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Creative Options(HKTDC Enterprise, Vol 08,2007)

Electronic Gifts


Shenzhen Xianhe Electronics Co Ltd offers a wide range of personal electronic items that also make ideal business premiums or promotional gifts

Young and energetic, Chinese entrepreneur Jack Yang holds an ambitious plan for Shenzhen Xianhe Electronics Co Ltd, the manufacturing enterprise he established in 2003.

"China has thrived in manufacturing," says 30-year-old Yang, the company's general manager, speaking at the spring 2007 edition of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

"However, for the 21st century, products 'made in China' will no longer be enough. We need to move forward and advance to a new stage, one with many more top-quality items, to reach 'created in China'. Inevitably, this represents the future direction for Chinese industry," he added.

Yang wants Shenzhen Xianhe to play a lead role and to help blaze the trail. "We must focus on developing new products, starting with the first glimmers of ideas, and then place them in overseas markets," he says.

As an example, Yang mentions the company's latest offering - a wireless digital name-card book available in three models. "We want customers from all over the world to know about this new product," he says. "Business people always leave meetings or trade fairs carrying piles of paper name cards, and our product can help them to organise, access and manage the information they hold much more easily. They'll be interested because it means saving time and effort."

Models 818, 828 and 838 vary in shape, colour and button-configurations, but each can store the details from 1,000 name cards and facilitate browsing and searching by the first letters of names.

All three variations have calendar and time displays, plus an English- or Chinese-language option. They interact with computers or each other, while accessories include digital name-assistant CD software, USB cable, user's manual and gift box.

"The digital name-card books connect to scanners," says the firm's sales representative Angela Lu. "You can scan many different paper cards, maybe 7-10 or more at once depending on the size of your scanner, and then the software translates the images into text and creates the correct number of text records. It takes just a few seconds."

Shenzhen Xianhe's earlier products include SIM-card readers and backup devices, password savers and battery-operated LED candles (the latter resemble candles minus the dangerous flames). Most of the company's items make ideal business premiums or promotional gifts.

"Too many people have lost valuable numbers and contact details by misplacing their cell phones," Lu says. "Our backup-storage products keep the information safe and solve this problem."

Yang adds, "We offer innovative designs, high quality, good service, prompt delivery and competitive prices."

With its booth at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Shenzhen Xianhe exhibited for the first time at a trade fair outside the Chinese mainland.

"Hong Kong is a very good place for us to expand our foreign trading," says Yang. "Its fair organisers are very experienced at holding important exhibitions, and we trust Hong Kong and its ability to help us to expand our markets."

Is Yang confident in approaching overseas markets? "Yes," he says. "We have good reasons for confidence because we're always trying to create new products of convenience for business people. We try to make their lives easier. The best way for us to improve our products is always to increase the convenience factor."

Previously, Yang did design work for another electronics company. "I gained a solid understanding of what customers need, what's in fashion and what new products suit the market," he says. "That gave me an idea to design and create products that carry convenience, especially to business people."

However, he says he does not want to simply produce more of what's already on the market. "Innovation is what interests me," he declares. "We want to continue creating new and convenient products."

About 100 people work at Shenzhen Xianhe's factory, and Yang says that the company requires a 2,000-piece minimum order, while delivery time follows order confirmation by seven days.

Recently, Shenzhen Xianhe established Topway Int'l Industrial Co Ltd, a Hong Kong-based marketing arm. "This represents another step in our expansion to markets around the world," Yang says.

Having previously attended only mainland events, Yang comments that he had never met so many foreign customers at a fair. "In Hong Kong, though, it's very clear that customers attend from all over the world. Participating here gives us a good chance to widen our horizons, and we need to attend more of these international fairs."

Shenzhen Xianhe seeks agents or distributors in most overseas markets, and Yang has extra-high hopes for sales to the UK, the US, France, Germany and Spain.


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