and latest statistics confirm that there is growing potential in the licensing of such important gift and premium items as decorative accessories.

Designers are already taking advantage of an increasing consumer trend towards beautifying the home environment rather than spending discretionary income on apparel. Home furnishing retailers and manufacturers in particular have been quick to take advantage of this trend by offering comfortable and affordable options.

Designer lines are already entering the upscale tableware and houseware markets, beginning with tabletop merchandise before diversifying into other areas. For example, Guess is creating a new line of designer houseware, while Calvin Klein is entering a licensing agreement with a manufacturer for the manufacturing and distribution of tabletop and giftware items under the Calvin Klein Tabletop label.

Elsewhere, an increasing concentration on price coupled with increasing environmental awareness is prompting giftware manufacturers to explore more affordable and non-polluting substitutes to traditional materials. This increased competition is also forcing giftware firms to turn out an increasing number of new models and designs in an effort to stay competitive.

Similarly quality, health and safety requirements worldwide are becoming more stringent. For example, the European Union (EU) Toys Directive stipulates that all toys must meet essential safety requirements and bear the "CE" mark denoting conformity.

Environmental concerns will continue to rise in future, reflecting increasing governmental regulation. The European Union, for example, banned the use of phthalates in certain soft PVC toys and children's articles in December 1999 after several member countries banned the use of phthalates in toys made of synthetic materials that are intended to be chewed, sucked or frequently put into the mouth of children under three years old.

The EU has also banned the use of azo-dyes in all textile and leather goods that "have the potential" to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin or mouth. This move will undoubtedly affect toys, especially those with textile materials. Separately, jewellery, wristwatches with cases and watch straps containing nickel have been banned from imports into the EU, due to nickel sensitisation and its allergic reactions when in contact with skin.

Germany has also established a framework for candle quality control. A set of regulations including testing requirements has been established, and a quality label will be attached to candles that meet the stipulated standards. Although these standards are not legally binding, candles bearing the quality mark will undoubtedly have a competitive edge.

Perennial Favourites Prove Popular

Shoppers the world over are increasingly saving money by buying inexpensive items following the slowdown in the world economy. Anecdotal research indicates they may make more discretionary purchases of low-ticket items that bring emotional satisfaction, including candles, bath lotion and oils, cosmetics, gourmet chocolates, fresh flowers, costume jewellery, toys, games and books.

Another major trend is the popularity of so-called "home products". Houseware and small gifts are increasingly viewed as good substitutes for luxuries, while tools, DIY & home improvement products will continue to be in demand. Companies may also spend more on premiums and souvenirs to boost their sales turnover.

Candles and aromatherapy categories have traditionally been popular, and are expected to remain big sellers for giftware. Consumers have come to view candles as a relatively cheap and accessible fashion accessory for the home.

This in turn has spurred the introduction of more novelty candles and candles with innovative features, including Christmas figurine designs, musical fruit-shaped, scented models, and heat-resistant wax candles with dried flowers pressed onto the surface.

Colour combinations are also more widely used than simple solid colour, while the ongoing popularity of candles and aromatherapy has led to a similar increase in sales of candleholders and other glass decorative accesories.

Other noticeable trends include a move towards collecting gifts and decorative accessories, making collectibles one of the best-selling categories in major markets overseas. Parents and grandparents are participating in the collection boom by searching out hard-to-find editions for their kids, while licensing is also providing an added boost to a wide and ever-increasing variety of collectible products.

Similarly, photo frames are offering more subtle designs and unique combinations of materials, such as metal and wood. Bright colours and whimsical designs are also being used to attract "Generation Y" consumers. Polystone is becoming an increasingly popular material for figurines and photo frames. Many factories which used to produce plastic products have shifted to the production of polystone items, which hold colour better and allow more creative effects than standard plastic injection moulding.

Old favourites such as modular stationery sets remain popular gift items, with a persisting general trend towards bright colours and creative designs. Ever-popular natural colours are an extension of the popular garden theme, while reflecting the growing popularity of environmentally friendly movements.

Customers are also becoming more conscious about the functions of stationery products rather than their appearance, while the widespread use of computers is stimulating demand for peripheral items such as mouse pads and disc storage boxes.

Jewellery designs, meanwhile, are increasingly influenced by clothing fashions. Fashion-conscious youngsters in particular are placing great stress on the design element of any jewellery item. White jewellery will continue to be popular, while yellow gold is staging a comeback and sales of coloured gemstones are on the rise. Designs remain sleek and simple, reflecting the minimalist trend, although feminine pieces are also expected to be keenly sought.

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